Whether you’re a seasoned stoner or part-time toker, you’d probably prefer not to burn cash. If you take your smoke seriously, you of course can’t expect to get by without paying a pretty penny. Nevertheless, there are always ways and means by which you can make your bud budget last that little bit longer.

So if you’d prefer more cash in your pocket and bud in your bongs, give thought to the following five fabulously frugal tips:

1.  Keep Cheap Friends At A Distance

First up, don’t let your generous nature turn you into a charity. We’ve all got those friends who always seem to be out of cash, out of bud and out of any kind of memory capacity when it comes to repayment. Generosity is all part of the experience, but it needs to be reciprocal. If you can think right now of anyone who’s more of a taker than a giver, you might want to keep them at arm’s length. Or at least, put your foot down in terms of pot policy at your next meeting – no more free rides. Unless they’re a genuine jerk, they should get your point without too much offense.

2. Get Vaping

Vaporising is uniquely cost-effective for two reasons. First of all, you eliminate the risk of losing bits and pieces here and there, as would be the case when smoking a joint. Unless you’re toking constantly without ever breathing out, some of the weed in a joint inevitably just burns into nothingness. In addition, vaping gets far more of those precious cannabinoids into your body where they belong. Which means you need a lot less weed to get a lot higher. Vape pens might not be cheap to pick up in the first place, but they’ll save you a fortune long-term.

3. Invest in Your Own Grow

Although initially it may cost a bit, once you've started planting and growing your own cannabis this really will help you save a considerable amount of cash. There are a plethora of beginner strains which you can pick from which are easier to grow than others if your a starting journey.

4. Eat It

The most obvious tip of all – just eat the damn stuff! It might take a while to kick in, but eating cannabis tends to get most folk way higher for way longer than they would with any kind of smoke. It’s a great way of making a small amount of pot go a long way – perfect for dealing with droughts and shortages. It might lack the ceremony of a smoke, but boy does it get the job done for frugal folks.

5. Buy More

Last but not least, the worst thing you can do if your weed budget is rock-bottom is to keep on buying the tiniest bags you can lay your hands on. This is a sure-fire way of paying the highest possible prices. Even if it means enduring a dry period, take the time to save your cash and invest in a bigger bag to last you longer. During which time you can save again, buy the same bigger bag and keep on getting more for your money. Just don’t go making the mistake of buying more than you can afford on credit…the reasons for which shouldn’t need to be explained in detail!



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