Typically referred to simply as Skittles, Zkittlez is a fabulously fruity indica-heavy hybrid. Originating from Northern California and enjoyed by cannabis connoisseurs worldwide, Zkittlez was created by crossing Grape Ape with Grapefruit. As is often the case, the whole became far more than the sum of its parts, combining the physical and mental effects of its parent strains with an out-of-this-world fragrance and flavour profile. Boasting a THC content that often reaches 23% or more, Zkittlez took home one of the top prizes at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2015.

Zkittlez General Characteristics

True to its name, Zkittlez is all about seeing, tasting and embracing the rainbow.Appearances vary significantly from one plant to the next, with buds that present everything from olive greens to vibrant purples. All of which is interspersed with eye-catching orange pistils, along with waves of purple that extend across the leaves. Expect dense, tightly packed buds with a seriously sticky coating of trichomes - a perfect representation of the sugary sweetness of Zkittlez in general.

The fragrance of Zkittlez really is something else. The perfect balance of sweet and sour, underpinned by a heavy hit of lemon and fresh berry fragrances.When the buds are broken, the sourness overtakes the sweetness and is joined by a quintessential skunky note. As you’d expect, this all translates to an exceptionally delicious smoke, which despite its potency is actually quite light and refreshing. There’s more grape on the exhale than any other fruity flavour, coinciding with the purple colouration of the strain. There’s something truly moreish about Zkittlez you simply have to experience to believe.

Zkittlez Effects

Zkittlez delivers an interesting high, which despite hitting the brain almost instantaneously is relatively mild and controllable. Along with a feeling of pressure around the temples, it’s common to experience auditory and visual distortions. You’ll see things around you differently, hear music differently and perhaps even feel time passing more slowly. Once you’re used to it, the whole thing becomes incredibly enjoyable.

Users have also reported feelings of heightened inspiration, creativity and motivation, making Zkittlez perfect for tackling or inspiring chores and everyday tasks. Further down the line, the high begins to make its way into the body and into the extremities. Not to such an extent that you’ll be couchlocked, but more a case of having limited time to get things done. By the time Zkittlez makes its way south, you’ll be more inclined to do precisely jack than to handle anything mundane. Perfect when you’ve a few things to do, after which you can get away with doing nothing.

Zkittlez Medical Applications

Zkittlez can also be an extremely versatile strain for therapeutic purposes.Attention deficit disorders are said to respond extremely well to Zkittlez in measured doses, which can enhance focus and improve concentration levels. It’s also routinely used for the treatment of chronic pain, everyday aches and mild insomnia. The initial cerebral high can be just the thing for taking care of anxiety, depression and stress.

Munchies can be expected as standard with Zkittlez, so it’s also worth trying out for the treatment of poor appetite. That said, anyone with a low THC tolerance or who is prone to paranoia/panic attacks should approach Zkittlez with caution, due to its primarily cerebral effects.

Growing Zkittlez

It’s typically a case of tracking down Zkittlez clones, if interested in growing your own. Zkittlez plants prefer relatively humid conditions and consistently warm weather, making it the ideal specimen to grow indoors in controlled conditions. Flowering times come in at around 10 weeks or so, after which a moderate to heavy harvest can be expected. In any case, a little Zkittlez has the potential to go a very long way.

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