It’s becoming increasingly clear that authorities in the United Kingdom are running out of time to get to grips with both the importance and the potential of cannabis oil. Though still a painfully controversial subject across the country, new figures reveal that the number of cannabis oil users spanning Great Britain has increased more than 100% over the course of just a single year.

With an estimated 125,000 Brits having been using cannabis oil around this time in 2016, there are now more than 250,000 users as of November this year.  What’s more, the Cannabis Trades Association UK reported that approximately 1,000 additional users are now turning to cannabis oil, each and every month.

Interestingly, the association also revealed that approximately 65% of those using cannabis oil are female patients, in pursuit of relief from anxiety, back pain and the symptoms of epilepsy. More patients than ever before are coming forward to speak out about their own experiences with cannabis oil – many insisting that this completely safe and organic extract has quite literally saved their lives.

Formulated primarily from high CBD strains, the cannabis oils in question present absolutely no dangerous side effects whatsoever and do not give users the same kind of ‘high’ as that associated with THC. On-going research having suggested that cannabis oil can be uniquely effective in the treatment of pain and stiffness, along with a variety of chronic conditions including anxiety and epilepsy. The vast majority of medicinal cannabis products being administered in the form of a liquid spray or gel tablets.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of UK authorities and a sizeable proportion of the general public alike simply hear the word ‘cannabis’ and assume medical cannabis oil to be a dangerous drug.

'We’ve known about the endocannabinoid system for 40 years or so, but it has been ignored to a greater or lesser degree,’ read a statement from the Cannabis Trades Association UK obtain by the Mail Online.

'In a lot of cases, as soon as you mention "cannabis" the stigma is obvious,’

‘Products like CBD, because of where it comes from, are stigmatised despite the fact that every mammal has an endocannabinoid system and is therefore designed to use cannabinoids naturally,’

'Cannabinoid deficiencies are starting to become understood by the medical world, and it is slowly becoming obvious that cannabinoids like CBD are actually essential for general health and wellbeing.'

Likewise, what critics seem unwilling or unable to factor into the equation is the way in which the vast majority of conventional pharmaceuticals have the potential to be extremely harmful. Both in terms of their associated side effects and addictive properties in some instances. Neither of which comes into the equation when it comes to medical cannabis products across the board.

The problem being that for as long as the British government takes such a hard-lined and one-sided stance against cannabis in general, positive progress cannot and will not be made. Along with making it borderline impossible for medical cannabis companies to carry out essential research and provide high-quality products, classifying cannabis as a ‘dangerous drugs’ gives the public in general entirely the wrong message. Nevertheless, Theresa May has made it abundantly clear that the cannabis issue is one she doesn’t intend to give a great deal of attention to for the foreseeable future at least.

Still, it’s comforting to know that the greater the number of patients turning to medical cannabis products on a regular basis, the more difficult it is going to become for the government to continue ignoring the obvious.


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