Here’s another intergalactic superstar strain from Pilot Farms, which like several of its predecessors remains something of a mystery. There’s still very little to go on with regard to its exact origins, though it’s safe to say that Starman has two or more extremely potent parents. No official THC measurements have yet been recorded, but even regular users of super-strong cannabis advise approaching this stuff with caution. It’s a rough estimate to say the least, but it’s nonetheless suspected that Starman has an average THC content in the region of 25% or more.


General Characteristics

Starman is a beautifully balanced hybrid, though the flowers themselves present all the characteristic features of a typical Indica. Small in size, densely packed and with a generous coating of trichomes, Starman is a very attractive specimen to look at. The bold green buds tend to be far too sticky to handle without a decent grinder, giving some indication of their potency.

On the nose, the immediate fragrance is one of complex herbs and spices, with a strong undertone of pine and a little shrubbery sweetness. All of which is intensified when the buds are broken and burned, when Starman’s skunky and earthy qualities make their presence known. The flavour could perhaps be best described as sweet and sour pine, resulting in a unique yet enjoyable aftertaste that lingers for hours on end. The smoke itself is incredibly dense yet far from cough inducing, though some find the complex flavours of Starman better suited to a vape pen. 


Starman Effects

While some have labelled Starman a creeper, others insist it hits you instantaneously like a ton of bricks. Perhaps something to do with the huge variations in THC content from one batch to the next.

In any case, Starman isn’t a strain to push your luck with. The initial feeling is one of relentless and almost uncontrollable energy, which fires you up to do just about anything that needs doing. If you’ve nothing worth doing, you’ll find it difficult to sit still - you’ll almost certainly find it impossible to keep your mouth shut. The confidence and euphoria that accompanies a solid hit of Starman is almost incomparable.

Though it’s relatively short lived, as the whole thing quickly gives way to a strong and somewhat overpowering physical body stone. Couchlock is by no means inevitable, but getting things done after an hour or two really isn’t an option. The cerebral uplift and tingling physical high complement one another quite beautifully, making for an enjoyable experience that’s ideal for lazing evenings and weekends. 


Starman Medical Applications

Therapeutic applications for Starman are diverse to say the least. Some medical cannabis patients use this strain for temporary relief from everyday stress, anxiety, mild depression and mood issues. Others are all about its powerful effects on everyday aches and pains, along with migraines, arthritis, cramps and so on. You can also count on it to gently ease you into a fabulous night’s sleep, towards the tail end of the ride.

As THC levels vary so wildly, Starman isn’t to be underestimated by anyone with a low THC tolerance. Start slow and take things from there, giving it plenty of time to do its thing. 


Growing Starman

Those who’ve been lucky enough to bag a batch of Starman seeds have reported a relatively simple and straightforward cultivation process. Medium sized plants and flowering times of approximately nine weeks, followed by consistently generous yields. Starman is said to be a relatively forgiving specimen in general, though performs best when treated to controlled indoor conditions.

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