Canna flour ingredients

How to make canna flour

Cooking with cannabis-infused flour

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Weed flour is a much easier and quicker way to blend cannabis into your cooking and baking recipes.

It's just amazing; who could have guessed we'd end up making bread and pizza with cannabis-infused ingredients?

The best part about canna flour is that it’s shelf-stable for months if you keep it in a cool dark place.

Learn how to make marijuana flour right, then see how far down the rabbit hole you can go with this potent concoction.

Are you ready to learn how to bake and get baked with cannabis flour?


Canna flour ingredients

Before getting started with making the flour, you’ll need the following items:

  • 7–10 grams of decarbed cannabis
  • 1 cup of all-purpose flour
  • Blender or coffee grinder
  • An airtight jar/container

Using quality ingredients is key. Some marijuana lovers prefer using specific strains for minimal munchies once the buzz wears off, but you can choose whichever cultivar you like.


How to make canna flour

Making pot flour couldn't be easier; it requires only a few items and takes less than 15 minutes

Let's get started with this simple and effective process.


Step 1

Remove the stems and seeds from your dried and cured weed.