Hawaii x Purple Skunk Regular Seeds

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Hawaii x Purple Skunk Regular Seeds

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A three-way cross between a mysterious Indica and two notably tastier Sativa strains, this ganja is a genetic masterpiece not to be missed. Pulling the very best flavors and effects from...

A Purple Psychedelic Powerhouse


Bud Basics

A three-way cross between a mysterious Indica and two notably tastier Sativa strains, this ganja is a genetic masterpiece not to be missed. Pulling the very best flavors and effects from Purple Skunk and HawaiianHawaii x Purple Skunk Regular is a sweet and heady cannabis powered by around 24% THC - and you know that’s going to make for a tasty joint that has you soaring to the stratosphere.


Much like dessert, this is a strain that’s better for after dinner and nighttime use. Combining the heavy, dense earthiness of one parent with the chocolatey kick of another, the resulting flavor is ideal for those with a sweet tooth - and the aroma is strong and sugary too.


A psychedelic strain best reserved for the more seasoned smokers in the cannabis community, Hawaii x Purple Skunk Reg is almost hallucinatory in her high, creeping up on you gradually until the fireworks kick in and your mind is expanded. Colors seem brighter, and every sense is heightened as your brain goes wild into a kaleidoscopic high, before your body succumbs to deep, heavy relaxation and bliss.


Favored amongst medicinal marijuana (MMJ) smokers for her anxiolytic properties, the therapeutic benefits of Hawaii x Purple Skunk are abundant, but most often used for matters of the mind. Anxiety, panic disorders, stress and depression are all aided with a joint of this stuff, whilst she gets to work on easing out the kinks and tension in your muscles. Those looking for pain relief will find this potent strain to be of particular value, and a powerful tool for relieving symptoms of muscle spasms and arthritis.


A gorgeous specimen of vivid green and burnt orange with fantastic purple shades, this strain is dense with dank buds but requires some maintaining. Keep her indoors, semi-humid and warm and in 7-9 weeks you can harvest 400 grams of her glory for yourself - just take good care of her, okay?



Flavor and Fragrance of Hawaii x Purple Skunk Regular

A tasty strain of choice for those with a bit of a sweet tooth, Hawaii x Purple Skunk has a dessert-like, chocolate flavor that balances the earthier skunky notes of her aroma well.




With a creeping high that takes a few minutes to really get going, you’d be forgiven for believing Hawaii x Purple Skunk Regular to be a mild strain on the first toke or two - but you couldn’t be more wrong. This high is a psychedelic one that’s recommended for seasoned smokers and those with high THC tolerances, as these effects can be somewhat hallucinatory, bringing vibrant color to the drudgery of daily life.


The brightened, rainbow version of the world can be great for the creative soul, and you’ll find that artists and writers alike enjoy the freeing, inspiring effects of Hawaii x Purple Skunk. That is, before she eases out into a heavy and deep full-body relaxation, slowing and sedating you from head to toes until the couchlock overcomes you.


Best reserved for night time and evening use, this herb has a high best shared with friends, and will get the conversation flowing almost as freely as it has you giggling.



Medical Uses of Hawaii x Purple Skunk Regular

Due to her hallucinatory effects, Hawaii x Purple Skunk Reg isn’t appropriate for the relief of some more severe psychological disorders, but as a potent anxiolytic, she’ll kick anxiety right off the field with just a few tokes, and is calming enough to aid with panic disorders, stress and depression too.


An effective natural analgesic, this ganja can do wonders to alleviate the painful symptoms of a variety of chronic pain conditions, including muscle spasms, rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, cramps and other symptoms of PMS.


Abundant with sedating properties, the heavy body relaxation provided by Hawaii x Purple Skunk makes her a valuable strain for those suffering with insomnia, as this stuff can calm both the mind and the body into a soothing, restorative sleep.


Since Hawaii x Purple Skunk Regular is a potent cannabis strain with a high THC content, do make sure that you consume responsibly. As with most strains, you’ll find dry mouth and dry eyes are a likely side effect, but in higher dosages or in those with a low tolerance, dizziness and lightheadedness can be a concern, as can heightened paranoia and anxiety. Make sure to keep doses low and give yourself time to acclimatize between tokes.



Growing Hawaii x Purple Skunk Regular

Huge gorgeously dense torpedo-buds - sounds fantastic, right? Well we’d have to agree, but the truth is Hawaii x Purple Skunk Regular’s unique buds make her a little trickier to handle for growers who are inexperienced… but she’s ultimately worth it if you invest the time and energy.


Those dense buds mean that these plants have a fairly tight structure and foliage, so you need to keep this hybrid well-trimmed before fruiting to ensure airflow and moisture levels are sufficient. Fail to do so, and you’ll put your Hawaii x Purple Skunk plants at risk of white powdery mildew (WPM) or even bud rot. If you think she needs more trimming later on, make sure you only do this in the earliest stages of the flowering cycle.


To keep your plants in an optimal, semi-humid environment, you’ll need a grow room that can maintain the right levels and keep the temperature steady between 21° and 26°C. To maximize your space and potential final yields, aim to grow at least 4 plants in a Sea of Green (SoG) setup, and after 7 to 9 weeks of flowering, you’ll find those tricky torpedo buds were worth the effort - rewarding you with 400 grams per square meter.


Mediterranean climates such as southern Europe or California are ideal if you’d rather grow Hawaii x Purple Skunk Reg outdoors, as these plants are a big fan of warm air and sunshine, and will yield around 450 grams per plant in the right conditions. Do take care to ensure the environment is well maintained though - strong winds can be damaging to the plants, and windbreaks and canopies are great to have to hand in case of strong winds or heavy rainfall.


Since these are regular seeds, take note that the male to female balance is 50/50 - which makes them a great choice for pure genetics, but will require some growers to ferret out the males.




A 24% THC psychedelic powerhouse, pleasure and comfort are both catered for with Hawaii x Purple Skunk Reg, as this stuff can deliver on the highs and the relaxation, making an ideal fit for medicinal marijuana users too.


A sweet chocolatey strain, this ganja will satisfy even the sweetest tooth, her pungent and earthy aroma adding a depth to her flavor that only serves to enhance your experience.


Almost hallucinatory in the way she heightens every senseHawaii x Purple Skunk is a strain best kept for the evening, as once your mind expands and your limbs fall into a deep, full-body relaxation, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be going anywhere for a while…


This intense relaxation makes this cannabis an excellent choice for medicinal consumers looking for numbing or sedating qualities, as pain relief is a given with a joint of this stuff. Her anxiolytic properties are particularly therapeutic for those with psychological issues too, and she’s a potent relief for anxiety, stress and some panic disorders.


A gorgeous ganja gal of vivid color with a bounty of burnt orange pistils, unfortunately, her structure makes her prone to WPM and bud rot. Regular pruning and trimming throughout her growth cycle are required to keep her in top condition, but she’s well worth the energy expended - this hybrid's torpedo buds are dense and delicious, and come harvest time you’ll find yourself with 400 grams of them per square meter.

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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