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Are you a fan of minty, chocolate sweetness? Would you like to combine a dessert-like taste with social invigoration and full-body relaxation? Girl Scout Cookies seeds, known to many as just GSC, could be the strain for you.

This cultivar’s strong, bushy branches produce sticky colas famed as some of the most beautiful marijuana flowers. The striking, bright green buds are adorned with orange pistils and surrounded by leaves in violet hues.

Growers with a bit of experience regularly cultivate successful yields from this strain. It needs a meticulously controlled environment to thrive and reach its full potential. 

Most gardeners believe the time spent on researching growing tips is worth it. The tantalizing aromas and extraordinary effects of buds cultivated from Girl Scout Cookies make up for any extra effort.

Read on to find out all you need to know about this mouth-watering marijuana strain. We’ll give you maintenance tips, benefits you can enjoy, and some of the best GSC varieties available

Grow difficulty

This strain is best suited to those with a few grows under their belts. Your seedlings will flourish if you give them the attention they desire and create a low-stress environment. 

Girl Scout Cookies develop into indica-dominant plants that love to branch out with enough room and light. Harvest a decent amount of buds through indoor and outdoor cultivation, as long as you provide a warm environment.

Here’s everything you should know to achieve the maximum harvest possible from any Cookie strain seeds.


Optimal growing conditions and climate

Girl Scout Cookies plants are sturdy bushes that develop compact foliage. They perform best in warm, dry climates.

Don’t expose this strain to fluctuations in humidity levels. Stable conditions result in happier plants with better cola production.

If you live in an area with consistently mild weather, you could grow Girl Scout Cookies seeds outdoors. For most cultivators, an indoor grow room offers strict environmental control for these plants to thrive.


Girl Scout Cookies Strain


Outdoor growing

When growing these cannabis seeds outdoors, give each plant enough room to stretch its branches. These cultivars prefer being in full sun for the entire day, so cut back any other trees or shrubs that may shade them.

Never allow Girl Scout Cookies plants to dry out, as they need their thirsts quenched regularly. Don’t wet the leaves while watering, as mold may attack the densely packed foliage. 

Avoid moisture build-up when cultivating outside by cutting off excess leaves to increase air ventilation around the buds. Pruning also allows the entire plant to receive more light. 


Indoor growing

When growing GSC seeds indoors, it’s best to use the Sea of Green (SOG) method. Even in a small space, this technique results in a bountiful harvest.

Keep conditions warm, and moisture levels low while ensuring constant air circulation around the plants. Maintain a temperature range of 68–79℉ while keeping relative humidity at around 40–50%. 

Monitor water vapor levels with a hygrometer regularly to prevent any sudden changes. Never allow the inside of your cultivation area to exceed 90℉ as it decreases yields.

Lower the nightly temperatures surrounding the plants if you’d like your foliage to transform into pretty purple hues. Both the leaves and buds will become deep shades of plum.


Flowering time

Cookie strain seeds should be ready for harvest by late September to early October if it receives enough warmth and sunshine. 

It takes approximately 8–10 weeks to complete flowering when growing indoors. It’s possible to shorten the duration of the blooming period by using a SOG setup. 

This method allows you to force your plants to begin flowering sooner by adjusting their light cycle. By reducing the overall growing period, harvesting time arrives much earlier.


Girl Scout Cookies yield

Girl Scout Cookies seeds deliver a solid yield. When growing this strain, the outstanding quality of the cannabis buds matters the most, though. Developers bred GSC for its legendary flavor and effects rather than its yields.

If plants have received enough care, outdoor gardeners can expect to collect up to 21 oz. per crop. When Girl Scout Cookies seeds are grown inside, you can harvest around 14–17 oz./m2 of gooey buds.

Girl Scout Cookies seeds

GSC height

This hybrid displays the growth tendencies of indica seeds with a medium height and bushy branches. When given the right conditions and enough space, it loves to stretch out and lengthen its leaves.

Outdoors, marijuana grown from these seeds reaches its full potential of 5–7 feet. If given the freedom, the strain reaches the same length indoors. Use training methods such as topping to keep it under control.


Resistance to pests and mold

Besides the appearance and smell of the nugs, one of the best things about growing Girl Scout Cookies weed seeds is their resistance to pests and diseases.

The tightly packed leaves and buds do make the plant susceptible to mildew. Ensuring your plants aren’t exposed to high humidity keeps them healthy and enables them to resist mold. 


