Growing weed at home is an absolute gift. Assuming you’re legally entitled to do so, it’s something you really should be doing right now. Even if you’ve more than enough cash to purchase premium bud in huge quantities, you’re still missing out on something amazing.

But what is it about growing weed at home that is so special? Why invest time, effort and money in growing weed at home, if there’s a decent dispensary just a few blocks away?

Ask the pros and they’ll give you at least six reasons growing weed at home is something you should be doing:

1. You know exactly what you smoke
First up, you can’t always be 100% sure what’s in the cannabis you buy.Purchasing pot from a dispensary is one thing, but millions still buy random baggies from equally random people. In which case, you have no idea a) what strain you’re smoking or b) how many dangerous chemicals were used to grow it. Like growing your own fruits and vegetables, growing weed at home means knowing exactly what you’re smoking.

2. You’ll end up with a surplus

In most regions where growing weed at home is legal, you’re permitted to grow between 6 and 12 plants. When you consider the fact that a single cannabis plant can produce anything from 1 to 2 kilos of useable weed, that’s a serious stockpile of the stuff. Way more than you’ll ever be able to smoke, giving you plenty left over to gift, preserve or get creative with in the kitchen. Even with the bare minimum equipment, you can still cultivate a ton of cannabis with little to no effort.

3. Endless experimentation
Speaking of getting creative in the kitchen, growing weed at home opens the door to endless experimentation. With so much spare pot lying around, you won’t think twice about putting some to use for a project or two. Make your own hash, try DIY tinctures, get into concentrates - endless opportunities for experimentation. All with cannabis that was practically free, so it really doesn’t matter if things go wrong.

4. It’s seriously cost-effective
Even if you shell out for top-shelf equipment, you’ll still get back way more than you put in. The monetary value of the cannabis even a single plant can produce can be enormous. Multiply this by 6 or even 12 plants and you’re looking at an absolute goldmine. Spending vast amounts of money on premium pot seems unnecessary and excessive if growing weed at home is an option. It may be money you can afford to burn, but it’s still money that doesn’t need to be spent.

5. A learning experience
The better you get to know the cannabis plant, the more you’ll enjoy the whole experience. It’s the classic case of not being considered a true cannabis connoisseur until you’re appropriately educated. Reading books and watching YouTube videos is one thing - growing weed at home from scratch is something else entirely. You’ll learn so much along the way and develop an even bigger appreciation for these remarkable plants.

6. Ceremony and satisfaction
Finally, there’s something uniquely satisfying about enjoying something you’ve cultivated yourself. Even if the results aren’t particularly spectacular, it’s still something you’ve nurtured from a single seed and will be extremely proud of.If things go well, the satisfaction and smugness of the whole thing can be equally appealing. Irrespective of how long it takes and how challenging it may be, growing weed at home is rewarding on a level all of its own.

In a Nutshell…
Growing weed at home is enjoyable and satisfying in a way that has to be experienced to be believed.

The legal right to cultivate cannabis at home is a privilege that really should be taken advantage of. If nothing else, spare a thought for the hundreds of millions of people worldwide who’d give their right arm for the same privilege.

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