Premenstrual syndrome (or PMS/PMT) effects a large number women before and during menstruation; for many this results in a week or two of suffering from physical and psychological symptoms. These can include mood swings, insomnia, bloating & water retention, sore breasts, cramps and headaches - or unfortunately, all at once. Those who do suffer from PMS will have tried all sorts of remedies, but most will tell you that pharmaceuticals don't help the way they should or sometimes lead to even worse side effects. Fortunately, there's nothing like medical marijuana to help alleviate the symptoms of PMS: it's a pain killer, muscle relaxant, mood stabilizer, aids sleep and, lets be honest, just makes you feel better. Take a look at our fantastic selection of MMJ seeds and get yourself an alternative, natural, healthy remedy for the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

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