Chances are that if you’ve been keeping up with the news over recent weeks, you might have caught wind of a new designer drug doing the rounds that's got the powers that be a little worried. Now, it’s not as if government types are ever likely to give their backing to any kind of recreational drug or legal high…safe or otherwise…but in this instance there’s a pretty strong message both in the UK and United States that’s worth heeding:


Beware synthetic cannabis.


Now, chances are it’s a bit of a no-brainer for any seasoned pot smoker as the idea of switching to anything synthetic is pure heresy…why the hell would you bother? But there will always be those who for the sake of curiosity alone decide to indulge, which often isn’t the end of the world but in the case of this stuff could be the end of theirs.


This might all come across as a wee bit on the preachy side, but after landing in New York City the stuff being called ‘Spice’ or ‘Spike’ in some circles sent 160 people to the ER in one week. Hundreds more have been dealt a serious punch in the guts by the stuff across a few other states and at least three people have died after giving it a go.


Why so dangerous? Well, it all comes down to the way it’s made which if you’re into real cannabis should and will make you feel pretty sick. Basically, they take some lame plant of no real value to anyone and spray it with a random cocktail of toxic chemicals that tend to change massively from one batch to the next. The theory was supposed to be one where burning these chemicals would replicate the high you get from a good joint. In reality, it’s been causing everything from paralysis and terrifying hallucinations to crippling agony from head to toe and death. The other problem is that if you get one batch and think it’s awesome after trying it, chances are your next baggie will be full of something totally different.


One of the doctors in NYC treating the 160 patients that came to the ER during a single week said that a huge chunk of them ‘had no interest in breathing’ and had to be hooked up to machines to keep them alive.


Now, the biggest problem with Spice right now is the way in which it’s so cheap and that every time they try and ban the stuff, they keep changing its recipe slightly and it’s made nice and legal again. As such, it’s generally being noted that it’s not in fact the world’s more dedicated pot community that’s trying it out, but rather the first-timers and teens that aren’t really into weed in general and prefer to look for a cheap high. Cheap it is…the rest is a pretty big roll of the dice. It’s literally a cocktail of toxins and random chemicals sprayed all over a bunch of equally random plants and bagged up for profit – it’s about as far away from real weed as you’re ever going to get.


Of course, this is the type of entry that some will slag off for being preachy and others will just ignore entirely…understandable and inevitable. Still, it’s worth at least knowing the facts and while bad-mouthing weed after centuries of use is moronic, Spice has been around for a matter of months and is killing people…young people…mostly teenagers.


Let’s be honest – what’s the point in trying a dangerous weed substitute when there’s the real stuff out there that’s a million times better in every way?


It’s a bit like drinking from a public toilet instead of cracking open a beer from the fridge.



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