Cannabis tinctures have come into their own over the past year or two as a force to be reckoned with. Though particularly popular in therapeutic cannabis circles, there’s a growing audience of recreational users acknowledging and appreciating the potential benefits of tinctures.

Tinctures simplify the process of dosing exactly how much THC or CBD you consume, absorbed by the body via drops of the solution placed under the tongue. The effect of a tincture somewhat bridges the gap between edibles and inhalation - a high that comes on faster than with an edible, though lasts significantly longer than when smoking joints, bongs or blunts. 

In essence, the best of all worlds - all with the added bonus of a seriously discreet delivery system you can get away with just about anywhere.

The only slight downside to quality cannabis tinctures in general has always been their somewhat steep price. Particularly where THC and/or CBD potency is relatively high, they’re definitely not the cheapest cannabis products to pick up.

And that’s precisely why more creative cannabis users than ever before are experimenting with their own DIY concoctions. 


How to Make Cannabis Tincture

Making cannabis tinctures at home can be surprisingly simple, just as long as you have the right bits and pieces at your disposal. What you’ll need is an appropriate medicine bottle with pipette to store it in, a glass jar with a lid to make it in and some pure grain alcohol (at least 90% strength) to make the extract in the first place.

Here’s a step by step guide to the basics of making cannabis tinctures at home:

  1. Work out how much you intend to make in advance, as you will need approximately 4oz of pure grain alcohol for every 7g of cannabis flower. 
  2. At this point, it’s important to ensure that you decarboxylate your weed before you weigh it, in order to get the ratios just right.
  3. Measure out the precise quantities of ground cannabis and alcohol you need, before placing them both in the jar. 
  4. Secure the lid in place and give it time to soak, before giving the whole thing a good shake and placing it in a cool, dark and dry location for an hour.
  5. Take it out, shake it again and put it back in the same place - repeating once again to allow for a total of 3 hours of soaking.
  6. You can experiment with leaving the mixture to infuse for different periods of time. More time to infuse means a more potent final product, but also with a less palatable taste.
  7. When the mixture has been soaking for your preferred amount of time, you can then use a fine sieve or cheese cloth to filter the debris from the liquid.
  8. Place the final product in a brown glass medicine bottle (which will help preserve the THC/CBD) and store it in a cool and dry location indefinitely.

There’s also some experimentation involved with regard to the strength of the weed you use, your preferred cannabis strains and so on. Likewise, you’ll need to experiment with different numbers of drops placed under your tongue, until you find the perfect dose to get the job done.

Along with placing drops of the tincture directly into your mouth, they can also be added to pretty much any cannabis edible or cocktail you care to try out. There’s limitless scope for experimentation, which is precisely where much of the appeal with weed extracts like these lies.

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