CBD Crew CBD Sweet 'n Sour Widow Regular Seed Seeds

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CBD Crew CBD Sweet 'n Sour Widow Regular Seed-5 Seeds 5x

CBD Crew CBD Sweet 'n Sour Widow Regular Seed Seeds

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This strain has a distinct but pleasant odour with a sour onion fragrance.
A CBD enriched White Widow strain, this grows vigorously during the vegetative stage and on flowering produces slightly airy flower clusters, which end highly resinous. The airy start to the bud formation makes this strain more suitable for humid areas where more compact plants would suffer from mould.
Strain Profile
SeedbankCBD Crew
GeneticsCannatonic x Black Widow
THC ContentMinimum (0-5%)
VarietyMostly Indica
CBD ContentHigh (5-10%)
Flowering Time8 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium, Tall
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
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