Asthma can be debilitating for those who suffer acutely, making even light exercise or recreation painful and dangerous. Dizziness, wheezing, coughing and the panic of not being able to catch your breath are symptoms of a potentially fatal attack. Asthma inhalers relieve the symptoms by deconstricting the bronchial passageways, but did you know that THC has been proven to have the same effect (as well as being an all round anti-inflammatory)?

It may seem counter-intuitive but inhaling Marijuana has been shown to provide immediate bronchial dilation, that is, it opens your airways back up. Obviously we recommend vaporising to avoid the potential negative effects of smoking, but for those who don't want to suck in steroids through their inhalers, Medical Marijuana is an excellent option, as well as being historically proven (ancient Egyptians, Chinese Emperors and Marcel Proust all swore by it!).

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