Cannabis cooking has come a long way since the basic brownies of yesteryear. Today, it’s all about experimentation and getting creative in the kitchen. To such an extent that cannabis makes its presence known in fine dining circles worldwide.

Still, there are those who continue to perpetuate the age-old mistake of simply grinding bud all over their food. Not realising in doing so that failing to activate the THC in the cannabis means getting little to no enjoyment out of it.

The key to successful cannabis cooking lies in taking things back to basics. Precisely why cannabutter is an absolute must for anyone intent on getting busy in the kitchen. Once you’ve knocked up a batch of cannabis butter, you can use it to enhance and enrich pretty much any dish you can think of. The same also goes for cannabis oil, which is fantastically versatile and lasts practically forever.

But what about cannabis flour? How about creating a batch of cannabis-infused flour to bring into every aspect of your baking?

A Surprisingly Simple Preparation

First of all, one of the best things about cannabis flour is how it makes use of pretty much the whole of a regular cannabis plant. Not the major stems themselves, but the buds and leaves from top to bottom are good to go. Hence, you’re looking at maximum bang for your buck and almost nothing going to waste.

One important note - cooking and baking with cannabis flour will bring the unmistakable taste of pot into everything you prepare. Great if you can’t get enough of it, but less than ideal for those who aren’t the biggest fans. Just be sure to take this into account if planning to bake something for someone other than yourself.

In terms of preparation, it really couldn’t be easier to put this stuff together. Best of all, cannabis flour made properly has a shelf life of several months at least. Just keep it in a decent storage container out of direct sunlight and you’re golden.

As for what you’ll need to get the job done, there’s really no specialist equipment required…just:

  • A quarter of cannabis (the stronger the better)
  • A coffee grinder or food processor
  • Sifter

Putting the pieces together, it’s as simple as spreading out the cannabis on a baking tray and popping it in a preheated oven at 110° C for 45 minutes. Rather than cooking it, this will simply activate the THC and prep it to do its thing.

When the cannabis has completely cooled, you’ll need to grind it as finely as possible using a food processor or a coffee grinder. Keep grinding away at it until it is as fine as flour…obviously.

You’re then ready to store your cannabis flour in a sealed container in a cool, dark and dry place, where it will be good to go for a minimum of 12 weeks.

When you want to use it, it’s simply a case of replacing around 25% of the flour the recipe calls for with cannabis flour. Any more than this and you risk the recipe for not coming out as intended. It works perfectly with sweet and savoury dishes alike - particularly anything with a strong herbal flavour.

In order to preserve the quality of the cannabis flour, try to avoid baking with it at temperatures higher than around 180° C. Feel free to experiment with different strains of cannabis for completely different flavour profiles, increasing or decreasing potency as you prefer.

That’s all there is to it…enjoy!

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