You know, marijuana is a flexible plant and hence can be easily grown both indoors and outdoors. Marijuana is said to offer a number of medicinal benefits, particularly helping to combat pain, relieve stress and calm anxiety. Research has indicated it has medicinal properties which help manage such ailments as chronic pain, insomnia, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma and potentially cancer. Taking this aspect into consideration many people look forward to growing their own buds rather than buying them, the reason being that the cost of purchasing medical marijuana can be prohibitive.

It is important to think about what you are buying the seeds for, and what your needs are. Different countries and states have different laws relating to the possession of marijuana so ensure the provider you are buying from is a legal provider and ensure you do not fall foul of the authorities. Once you buy seeds you can easily grow marijuana indoors and outdoors. Though it is easy growing marijuana, it is worth following some tips to grow it effectively.


If you have large space you can consider growing them outdoors. Apart from having a large space, make sure they will get sufficient sunshine and rainfall. Just as you grow other seeds, the same applies to marijuana seeds too. There are innumerable benefits when growing marijuana outdoors; you do not have to check it regularly, an occasional check is enough to ensure they are growing as expected. Apart from this, it also eliminates the problem of regulating nutrients, the reason for this is because the outdoor seeds get the required nutrients naturally. Furthermore, it allows the plants to grow up to their optimal size as compared to indoor growing. Always remember that every coin has two sides the same applies to outdoor growing too. Unfortunately you cannot control the natural weather conditions that may at times harm the plant. Apart from weather factors there are also chances of rodents and pests affecting the plant growth. All these aspects lead to a poor harvest so ensure you take proper precautions. When growing seeds indoors you need to be much more hands on, ensuring it gets sufficient water, nutrition, air and light for the proper growth.

Getting hold of feminized seeds is not a difficult task anymore as you can find them through many online stores. These seeds only grow into female plants, meaning no males to spoil your crop. Autoflowering seeds are fantastic if you are a first time grower and are not sure what to do. Marijuana grown from these seeds enters the flowering stage upon reaching a certain age rather than needing you to alter the light/dark cycle manually. If you are looking for a natural approach you can opt for regular seeds, growing males and females and perhaps breeding your own seeds. As you can tell, carrying out thorough research will surely help in the long run. Shops where you can buy Cannabis Seeds online, such as SeedSupreme Seed Bank, have a large range of strains and types (including Regular, Feminized and Autoflowering seeds). Their prices are affordable and can easily fit into any budget. You can also go through testimonials and reviews which help in offering a clear picture about the strains you are interested in and the quality of seeds offered. If you are still unsure don't hesitiate to contact the store owners to get their opinions on nice strains.

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