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Moby Dick Regular Seeds

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Loaded with up to 27% THC, this is not only one of the highest yielding strains known to the cannabis community, but one of the most potent available too...

Whopping Whale Sized Weed


Bud Basics

Though the story of the white whale is considered a great work of literature, we have to say that Moby Dick Regular falls into the category of a great work of art, gracing top-shelves across the world as an iconic strain both due to her effects and her particularly monstrous size and yields.


A hybrid bred by crossing classics Haze and White Widow, this is a strain that quickly became legendary in her own right, fully deserving of Soft Secret's Girl of the Year award in 2010 that was won by the 80% Sativa variant.


Loaded with up to 27% THC, this is not only one of the highest yielding strains known to the cannabis community, but one of the most potent available too.


Delivering an upbeat, enlivening and uplifting euphoria in the packaging of smooth and lemon-pine smoke, Moby Dick Reg is ideal for daytime use - or any time you need that little boost of energy and creativity to get you through. Though fairly focusing, the calm feeling this weed induces can be a little trippy too, it all depends on the dose whether you’re motivated and active, or lounging and laughing on the couch.


And that’s before even mentioning the medicinal benefits, as the cerebral high of this strain is ideal for relieving stress, anxiety and depression, whilst simultaneously tamping down nausea, reducing pain and stimulating the appetite.


Controlling the size of Moby Dick Regular plants is essential when grown outdoors, but she’s far more peaceable than her reputation - much like the legendary whale. Cultivators will find that aside from control and support, just a little TLC is all that’s needed for these beauties to truly reach their potential - and that potential is legendary.


Outdoor growers, in particular, will be amazed at what this weed can provide - though whether indoor or out, with regular seeds you must keep an eye out for those males if you want to avoid pollination.



Flavor and Fragrance of Moby Dick Regular

In aroma, Moby Dick Regular offers notes of citrus and lemon, with hints of pine, sweet vanilla, and even menthol eucalyptus by some reports. When it comes to flavor, these are all carried through to the thick and smooth smoke that this strain provides, soft on the tongue and the throat.




Boasting a higher THC content than either her feminized or autoflowering counterparts, Moby Dick Regular is loaded with 27% THC, and so it’s hardly surprising that she’s a potent and highly psychoactive strain.


Inducing an uplifted feeling of euphoria with just a toke or two, the cerebral head-high of this strain is a tad trippy and somewhat psychedelic, delivering creativity to the mind and encouraging your artistic side.


As the head-high sets in, your body will begin to be overtaken by an enlivened, energized sensation of relaxation that’s calming and pleasant without inducing hyperactivity - in fact, the energizing effect of this strain is perfectly balanced to provide the right among of vigor for the day ahead.


Moby Dick’s intensity will begin to ease off after around an hour, though her high tends to last twice that, and even in moderate doses, the trippy but calm feeling will grow stronger as time goes on - meaning that adverse side effects are a possibility.


There’s the usual dry eyes and cottonmouth, easily combated with eyedrops and plenty of water. But in higher doses, this strain can bring on dizziness, increased paranoia or heightened anxiety, so toking with caution is important to avoid this.



Medical Uses of Moby Dick Regular

The extreme head-highs of this strain and uplifting effects make her a great choice for those wishing to consume marijuana to combat the symptoms of psychological ailments, and Moby Dick Reg is particularly effective at relieving stress, anxiety, depression and some other mood disorders.


As a highly energizing strain, the burst of vigor provided by a joint of this weed can be of great therapeutic benefit to those suffering from chronic fatigue, giving you the push you need to get through the day before helping you to wind down to sleep.


The intense munchies effect of this plant can go a long way to alleviating lack of appetite, particularly in patients with eating disorders, or struggling with nausea as a side effect of chemotherapy.


Some reports in the medical marijuana (MMJ) community have stated that Moby Dick can be used as an analgesic, and relieve mild to moderate pain - but we would recommend another strain for more severe, acute pains.



Growing Moby Dick Regular Seeds

Growing Moby Dick Regular is fairly straightforward, despite her reputation for being a tricky plant to grow - but regardless, is one of the highest yielding strains available, and thoroughly worth the effort expended.


Boasting thick and dense nugs in shades of dark green and coated with amber pistils, this plant’s colas are thickly covered in frosty white trichomes - you can practically taste her potency just by looking at her sparkling sugar leaves.


All that beauty and resilience too - Moby Dick holds her own against most common molds, mildews and diseases, though she needs a fair amount of upkeep to truly flourish and provide that all-important hefty yield.


As plants can reach heights of up to 12 feet (noticeably more likely in an open-air environment), regular trimming and pruning of the foliage is required for these beauties to thrive and receive the correct amount of light and air circulation.


Due to her size, she can struggle to maintain the weight of her heavy buds, and so some support may be needed. If this all seems a little too unmanageable, there’s always topping and scrogging training techniques to control her growth.


With the proper TLC, this plant will flower for 9 or 10 weeks on average and requires an optimal pH level of below 6.5 in order to keep the yield unaffected. Moby Dick also requires good lighting, and we’d recommend 800-watt bulbs to achieve the final 500 to 650 grams of nugs per meter square.


That might already seem like a monstrously huge yield, but grown outdoors and truly given the space to climb high, this strain pushes the boundaries of plausible, yielding up to 1500 grams of sticky, trichome-laden buds per plant. Harvest time tends to come around late October.




It’s rare that a child will outdo its parents, but Moby Dick Regular is far far more than the sum of her parts. With lineage including Haze and White Widow, any cannabis connoisseur would have high expectations - but height really isn’t an issue here, with plants reaching up to a whopping 12 feet, making this weed one of the largest and highest yielding strains available.


Sweet and lemony, a few tokes are all it takes of Moby Dick before you’re off on a euphoric journey of psychedelia that induces creativity and is energizing enough to give you that push of motivation.


Sativa-heavy, the high is mostly cerebral, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t find yourself floating on a cloud of calm as your mind and your muscles relax - making this a choice strain for those struggling with psychological ailments such as anxiety and stress.


You may have heard that the white whale is hard to catch - but you can have a stash of Moby Dick Reg all of your own, since growing these plants isn’t close to as difficult as made out. Regular seeds require you to remove the males if you’re to avoid pollination, but your biggest concern as a grower is controlling that hefty size. After that, things’ll go… eh, swimmingly.

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightVery Tall
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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