Girl Scout Cookies x Kush Feminized Seeds

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Girl Scout Cookies x Kush Feminized Seeds

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Remarkable in her bag appeal, refreshing scent and moreish flavor, this is a strain that beautifully combines the delicate, sweet taste and smell of warm baked cookies with the stronger notes of OG Kush’s diesel-fuel pungency...

Peculiar but Potent


Bud Basics

Something of a strange and unusual strain, Girl Scout Cookies x Kush Feminized is the bizarre hybrid progeny of OG Kush and GSC, bred together to create a cannabis strain that’s both odd and impressive.


Remarkable in her bag appeal, refreshing scent and moreish flavor, this is a strain that beautifully combines the delicate, sweet taste and smell of warm baked cookies with the stronger notes of OG Kush’s diesel-fuel pungency to create a menthol, fresh kick that lingers long after your last toke.


Surprisingly adept at blurring the lines between Sativa and Indica, GSC x Kush Fem is a strain that manages to appeal to fans of both, providing a psychoactive effect that’s both unique and enjoyable. Unlike other hybrids that offer stimulation alongside relaxation, this strain is curious in that these effects can be felt almost entirely simultaneously, with the initial head high energizing the mind while the relaxing body buzz pulls you down into comfort.


This is the strain that can combine mellowing and mood-boosting properties at the same time, calming you into lax sedation and heavy limbs whilst the mind turns introspective and creative, ablaze with thoughts and motivation despite the leaden sensation that engulfs you head to toe.


Understandably popular amongst medical consumers of marijuana, Girl Scout Cookies x Kush is cleverly able to relax and sedate to provide relief from both mental and physical ailments, from arthritis and anxiety to migraines and mood disorders.


Home growers who wish to test their merits would do well with a strain such as this, since she’s a simple enough grow for even the newest of newbies to prevail at. With all feminized seeds, caring for GSC x Kush is as easy as maintaining temperature, light and humidity, to see an end result of 650 glorious grams of nugs.



Flavor and Fragrance of Girl Scout Cookies x Kush

Drawing on her parentage in full force, GSC x Kush exudes the all-too-familiar sweet scent of freshly baked cookies, with milder earthy and fuel-scented notes that are more reminiscent of her OG Kush lineage.


This Kush flavor is more present in the strain’s flavor profile, saturating the palate with strong diesel nuances underpinned with menthol, some lime and the tart taste of apples. Exhaling leaves you with a pleasant minty aftertaste in the mouth that hints at spiciness.




A particularly strange and intriguing strain, Girl Scout Cookies x Kush Feminized is peculiar in that her hybrid background of Indica and Sativa manifests itself almost simultaneously in her high. Unusually, a lethargic body high takes over mere moments before the head-high, soothing and easing fatigue and muscle aches. Instantly lighter, a chilled mellowness will soon leaden the limbs and weigh down the body.


As you succumb to the heaviness in your body, GSC x Kush’s Sativa floods the mind with an intense, happy buzz that kicks your optimism and emotions into overdrive. You’ll find yourself bursting with creativity and motivation, but the expected energy will be subdued by the sedating Indica side.


This bizarre combination can be incredibly beneficial for consumers who wish to turn their focus inward and enjoy the high whilst meditating or brainstorming, as this is a strain of introspection rather than extraversion.


Even so, Girl Scout Cookies x Kush Fem still has her side effects, though they’re thankfully fairly minor provided you keep your dosages controlled. Dry eyes and mouth are common, albeit temporary - take care to stay hydrated to head this off. However, overindulgence can lead to more adverse reactions, and trigger heightened paranoia, anxiety, headaches and dizziness.



Medical Uses of Girl Scout Cookies x Kush Feminized

Boasting anti-depressant and mood-stabilizing effects, GSC x Kush Fem is a wonder-working strain for dealing with the symptoms of depression, anxiety, bipolar and for reducing stress levels. This is due to her potent antioxidant properties, her THC level of 19% and her anxiolytic effects.


With such a strong ability to reduce mental stresses, she’s also a dab hand at calming consumers into a deep and restorative sleep once the mind has cleared.


In addition to these psychological benefits, Girl Scout Cookies x Kush harbors an array of muscle relaxing, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that make her a potent and effective strain for alleviating the physical symptoms of migraines, fatigue, arthritis, spasticity and fibromyalgia amongst others.



Growing Girl Scout Cookies x Kush Feminized

If you’re new to growing ganja, this strain is fairly forgiving and easy to manage at 60cm to 110 cm - ideal for growing indoors where space is limited. Since Girl Scout Cookies x Kush Fem is naturally a hardy plant, she will also do well enough outdoors and can easily persevere through pathogen attacks and harsh weather conditions - however, since this is likely to negatively affect yield size, pursue this option at your own peril. Maintaining an optimal growing environment will do far more to improve the condition and quality of both your plant and your harvest.


Controlled indoor environments for this strain should include a relative humidity (RH) level of 40% to 50% and a temperature of 20° to 26°C at most. If you’re wanting to maximize the space available to you, try a Sea of Green (SoG) technique, as this will also ensure ample light exposure and productivity to maintain the plant’s healthy growth.


Speaking of light, we recommend exposing GSC x Kush to between 18 and 20 hours of light a day, ideally from a 600-watt HPS/LED grow lamp. Doing so, in 7 to 9 weeks you can expect a nice healthy yield of up to 650 grams per plant of these remarkably resinous buds.


If you do choose to test her hardiness, outdoor growers should keep an eye on temperamental weather conditions, as these beauties prefer a warm and balmy climate much like that in the Mediterranean. Let your plants soak up plenty of lovely sunlight and watch out for harsh conditions, and you should manage satisfying 500 grams of dense buds per plant, that you can harvest between late September and early October.




If there’s one thing to say about this strain, it’s that peculiar can be a good thing. Unusual in her ability to leaden the limbs and uplift the mind at once, Girl Scout Cookies x Kush Feminized is a strange high, but that’s certainly a good thing.


Freshly baked cookies combine with fuel to create a curious scent that develops into a fresh, menthol and lime taste. Scents and flavors that are unforgettable are the order of the day with this strain, and you’ll find she’ll linger on your tongue for some time after the smoke and high have dissipated.


Beginning with a mood-boosting, energizing head-high that’s accompanied by a relaxing, soothing body-buzz, meditation and introspection are a breeze with a joint of GSC x Kush on your side. Allowing the mind to roam free and wild, exploring your innermost thoughts, these buds keep you mellowed out and chilled to the extreme even as your brain soars upward.


Mixing the mental and the physical doesn’t end there, as Girl Scout Cookies x Kush is also heavy with a load of analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic properties, meaning that she’s capable of offering pain relief whilst easing the mental fatigues and stress symptoms associated with anxiety and depression.


With a little help from light, warmth and a humid climate, even those new to growing cannabis can succeed with ease using feminized GSC x Kush seeds. Maintaining an optimal environment is key, and little more is required to grow a gorgeous ganja yield of 650 grams indoors, or 500 grams outdoors. 

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time6-8 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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