From a strictly North American perspective, you’d be forgiven for thinking cannabis concentrates weren’t much of a big deal. After all, if you’ve free and easy access to the world’s best cannabis in all its forms, do you really need concentrates in your life?

Particularly if it’s perfectly legal to grow your own top-shelf weed at home, are cannabis concentrates worth bothering with?

The short answer is yes…yes they are.

A Cultural Phenomenon


In terms of popularity, the figures alone speak volumes. Back in 2018, total cannabis concentrates sales in the US were up more than 50% on the year before. More impressively, the value of the legal cannabis concentrates market is expected to exceed $8 billion by 2022.

All of which means that more people are buying more cannabis concentrates than ever before. Even in regions where there’s nothing to stop you growing your own weed and making your own concentrates, people are still buying vast quantities of the stuff.

Which begs the question – why such popularity? What is it in particular about cannabis concentrates that makes them so popular and successful?

Four immediate plus points that spring to mind are as follows:


1. Higher Potency

If you’re all about potency – which a lot of people are – you’ll be right at home with cannabis concentrates. These days, it’s not uncommon for high-end weed to have a high THC content of around 25%. With cannabis concentrates, THC content can reach anything from 50% up to more than 90%. However legendary you believe your THC tolerance to be, a decent cannabis concentrate will give you a serious run for your money. Precisely why newcomers to concentrates are advised to approach them with (extreme) caution.


2. Economical and Efficient

On one hand, it’s true to say that cannabis concentrates are far more expensive than flowers on a gram for gram basis. But in terms of actual value for money, you’re almost guaranteed a much better deal. Along with the fact that you don’t need much to have the desired effect, they also have an exponentially longer shelf-life than most other forms of cannabis. Something that opens the door to buying in bulk at lower prices, in order to set yourself up for the next few months at least. 


3. More Effective Therapeutic Properties

Perhaps not necessarily more ‘effective’ in the conventional sense, but a potent cannabis concentrate can get to work so much quicker and with a heftier punch than traditional cannabis flowers. This is one of the reasons why medical cannabis patients often choose cannabis concentrates over traditional alternatives. In addition, inhaling carefully heated cannabis concentrates doesn’t tend to be nearly as harsh as inhaling heavy cannabis smoke. Which again can be a bonus for many therapeutic users.


4. Exceptional Fragrance and Flavor

As an added bonus, cannabis concentrates don’t just intensify the potency of the strain (or strains) used to create them. They also pack an exceptionally concentrated dose of terpenes, adding up to truly remarkable fragrance and flavour. Where cannabis concentrates are heated carefully and consumed in moderation, they can tower over conventional cannabis with uniquely complex aromas. 


In Summary…

It’s natural to assume that the appeal of cannabis concentrates lies in little more than their frankly ridiculous THC content. When in fact, they can be advantageous and appealing in a wide variety of ways.

Don’t be put off by the per-gram price – a good quality cannabis concentrate delivers a serious bang for buck. Of course, you could always try your hand at making your own, if paying top-dollar for top-shelf gear isn’t your preferred approach.

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