Due to the often convoluted nature of international law regarding marijuana growing, there’s a ton of confusion as to what works and what doesn’t. It’s not as if the British Horticultural Society is going to introduce an official annual weed publication anytime soon, which is why those having a crack for the first time rely on word of mouth or the web…neither of which can be trusted wholesale.

The trouble is, so many growers all over the world have a couple of stabs, fail miserably and then pretend they never tried in the first place to save face. Sure, there’s no shame in defeat, but in this case there’s also no sense in scuttling off with your tail between your legs just because you blew it making a rookie mistake or two.

As more countries and a fair few US states find themselves free to grow weed, the tips and tricks of success are piling up by the day. But at the same time, it’s probably more important for newbies to take note of what not to do if hoping to come out with more than duffed-up pride.


As far as rookie errors go, here’s a favourite top ten selection to chow down on:


1 – Broadcasting to the World

In countries where growing your own weed is illegal, there’s really nothing more stupid you can do than broadcast your new hobby to the whole world. And in the places where you’re allowed to grow as much as you want, telling everyone about your new farm is a pretty effective way of getting yourself robbed or worse. Sure, your plants look cool and you can’t resist a selfie or two, but whack these on Facebook and you have nobody to blame when your stupidity bites you in the backside.

2 – Unrealistic Expectations

There will always be those that plant a few seeds in an old soup tin on the kitchen windowsill only to then bitch like crazy when they don’t end up with a jungle’s worth of buds. Set your expectations too high and you guarantee yourself a let-down before even getting off the ground.

3 – Laziness

The old ‘leave it to its own devices’ way of growing might work with a pot of basil, but with weed it will get you nowhere. Yes, you’ve made all that lovely effort to plant it and set it in place, but you should also be willing to spend as much time as necessary balancing its CO2, light, nutrients, moisture and so on. If this sounds exactly like the kind of everyday responsibility you really cannot be assed with, it’s safe to say growing is NOT for you.

4 – Generic Junk

When it comes to choosing the right kind of fertiliser and food, there’s really no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ bag or bottle of generic junk down at your local store. The real bind with weed growing is that for each growth stage you’ll need to use a product with a different NPK ration – that being nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Get the wrong stuff or just use the same mix for its whole life and chances are its life won’t be all that long to say the least.

5 – Blind Faith

Automatically assuming that the lovely outdoor soil in your garden has been nourished by the elements for long enough to be pretty perfect for weed? It might be, but at the same time it might have the kind of PH and nitrogen levels that make growing strong marijuana plants impossible. No matter where the soil is, it needs to be tested and treated as required prior to use – blind faith is fatal.

6 – Cramped Pots

Weed plants have a habit of growing phenomenally fast – the same (obviously) therefore being true for their roots. If the pots you use are too cramped or you fail to repot the plants in larger containers as they grow, they will soon run out of room and die. Of course, it doesn’t take a genius to work out what happens to a plant with dead roots…nothing good, is the answer.

7 – Over Pruning

Pruning is essential in order to stimulate and nurture healthy plant growth and development. However, one of the most common bad habits of all with new weed growers is that of getting totally carried away with the pruning, having assumed that the heavier handed you get with the process, the better the results will be. Sadly, this isn’t the case and if you make the mistake of crossing the rather fine line into pruning madness, you could very well kill the plant dead.

8 – Ignorance is Bliss (It Isn’t!)

So what if there’s a bit of leaf burn going on or just a few bugs around the tub – it’s hardly the kind of epidemic you should be worried about, right? Wrong – anything out of the ordinary is a sign that something isn’t right behind the scenes and could be just the start of something very terrible.

9 – Improvising

Seeds, soil and water – it’s so simple, who needs a growing guide? This way of thinking leads way too many growers down totally the wrong path – the truth being that there’s about a billion books out there on the subject of weed growing for a reason. And just for the record, even those that have been in the game for years and think they know it all stand to learn a thing or two – new discoveries and effective growing techniques are still being discovered every year.

10 – Overwatering

Last but not least, one of the biggest mistakes of all…perhaps the biggest…is that of simple overwatering. In this instance there can indeed be too much of a good thing as overwatering can lead to all manner of illnesses, not to mention limp and droopy plants that have a tendency to snap outright.

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