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Is it legal to buy and grow seeds in California?

Is it better to grow cannabis indoors or outdoors in California?

Where’s the best place to buy cannabis seeds in California?


California isn’t just well known for its beaches but is also home to the country’s largest number of national parks. This Golden State is a place to relax and have fun, like visiting Disneyland.

Does fun include smoking pot? Is weed legal in California? Yes, it is. Cannabis can be used for recreational purposes since the law passed in 2016, much to the delight of many Californians.

Consumers of all things green, including avocados, can grow their own crop. Continue reading to learn more about choosing the best cannabis seeds in California to start your marijuana garden.


Is it legal to buy and grow seeds in California?

You can legally buy cannabis seeds in California and grow them. There are some marijuana laws that you’d need to follow when doing so. The California Cannabis portal has detailed information regarding the use of marijuana.

The state laws have enforced a limit of six weed plants per residence that you may grow. This law also clearly defines the minimum age as 21 years for cultivators. Teenagers who’d love to try their hand at gardening should perhaps try planting something else for now.

If you exceed your limit, you could face a misdemeanor charge and face six months jail time or a $500 fine. Patients using medical weed can also invest their money in growing their own crop instead of purchasing from dispensaries in California.

If you’re a medical cannabis patient, you can grow more than the recreational user. The limit set for cultivation is 100 square feet per individual patient. 

A caregiver can grow up to 500 square feet of marijuana, allowing them to assist up to five patients with cultivation. The California Department of Health has all the information you may need about the Medical Marijuana Identification Card Program

It’s best to choose an appropriate growing space before you buy any marijuana seeds in California. Planning your area will give you a better idea of what you need, not only in terms of buying weed seeds but also concerning equipment and supplies.

Another regulation to keep in mind when planning your garden is that it mustn’t be visible to the public. If you’re deciding between an indoor or outdoor space, you would need to ensure that it’s lockable. 


Is it better to grow cannabis indoors or outdoors in California?

You might be excited to start searching for where to buy your marijuana seeds in California, but there are many points to consider. A vital factor is whether to grow your crop indoors or outdoors.

Choosing between the two is largely dependent on you and the environmental conditions. These factors can also influence your decision of which cannabis seeds to buy. 

At Seed Supreme, we have a wide range of strains available for residents in California in our seed bank. Each cultivar has all the information you need to make the right choice for your garden. 


Cannabis seeds in California


Having your garden indoors is much safer when it comes to protecting it from the public eye. It does, however, come with additional costs. 

Planting indoors would require you to create a conducive environment for your crop to reach optimum growth. You would need special lighting, a growing medium, nutrients, and air conditioning, not to mention the best cannabis seeds in California.

Many of these costs are one-offs, but there are also recurring ones like electricity for your lighting. You also need to spend plenty of time tending to your garden to ensure the conditions remain favorable.

The benefit of indoor growing is that you’ll have more control over the conditions, which allows you to have a top-quality yield each time. This option also allows you to have more than one harvest a year compared to outdoor cultivation.

If you’re a novice and wanting to buy cannabis seeds in California for indoor cultivation, then you might want to consider Gorilla Glue Regular. This strain doesn’t need much space to grow as it doesn’t grow too big.

This cultivar has some medicinal benefits and is known to be quite effective for pain relief, depression, and stress.


What are the climate conditions in California?

The climate conditions will determine which are the best cannabis seeds overall in California. The southern part of this state has sunny and warm weather throughout the year, with higher temperatures during summer.

The northern area of the Golden State is much cooler with some rain. Winter times have less sunlight, so it would be best to plant your marijuana seeds in mid-May. An ideal spot is one with very little shade. 


Cannabis seeds in California


A suitable strain to cultivate in California’s outdoors, especially in the south, is Bruce Banner Autoflower

It needs lots of space to grow and flourishes in a garden. It’s also part of the autoflower seeds USA range, which means they flower faster than regular ones.

With an outdoor garden, you may only be able to have one harvest a year. Your crop may also be susceptible to whatever Mother Nature throws at it, like flooding or bugs

The benefit of cultivating outside is that your cannabis plants have enough room to grow with adequate ventilation. Once you’ve decided on your weed cultivation area, then you’re one step closer to choosing which cannabis seeds to use in California.


Discover the best strains to grow in California

SeedSupreme offers a wide variety of strains available at their online seed bank to California residents. One that’s particularly popular in the Golden State is Blue Dream Feminized.

This strain can be grown indoors and handle most climatic conditions when outdoors. It’s part of the high THC seeds range, which is the reason it boasts excellent mood-boosting properties


best strains to grow in California


These characteristics aid patients suffering from depression and anxiety and boost recreational users’ lethargic temperament. Its fruity aroma of fresh blueberries can lift anyone’s spirits while having a calming effect at the same time.

Another strain available in California from a marijuana seed bank is Gelato Regular. This cultivar does well in this state's summers but is also very sensitive to humidity, so it needs good ventilation if grown indoors.

Gelato can grow very tall and is not for the novice grower. It offers users a blueberry and citrus flavor, while its aroma is a hint of sandalwood and lavender. 

This strain can leave you feeling comfortable and joyful. Something you might want to share with your friends, but new users should proceed with caution.

If you would like to find the best strains for your garden, continue reading to find out how to get cannabis seeds in California.


Where’s the best place to buy cannabis seeds in California?

First-time cannabis seed buyers always assume they need to shop at weed dispensaries in California for their products. Visiting an outlet can be quite stressful as you can’t spend hours browsing and trying to decide.

You have another option, and that’s to buy cannabis seeds online in California. SeedSupreme seed bank aims to provide you, as a grower, with the marijuana strain of your dreams.

Shopping online gives you the time to browse through all the strains of marijuana till you’ve found the ones that best suits you. At Seed Supreme, there’s a wide range for you to choose from, together with an active blog to provide you with all the information needed to grow your weed.

So instead of driving to the various dispensaries in California that may have a limited variety, choose a one-stop online shop.

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