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Jilly Bean Regular Seeds

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This strain's Sativa-heavy high begins with a head rush and a mood boost that has you practically oozing positivity as warm waves of calm wash over the mind and body, relaxing you without weighing you down. A fast-acting strain, Jilly Bean invigorates the mind as she soothes the body...

Mood-Boosting Mango Marijuana


Bud Basics

Named in one of the ‘Top 10 Strains of the Year’ in 2007’s High Times Cannabis CupJilly Bean Regular (sometimes stylized as Jillybean) is a strain that was years in the making, but takes only moments to win you over. 


An almost 50/50 Sativa-Indica split, this hybrid tends to lean more heavily on her Sativa lineage, and was bred to combine the deliciously fruity scent of Orange Velvet with the tropical flavors of Space Queen.


This strain's Sativa-heavy high begins with a head rush and a mood boost that has you practically oozing positivity as warm waves of calm wash over the mind and body, relaxing you without weighing you down. A fast-acting strain, Jilly Bean invigorates the mind as she soothes the body, making her a hit with the medicinal marijuana (MMJ) community.


Capable of wiping away negativity and stress with just one joint, sufferers of anxiety and depression can find great solace in this strain - as can those with chronic pain conditions such as arthritis, as she’s abundant with pain-relieving properties too.


Since she grows more like an Indica, Jilly Bean Reg is a great choice for those new to cannabis cultivation - maintain an optimum environment, and keep her trimmed (though she’s only a little lady) and she’ll reward you with huge yields of 650 grams of gorgeous purple nugs per square meter.



Flavor and Fragrance of Jilly Bean Regular

Picking apart the buds of Jilly Bean will instantly ensnare the senses with the strong scents of orange, mango and pineapple - a citrus-heavy profile that’s tempered beautifully with an earthy aroma.


Once lit up, the smooth smoke tastes just as sweet and fruity as you’d expect, both refreshing and enlivening at once.




A Sativa-dominant strain, Jilly Bean Reg also offers her fair share of Indica traits, making her a well-balanced ganja gal, best enjoyed in the afternoon.


With a hard-hitting and fast-acting high, her effects begin with a cerebral wake-up punch, sending feelings of euphoria surging through your mind and body to quickly shake away the cobwebs and any worries or negative thoughts. Uplifting and full of positive vibes, a few tokes of Jilly Bean will immediately reduce stress and embolden the spirit.


While you’re savoring this mental boost, you’ll begin to notice a buzz of energy running through your veins, lightening the limbs and loosening the muscles as the herb’s effects soothe and calm you from top to toe, filling you with vigor.


A beautifully balanced strain for those with an active lifestyle or a busy day ahead, do take note that the intense calming sensations of this hybrid can lead to extreme laziness if you consume large amounts of the strain, so moderation is key if you’ve got somewhere to be.



Medical Uses of Jilly Bean Regular

All-natural, the therapeutic benefits of Jilly Bean Regular are abundant, and a great alternative for those seeking medicinal marijuana as a replacement for traditionally prescribed medications.


Since this strain is so successful at improving positive outlooks and boosting the mood, she’s an excellent choice as a quick relief from symptoms of a variety of psychological ailments. Providing potent properties to alleviate negative thoughts, Jilly Bean can aid those struggling with stress, depression, anxiety, bipolar, mood disorders and even PTSD by lifting you into euphoria so high that your worries will seem nothing but tiny dots on the earth below.


Containing analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, this strong little specimen is an effective pain-reliever that can help to reduce swelling and help with migraines, arthritis, cramps and multiple sclerosis amongst many other ailments. Fatigue is also wiped out, as the energy-boosting ability of this herb will energize you in no time.


Despite the immense comforts Jilly Bean Reg can provide, we would still recommend consuming this cannabis in low to moderate doses, as there are a few common (and some rarer) adverse side effects to consider. Dry or bloodshot eyes and cottonmouth are a possibility if you don’t keep yourself hydrated, while increased anxiety, heightened paranoia, dizziness or headaches may be triggered if dosed too highly.



Growing Jilly Bean Regular

Jilly Bean Regular might be a Sativa-dominant strain, but her Indica traits manifest in the form of her growth tendencies, which arguably makes her a much more low maintenance hybrid to grow than you’d think.


Small to medium-sized, the maximum height of these plants is rarely above 120cm, and ideal for cultivation where space is limited, provided you keep the plants' bushiness under control with some trimming - which is simple enough since her thick and sturdy stems have a good calyx-to-leaf ratio.


Both Screen of Green (ScrOG) and Sea of Green (SoG) methods will work well when growing Jilly Bean - just make sure you maintain an optimum environment, with temperatures between 21° and 26°C and relative humidity (RH) levels at around 40% to 50%. Her spade-shaped, olive-green nugs are nestled amongst leaves that can be conditioned to turn a beautiful deep mauve, if you choose to expose the plant to lower, cooler temperatures during lights-off hours.


This strain will flower for around 8 to 9 weeks, and as her growth cycle comes to an end you’ll find she’s a high-yielding plant, providing you with an oh-so-sweet 650 grams of buds per square meter.


If that’s not quite a big enough bounty for you, you can try growing Jilly Bean outdoors - the climates of California, Florida, southern Europe, the Mediterranean and Australia are perfect environments for this strain. Make sure she gets plenty of sunlight, and you can harvest around 700 grams per plant between early and mid-October.


Don’t forget that these are regular seeds, and as such, you’ll need to separate the males from the females if you’re growing for consumption.




Bred for her fresh-cut mango flavors and euphoric effects, Jilly Bean Regular bestows an invigorating body high and uplifting mental effect that builds to a crescendo of calm. Sure to relieve stress, depression and fatigue with her boost of positivity, this stuff boasts pain-relieving properties to boot, capable of easing a variety of mild to medium pain symptoms, from arthritis to cramps.


Fairly fast-flowering, this herb’s benefits can be reaped by the right grower in just 8 to 9 weeks - all you have to do is maintain her environment and those gorgeous purple nugs will abound, leaving you the delightful job of inhaling that tropical fruit aroma and smoking the afternoon away into chilled-out bliss.

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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