Thousands of marijuana cultivars have been discovered, modified, and smoked throughout the years. Yet none are as celebrated as the cannabis from White Widow seeds.

Are you seeking a refreshing smoke that boosts your energy while unleashing your creativity and sociable side?

Well, you'll adore our White Widow strains. This famous juggernaut has amassed an incredible collection of awards, including first place in the 1995 High Times Cannabis Cup.

Learn everything about one of the most well-known and highly prized cannabis cultivars. White Widow feminized seeds have a long history of crossbreeding, resulting in buds with high THC, stunning effects, and lip-smacking flavor.

Let’s explore.


White Widow strain


Origin of White Widow strain

The story of White Widow strain seeds begins in the Netherlands. It was created as a hybrid cultivar in the 90s, making it one of Europe's first cannabis imports.

Experts think this strain is a blend of South American and South Indian cultivars. Others believe that it comes from mixing hybrid indica seeds with a Brazilian landrace. The confusion has also led some to ignore its balanced genetics and advertise this cultivar as sativa-dominant seeds.

While breeders cannot agree on its roots, people all over the globe adore White Widow feminized seeds. It’s become a coffee shop classic in Amsterdam and has featured on television programs as well as in rap songs.


Growing White Widow feminized seeds

This cannabis cultivar is relatively resistant, making it a joy to grow for both experienced and beginner cultivators

White Widow marijuana seeds perform best when germinated and grown indoors. Under the right conditions, nutrients, and care, these plants thrive with or without soil.

Mineral-rich soil aids in the development of the plant’s health and terpene profile, enhancing the taste and smell of your buds. While hydroponics accelerates crop development, boosting your grows potential yield.


The best climate For White Widow plants

White Widow seeds flourish indoors, stretching between 2–4 ft tall inside a grow tent. If you plan on raising this plant outdoors, they perform best in warm, sunny Mediterranean conditions with medium humidity.

Light levels and ventilation are essential elements to monitor while cultivating indoors, ensuring your plant's optimal health. You can also use the Screen of Green technique to enhance lateral growth and exposes more budding sites.

Creating a favorable environment while growing White Widow seeds is essential to promote quality buds. Keep the temperature around 70–80 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels between 40 and 50% for the best results.


Feeding White Widow plants

When cultivating White Widow cannabis seeds, it's vital that you give plants the appropriate nutritional levels at various phases of development.

Nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium are the most significant minerals (K) for marijuana crops. When choosing a fertilizer, look for an N-P-K ratio. 

A 3-1-3 ratio is recommended for optimal results for the first several weeks of your crop life cycle. A larger percentage of N and K to P is necessary for the vegetative stage.

During the flowering phase, it’s best to reduce the amount of nitrogen and focus on potassium and phosphorus intake. Blooming nutrients allow your crops to concentrate on fattening up the buds before harvest.


Flowering & yield

White Widow feminized seeds aren’t susceptible to moisture issues like mold and mildew. They are also resilient to pests and pathogens, so you can grow these crops outside and anticipate favorable yields.

During the last few weeks of the flowering stage, expose your cultivar to lower temperatures in the evening. Colder weather allows buds to draw out more color and increases terpene production.

After these plants spend 8–9 weeks flowering, you can expect to harvest high-quality buds and big yields. Raising these cannabis seeds indoors delivers around 16 oz./m², while outdoor crops produce 20–25 oz./plant.

The ideal time to harvest the marijuana from White Widow seeds is when the trichomes change color from clear to white. It’s best to use a magnifying glass or Jeweler’s Loupe to see these crystals up close.


White Widow strain


Experiencing the White Widow strain

The effects of consuming cannabis from White Widow feminized seeds are perhaps the most appealing feature. This cultivar showcases sativa and indica qualities, offering you the best of both worlds.

The euphoric sensations this marijuana strain produces have an uplifting effect that relieves tension and worry. Your energy levels rise in tandem with your emotions, giving you the confidence and motivation to face any task.

After smoking these buds, waves of relaxation wash over you, easing any aches and pains while leaving you feeling revitalized.


White Widow taste & smell

Myrcene and pinene terpenes dominate the buds from White Widow seeds. These compounds are responsible for delivering an outstanding flavor profile and can induce calming sensations.

The flowers begin to entice your taste buds with a pleasant earthy scent. As you inhale the smoke, it transports you to a tropical forest after a storm. You'll detect a slightly spicy flavor, adding depth to the overall aroma of these iconic nugs.

Consuming this cannabis produces a rich, creamy smoke that swirls over your tongue. When you exhale the thick smoke, your tongue picks up notes of sandalwood and pine.


Uses for White Widow

Although the buds from White Widow feminized seeds have become a popular recreational option, they also offer various medicinal benefits.

Patients diagnosed with anxiety and depression can potentially use this cultivar as a form of alternative treatment. Its uplifting qualities eliminate any negative thoughts, allowing you to feel comfortable in your skin.

Another wellness benefit offered by these buds is the ability to reduce and manage physical pain. Cannabis from White Widow feminized seeds quickly targets inflammation, making it perfect for treating cramps, headaches, and sore muscles.

While further research is required, evidence suggests that this cultivar can assist epileptic patients. It’s said that it reduces the frequency and intensity of seizures, as well as mitigates fatigue.

These high THC seeds are perfect for making delicious edibles because of their ability to produce extremely resinous buds. Remember to decarboxylate your marijuana to activate the psychoactive compound before adding it to your favorite recipe.


Feminized White Widow seeds

White Widow weed seeds produce some of the most visually appealing plants, displaying magnificent crystalline flowers as they mature. This iconic cultivar is also known for its potency, knocking out beginners and seasoned smokers alike.

Do you think you have what it takes to grow this legendary strain at home?

Here we look at the popular varieties of Widow Widow seeds for sale from our online store.


White Widow feminized seeds

Get ready to enjoy the balanced effects of this illustrious cannabis cultivar when you order White Widow feminized seeds. This particular variety produces buds with 18–25% THC and less than 2% CBD.

Once crops complete their vegging phase, you’ll need to wait another 8–9 weeks for the plant to flower. The closer you get to harvesting these buds, the more intense their earthy and herbal fragrance becomes.

Feminized White Widow seeds can produce yields of up to 16 oz./m² indoors and around 25 oz./plant outdoors. While crops can resist pests and pathogens, it’s essential to trim the older leaves regularly to avoid bud rot.


White Widow Autoflowering seeds

Cultivators looking to get their hands on these iconic buds quicker will adore growing White Widow autoflowering seeds. Breeders have combined these legendary genetics with the Critical+ Auto strain, allowing plants to mature in record time.

Cannabis from autoflower White Widow seeds isn’t as potent as the feminized version, offering around 16–20% THC. The flavor and fragrance of these flowers also change, producing sweet herbal and citrus notes.

After germinating your marijuana seeds, these plants will begin flowering after 8–9 weeks. Growing this cultivar indoors produces yields of between 11–16 oz./m². In comparison, raising these seeds outdoors leads to harvests weighing 2–3 oz./plant.


White Widow strain


You know the name; grow the White Widow strain

Cannabis from White Widow strain seeds is easily distinguished. The buds are almost entirely white due to an abundance of trichomes, forming a thick layer of resin.

Not only does the appearance of this herb entice your senses, but the incredible effects play a significant role in its fame. Even veteran tokers might get knocked out if they smoke too much.

These cannabis seeds generate big yields in a favorable climate and are easy to cultivate, no matter your skill level. You can also raise these plants indoors or outside, allowing you to pick your preferred method.

Buy White Widow seeds from our online store and experience the legendary effects of these iconic marijuana seeds.

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