For countless reasons – not least of which the prospect of lingering lockdown – more people than ever before are predicted to get into cannabis home growing this year. Assuming you live in a region where growing weed is legal, taking the DIY approach is a no-brainer. 

By taking care of everything from seed to harvest, you stand to save a small fortune and benefit from 100% organic weed you can trust.

As for how to transform these cannabis seeds into healthy plants, the list of things to do and not do could fill several volumes of encyclopaedia.  Nevertheless, the basics you need to know to get the job done right are much simpler. 

So, rather than getting bogged down with the complexities of the whole thing, here are the five most important tips all first-time growers need to know:


Forward planning is everything

First up, you need to think carefully about what you’re getting into and what you can expect if you go ahead. Planning ahead means making sure you have the time and patience to pull it off, that you’ve enough space for your plants to thrive and that you’ve taken things like privacy and ‘fragrance’ into consideration. It also means planning for the equipment you will need and doing at least a little homework on the basics of watering, lighting and so on. 

This might not be the most exciting part of the process, but is nonetheless the most important by far. 


Choose an appropriate spot

There’s more to choosing the right place for your cannabis plants than lighting, humidity and temperatures alone. These all matter, but so too do things like safety, discretion, accessibility and convenience. Under no circumstances should you position your plants where they are going to get in your way, alert your neighbors to what you are doing or become a nuisance as they grow and mature. 

If possible, choose a spot where temperatures are stable, there’s good air circulation and all parts of your plant will benefit from equal exposure to light. 


Don’t brag about your plants 

It’s worth remembering that even where cannabis is legal, it is still an exceptionally valuable commodity. One that people will go to surprising lengths to get hold of, sell and turn a profit at your expense. Don’t make the mistake of telling other people about your plants – even if you’re reasonably confident you can trust them. You’ve no idea who they may subsequently let the whole thing slip to, who may then inform someone you’d rather not find out about your plants. 

Keep the whole thing on a ‘need to know’ basis and avoid the temptation to brag about your new venture.


Prioritise quality over quantity

As a first timer, the tendency is to attempt to grow as much weed as you can as quickly as you can. In doing so, there’s a good chance you’ll come out with king’s ransom in bad weed. Disappointing to say the least and not the biggest motivator to start again from scratch. It’s far better to focus on quality than quantity, perhaps limiting yourself to just a single plant.

You’ll be more satisfied with 100g of epic top-shelf weed than you’d have ever been with 500g of pure garbage. 


Buy quality seeds or forget about it

Last up, you may as well quit before even getting started if you don’t start out with the right genetics. Whether you choose regular seeds, feminized seeds or auto seeds is entirely up to you. What matters most in all instances is the quality of the seeds you buy. With low-grade seeds, you’re in for a constant battle with the near-certainty of disappointing results.

You only ever get out what you put in, so you may as well start with the best genetics available in the first place.

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