Mazar I Sharif

Like so many top strains, Mazar I Sharif weed takes its name from the Northern Afghanistan city by the same name, which is one of the primary regions in which it grows. An incredibly popular, important and enjoyable Indica strain, Mazar I Sharif took home the silver medal at the Cannabis Cup in 1999 and has lent its genetics to a number of high-quality hybrids over the years.

Despite being a relatively strong strain that packs a real punch, Mazar I Sharif is deceptively mild in terms of fragrance. There’s a definite spiciness to the aroma, with a good amount of skunk and plenty of pine freshness. However, Mazar I Sharif really bursts into life when smoked, delivering the most enchanting hash-like flavour with a dash of citrus and a back-note of sandalwood. Used in medicinal circles for the treatment of stress and sleep problems, Mazar I Sharif has a hit that comes on immediately and intensely. It is precisely the kind of go-to strain if you’re looking to be knocked off your feet with a full body stone, which pretty much guarantees couchlock no matter how careful you are.

Set up to grow your own and you’ll be looking at plants in the region of 100cm in height, along with bright green leaves and elongated buds. As mentioned, the fragrance of Mazar I Sharif may be deceptively mild, but with THC content of more than 20%, it’s a seriously heavy-hitter.

It’s a strain that needs plenty of sunshine and warmth to hit its peaks, meaning that anyone in cooler northern climates would be wise to grow it indoors. Anyone in Mediterranean regions however might find success with an outdoor setup. Either way, with yields in the region of 500g per square metre on offer, it’s the kind of strain that more than returns on your investment.

OG Kush

The kind of legendary strain that really doesn’t need a big introduction, OG Kush was dubbed the ‘Original Gangster’ for a very good reason. Hailing from the south of California, it’s a mind-blowingly strong Indica cannabis strain that took a while to make it to the home-growing scene, due to a near-total lack of available seeds. Now though, it’s well and truly on the cards for anyone out for the heaviest hit.

Growers can expect a seriously pungent skunky aroma from the plants themselves, while the smoke is extremely thick, dense and earthy. As mentioned, it kicks like a raging mule after no more than a couple of hits, delivering massive euphoria and often a change in visual processing. It has the kind of power that can take seasoned stoner entirely by surprise, with a high that lingers on for several hours.

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OG Kush plants are gorgeous to look at and paint a picture of the generosity to come. The buds are extremely dense and feature a thick, tantalising coating of crystal. It’s a THC powerhouse to say the least, with concentrations often come in at about the 25% mark. On top of this, flowering times as short as seven weeks mean you’re not holding out too long for the payoff, either.

The very best results with OG Kush can be achieved using a hydroponics setup indoors. Outdoor growing is possible, but isn’t recommended unless you can guarantee highly consistent tropical weather conditions. It demands a good amount of care, attention and balance, but give it what it needs indoors and you could be harvesting up to half a kilo for each square metre of grow space.

With OG Kush, a little goes a hell of a long way and gets the job done in an instant. If you’re out for something borderline mind-blowing and aren’t afraid of stellar potency, chances are this is the strain of your dreams.

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