Most people will probably remember 2020 as a year they’d sooner forget. On the plus side, the regrettable saga of the whole thing has given a lot of us good reason to welcome the winter countdown.

It’s normally at this time of year that we’re bummed about the end of the summer. Shorter days, longer nights and no more balmy evenings and doors – usually a cause for complaint, rather than celebration.

From 2020 perspective, the sooner this car-crash of a year is over, the better! 

All of which makes now the perfect time to settle in with some stellar weed and welcome the wonders of the autumn. Whether planning an invigorating walk in the countryside or simply cozying up at home, here’s in brief rundown of six superb strains that have autumnal enjoyment written all over them:


Jack Herer

A strain that needs no introduction, Jack Herer is about good times and plenty of them. This is precisely the kind of uplifting and energizing strain you need in your life, when the toils of the everyday grind get you down. 

Perfect for a motivating wake and bake, Jack Herer is also just the thing to take out and about on almost any adventure. Camping, hiking or simply strolling with your dog in the forest and watching the leaves fall – it really doesn’t get any better with a batch of Jack Herer.



Significantly more sedating than uplifting, Lavender offers the ultimate multi-sensory experience that’s perfect for this time of year. The fantastically floral fragrance of this Indica-heavy strain alone is enough to have you drifting into a daydream-like state of blissful contentment.

It’s not going to fire you up for anything particularly physical, but is nonetheless great for moments of pure indulgence.And as the weather is already looking pretty lousy outdoors, what better excuse to curl up and enjoy doing nothing at all?


Alien OG

Always great when an other-worldly experience is called for, Alien OG is famed for its spicey-pine fragrance and heavy Indica properties. Not to mention, the fact that it often tests for a sky-high THC content in the region of 28%.

A little of this stuff goes a long way, making it great to keep on hand when you’ve no intention of leaving the house for some time. It’s also a comprehensively easy strain to grow at home, which with plants that rarely exceed 100cm is just the thing for setting up as an overwinter indoor specimen.


Critical Sensi Star

This gorgeous specimen comes highly recommended for both its candy-sweet flavor and its fantastically balanced effects. Potent enough to have the desired effect after just a few moderate tokes, Critical Sensi Star gets to work on body and mind with equal effectiveness.

Despite erring towards the Indica side of the scale, it’s not the type of strain to induce hopeless couchlock. Wrap up in your warmest clothes, pop out on a clear night and stare at the stars with a joint or two of this stuff. Seriously – you won’t regret it.


Durban Poison

What makes Durban Poison a sensational autumnal smoke? The fact that it’s just the thing for keeping you going on a cold and dreary afternoon, when a cup of coffee alone isn’t enough. 

When the toils of everyday life get you down, you can count on Durban Poison for a burst of inspired motivation and the desire to socialize. It’s your classic ‘get up and go’ strain that’s unbeatable for any time of day. 


White Rhino

Last up, White Rhino hits like a crazed animal and is guaranteed to knock you off your feet indefinitely. Perfect for bringing a cold, dark and lousy day to an end, White Rhino more or less guarantees a good night’s sleep and a refreshed morning to follow.

It’s not necessarily the most aromatic or flavorful strain out there, but does the business as well as any Indica you’ve ever tried your luck with!

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