Is it legal to buy and grow cannabis seeds in Utah? 

Is it better to grow cannabis indoors or outdoors in Utah?

Where's the best place to buy cannabis seeds in Utah


The Beehive State is located in the Mountain West region of the United States. Utah is known for having some of the best skiing in the country. Can you coast down a black diamond and grow cannabis seeds in Utah at home? 

We're going to take a closer look at the inns and outs of cultivating marijuana seeds in Utah with some tips for good measure. 


Is it legal to buy and grow cannabis seeds in Utah

Is weed legal in Utah? Utah has mixed legalization of marijuana, meaning recreational cannabis is illegal, while medicinal pot is legal. Cannabis seeds in Utah aren’t considered drugs, so they’re legal—just don’t germinate them for fun. 


Cannabis seeds in Utah


For possessing recreational weed in Utah, the penalties are as follows:





Jail Time

Less than an ounce



6 months

One ounce to one pound



1 year

One to 100 pounds



5 years

More than 100 pounds



15 years


The state hasn't decriminalized the recreational use of cannabis, so you’ll go to jail even for possessing a small amount. 

Residents can become a medical marijuana patient if they have a doctor's recommendation and are diagnosed with one of the following conditions:

  • Cancer
  • PTSD
  • Alzheimer's disease
  • Cachexia
  • Epilepsy
  • Crohn's disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Autism
  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Chronic pain
  • Terminal illness
  • Chronic nausea

Patients can possess up to a month's supply of a non-smokeable form of marijuana. You must buy from a licensed Utah dispensary

Cultivating marijuana seeds in Utah is illegal for both medical and recreational purposes. If an official catches any adult growing cannabis seeds in Utah, they'll weigh the fresh herb, and you'll be charged based on the weight of the weed plant. 

You can purchase ungerminated weed seeds in Utah as a collector's item or souvenir. As long as the seeds aren’t being grown, you can possess them because they're not considered a drug. 


Is it better to grow cannabis indoors or outdoors in Utah?

Currently, it's illegal to grow marijuana seeds in Utah for medicinal or recreational use. We don't recommend you break any laws, but we have suggestions on cultivating once it becomes legal. 

We hope that Utah changes its laws soon, although we can't promise anything. Knowledge is power, though, and we aim to educate all Utahns so they can prepare for the day it’s finally legal. 


Cannabis seeds in Utah


What are the climate conditions in Utah?

The conditions aren’t ideal for growing marijuana seeds in Utah. The Beehive state has a desert climate that's hot and dry. The summer months range in temperatures of 85°F to 100°F with no humidity. The colder months average at about 30°F to 55°F. On rare occasions, a winter day can go below 0°F. 

These conditions aren't exactly perfect for cultivating cannabis seeds in Utah. Marijuana likes a comfortable 68°F with significant humidity. 

When growing marijuana seeds in Utah becomes legal, we recommend cultivating indoors to create a more sustainable climate for the cannabis plants.

You'll need a humidifier to grow weed seeds in Utah. The proper humidity level ranges from 40% to 70%. You most likely won't need a heater if you grow during the summer months. Accurate thermometers and ventilation will help you keep an eye on the temperature when the days go over 100°F. 

Utah gets plenty of sunlight during the warmer months, but with an indoor garden, you might need to invest in artificial lights or buy autoflower seeds in the USA. These types of seeds still flower with inconsistent light. 


Discover the best strains to grow in Utah

Although it remains illegal to grow marijuana seeds in Utah, you can look at the cannabis seeds available online and buy them as collector's items. Then, when you're allowed to grow weed seeds in Utah, you'll be ready to go. 

If cultivating becomes legal, Big Bud Fast Version seeds should be the first ones you try. This strain is small in size and is an almost zero-maintenance seed. It's perfect for a small indoor garden, typical of novice growers. 


best strains to gor in Utah


While growing this cannabis seed in Utah leads to short sizes, the effects speak for themselves. It's perfect for first-time consumers as the THC levels aren't excessive. You'll have a feeling of peace and relaxation. The strain rarely creates panic or paranoia.

Bruce Banner Autoflower seeds are a great addition to any seed collection. The name alone should let you know—it'll pack a punch. It can have a 27% THC level, making it a part of our high THC seeds collection. 

This strain is also autoflowering, which is ideal for growing cannabis seeds in Utah. It gets large while growing, so make sure your garden can handle its Hulk size. 

Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower seeds are another collector's item. These marijuana seeds are one of the most desirable because of the plant’s sweetness. Don't be fooled by the name—THC levels can reach up to 25%. 

Growing Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower seeds is a beautiful process. It produces bright green leaves with sparkling trichomes. This strain likes a lower humidity level, which is ideal for anyone growing marijuana seeds in Utah. 


Where's the best place to buy cannabis seeds in Utah?

You can't go to a Utah dispensary to buy cannabis seeds because growing is illegal, even for medical patients. The best option is to buy marijuana seeds online from a credible site. 

Remember only to buy ungerminated weed seeds in Utah to stay out of legal trouble. Until there are Utah seed banks, take a look at Seed Supreme for all of your needs. Why wait? Buy marijuana seeds online today and start your collection now!

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