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Candy Punch Regular Seeds

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A rare, exquisite and famously flavorful hybrid combining the exceptionally energizing influence of renowned Sativa Fruit Punch with the Kush lineage of a mood-lifting sensation Kandy Kush...

Seriously Fruity Sativa Sweetness


Bud Basics 

A rare, exquisite and famously flavorful hybrid combining the exceptionally energizing influence of renowned Sativa Fruit Punch with the Kush lineage of a mood-lifting sensation Kandy Kush.


The resulting Candy Punch is an exclusive specimen in high demand among any and all who sample this wonder weed. With THC hitting upwards of 20% and CBD under the 1% mark, this Sativa-dominant hybrid is only suitable for those with a reasonable tolerance for THC, however, is not without considerable medicinal benefit too.


Among those of you enticed by the idea of a sweet and sour fruity sensation rolled up in quintessential Kush delights and packed with potently energetic, motivational and clear-headed influence, Candy Punch Regular’s siren song should be quite irresistible.


While being regular cannabis seeds does mean you’ll have to know how to spot a crop-ruining male and weed those plants out before they pollinate the females, this equates to less of a challenge and more the need for awareness on the grower’s part. Weed breeders, on the other hand, can use these males to great effect when it comes to creating their own new and exciting hybrids chock full of flavor and top-shelf potency.


Whether you’re in this for breeding or simply cultivating a bountiful crop, Candy Punch Reg seeds are one surefire way to be the toast of the town - assuming the town loves rare weed with epic flavors and an unforgettable high.



Flavor and Fragrance of Candy Punch

The terpene profiles of both parent strains contain limonene, caryophyllene and myrcene in differing and yet beautifully complementary quantities, which helps deliver Candy Punch her tantalizing profile.


Both on the nose and tongue, you can expect a sweet sensory delight which screams of lemons and berries wrapped up in an earthy hit coming straight from the quintessential Kush profile.


Both in flavor and fragrance, this stuff is notoriously moreish and difficult to turn down, especially given the strain’s highly desirable cerebral effects.




Kandy Kush has always been a mixed bag of physical and cerebral influences, with the latter known to hit first (and fast), yet a strong sedation quickly takes over. Through the blending with Fruit Punch (herself a mix of Netherlands legends HazeSkunk #1 and Northern Lights), the Candy Punch hybrid achieves a truly unforgettable high experience.


The almost instant sense of euphoria comes from both parents, but leans very much into the Fruit Punch lineage in its longevity. The buzz seems like it might never fade away in the most wondrously welcome way.


Bid farewell to any stress or tension as the mood modulation clears away any mental cobwebs and charges you with a palpable wave of creativity and focus that makes Candy Punch simply perfect for daytime use.


You won’t feel any couchlocking lethargy with these buds, though that’s not to say there isn’t a deeply relaxing influence at play here - it’s just that the energy this hybrid provides is far more stimulating and at the forefront of the whole experience.


Of course, this does mean you’ll want to look elsewhere if you’re in the market for a strain suited to sending you off into a deep sleep as it’s certainly best to avoid hitting the Candy Punch later on in the evenings (unless you want to be up and bouncing off the walls until 4 am).



Medical Uses of Candy Punch Regular 

Since CBD sits under the 1% mark and THC soars up to 20%, you’ll need a fairly solid THC tolerance if you’re hoping to enjoy the medicinal benefits of Candy Punch.


The holistic nature of this strain’s potent analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic properties can be a true therapeutic recipe for relief from a wide range of physical and mental maladies - though it must be said, the most notable of these comes in the cerebrum.


The sense of euphoric elation tokers receive from Candy Punch serves as an instant solace for those who suffer from stress, depression or anxiety, clearing away worries and woes and replacing them with a focused mental clarity which can help patients cut to the root of what ails them.


No, cannabis isn’t a cure for these ailments, but it can be the key that unlocks the door to a happier and healthier you.


Of course, all that mental energy has to go somewhere, and that’s where you’ll start to notice the more physical effects of Candy Punch. Where once there was pain, whether mild or severe, patients quickly find their bodies responding to the cannabinoids’ influence, relieved finally from the distress caused by everything from a headache or migraine to joint pains, cramps or even more serious conditions like Parkinson’s disease.


This kind of unbridled energetic influence is a wonder at combating fatigue or drowsiness, proving effective at everything from getting going in the morning to countering that mid-day slump. An excellent coffee companion if ever there was one.


Keep in mind, the high THC content in Candy Punch Reg means you’ll want to approach with care. Don’t overindulge unless you’re certain you can handle the potential less desirable side effects of marijuana.



Growing Candy Punch Regular Seeds 

Growing Candy Punch Regular is not without challenges, however, these are easily overcome with a little prep work which can help even the most inexperienced ganja growers see highly desirable and drool-worthy harvests.


These dark green and alluring beauties don’t tend to reach heights of over 70cm, which is quite small for a Sativa-heavy strain, however, in all other regards, Candy Punch plants show their full Sativa colors.


Expect an enormous central cola to develop as well as numerous budding sites in the lower branch regions of the plant when they start maturing. Due to the nature of how these beauties grow, it’s likely that you’ll want to employ either a ScROG (Screen of Green) setup or some High Stress Training (HST) methods such as topping as this will coax your cannabis into an easier managed and even shorter stature.


Don’t worry about shrinking the size of these already smaller than expected specimens - these techniques are designed to help increase light and air penetration to all areas of your plants, helping them to make the most efficient use of all their available space. There are few ways better suited to helping Candy Punch achieve her maximum output potential.


You’ll also be well served knowing how to offer support to your plants in the form of stakes or trellises, as when these ladies mature those buds can get monstrous and potentially too heavy for the plants to support on their own.


If your heart is set on cultivating Candy Punch Regular outdoors, you’ll want to have access to balmy Mediterranean-like climates for best results and aim to harvest anytime in mid to late October.


Overall, expect between 8 and 10 weeks of flowering, at which point you can rake in anywhere in the region of 400 to 500 grams per meter squared of these dense and sticky nugs. Outdoor growers, you’re looking at nearer to 500 grams per plant under optimal conditions.


Of course, the main consideration to keep in mind is that these beans are of a regular nature - there is a chance they will develop into male marijuana plants and you need to know how to spot males and get them out of there during the pre-flower stage (if you’re growing for usable buds only, that is).




Though something of a rarity that you’re less likely to hear about in conventional cannabis circles, Candy Punch is a work of genius marijuana genetic manipulation which brings the best of all worlds to bear on the user.


As perfect a perfect wake and bake strain could ever be, the energizing influence of these buds is the stuff of legends - especially when combined with such unbeatable fruity flavor.

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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