Strain description and properties

By crossbreeding OG Kush and Durban Poison, breeders created a hybrid offering the best of both cannabis worlds. GSC marijuana provides indica body highs with sativa states of euphoria.

This potent strain is world-famous for its magnificent appearance. Branches dense with bright leaves glitter with small, frosty nugs covered in resin. The sticky buds fill any grow space with a strong musky scent. 

Girl Scout Cookies seeds’ marijuana has a unique, distinctive aroma. The minty vanilla fragrance leaves sweet-toothed smokers drooling.

Cured buds smell of sweet citrus with an underlying musk that any cannabis connoisseur finds irresistible. When ignited, the smell changes to one of freshly-baked cookies with fruity undertones.

A herbal flavor fills your mouth upon inhaling, leaving a spicy pepper aftertaste on the tongue. It’s little wonder that Girl Scout Cookie seeds’ cannabis reminds tokers of the well-loved confectionery.

Here are the reasons to grow your stash of this celebrated strain rather than relying on a dispensary. 

Girl Scout Cookies seeds

Girl Scout Cookies effects

From the first toke, you’ll find your mood boosted and stress dissolved. A positive warmth fills the mind and clears away worries. Cannabis cultivated from Cookies weed seeds encourages creativity and boosts confidence levels.

This cerebral high later settles into the body and relaxes the muscles, resulting in an inability to move. You’ll enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep free from any of the thoughts that plagued you during the day. Look forward to waking up refreshed and ready for new challenges.

Due to the strength of Girl Scout Cookies seed marijuana, any users with low tolerance levels should start slow. The strong effects may be overwhelming in high doses and result in paranoia.

Using this cannabis may result in dry, bloodshot eyes and cottonmouth. It’s best to stay hydrated before and during use to ease any discomforts. 


Girl Scout Cookies wellness

The high THC levels of the GSC strain mean it has a wide range of potential medicinal applications. The cannabinoid content and terpene profile of Girl Scout Cookies can aid wellness seekers of all stripes.

Those with anxiety and depression may be comforted by the strain’s relaxing and stress-relieving properties.

The anti-inflammatory properties of this marijuana variety offer potential relief to those dealing with chronic pain. Migraines, muscle cramps, and severe discomfort associated with fibromyalgia have reportedly been soothed by using cannabis from GSC seeds.


Girl Scout Cookies selection box

With so many desirable traits on offer, you’re sure to be ready to grow your bumper crop of a GSC variety. These are the tried and tested Girl Scout Cookies strain seeds that we love and recommend.

Girl Scout Cookies feminized: The iconic, multiple award-winning strain that’s been around for years yet continues to impress with its unique sensory experiences. It delivers a balanced high through an earthy, skunky fragrance and characteristic minty undertone.

Girl Scout Cookies x Kush feminized: This seed variety is a strange, unusual hybrid with a refreshing scent and moreish flavor. The cultivar combines mellowing and mood-boosting properties to engulf you in a lax sedation filled with reflective thoughts.

Girl Scout Cookies x Jack Herer feminized: Would you like to dissipate fatigue and tension and boost your energy levels? This hybrid strain offers euphoric upliftment through its 23–28% THC levels and mouthwatering, peppery citrus taste.

Girl Scout Cookies x Blue Headband feminized: These seeds strike a perfect, 50/50 balance between indica and sativa. The buds offer a pungent sweet and sour terpene profile paired with delightful physical relaxation and mental stimulation.

CBD Girl Scout Cookies feminized: This revolutionary GSC seed variant achieves a coveted 1:1 THC to CBD ratio, providing endless joy for medicinal and recreational tokers. It carries cherry and citrus notes but always evokes thoughts of delicious baked treats.

Girl Scout Cookies x Sour Diesel feminized: Mixing these infamous strains was a risk that paid off. The resulting sativa-dominant hybrid kicks in fast to revitalize the body and mind. Buds release an earthen aroma with hints of sour chemicals.

Girl Scout Cookies x Blue Headband feminized

Experiencing the Girl Scout Cookies strain

Along with its award-winning fragrance and flavor profile, this marijuana variety produces balanced effects that are fun and relaxing. It also has potential wellness benefits for physical and mental ailments.

Anybody with a heavy heart should indulge in a cookie now and then. This cannabis is the perfect escape from reality. Purchase a GSC cultivar and begin your journey towards intense relaxation and happiness.

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