We all want a bumper crop when it comes to harvest time, right? Marijuana requires a few things to grow properly, such as water, nutrients, ventilation, balanced pH, and sufficient light. When growing outdoors, natural sunlight is usually sufficient for your weed plants. But how can we maximize yields when we grow indoors? For that, you’ll need cannabis grow lights.

With an indoor garden, cannabis grow lights are a must. Windows don't allow enough sunlight in, and even then, it's only from one side. You need lights to supply the correct amount of brightness to ensure your marijuana plants stay healthy. 

Are you a weed grower and don't know where to start looking for the best grow lights for cannabis? You've come to the right place. Continue reading to enlighten yourself and become a better marijuana farmer. 


Things to consider before buying cannabis grow lights

Before we get down to the nitty-gritty, let's discuss some things you should think about before purchasing cannabis grow lights. What works for one person isn't always best for others. 


3 Best Cannabis Grow Lights for Your Grow Room


Number of grow lights

A typical weed grower needs one or two cannabis grow lights in their indoor garden. States that permit legal growing only allow a person to grow up to 6 or 12 plants at a time. This means that you can't have huge growing rooms. 

Having one bulb above and one around the garden is plenty for this many plants. If your room is larger, you might need extra light, but one or two is perfect for small areas. 



Growing marijuana is exploding in popularity. Professional grade cannabis grow lights can range from $100 to $2,000 each. 

Besides, your electricity bill will skyrocket as you'll be running lights for up to 18 hours daily. Some bulbs are more cost-effective than others. We'll dive into which ones are better later on. 

If the bulbs produce heat, you'll need to run extra fans or air conditioning, which adds to electricity costs at the end of the month. Make sure you’ve got enough savings, as well as time, before starting. 



Cannabis grow lights produce heat, which makes them a potential fire hazard. Your indoor garden should be safe and have nothing extra that can harm your plants or home. 

When installing indoor grow lights for cannabis, look for dangling pieces that could catch on fire. Also, look at your electronics’ insides to see if they’re up-to-date. Some older houses or apartments can't handle lights, humidifiers, air conditioners, and fans all at once. This can result in an electrical fire. 


Best types of cannabis grow lights

So, what are the best grow lights for cannabis? We've selected three of the best for your marijuana’s grow room. Let’s get stuck in.


LED lights

LED stands for light-emitting diodes and is commonly used in homes. It's also possible to install them for a successful pot harvest. 

LED cannabis grow lights tend to be more expensive to buy but are more cost-efficient to use. They're better for the environment and consume less energy. 

Another bonus of using LED bulbs is they run cooler than other types of lights. This is a positive because it helps regulate your indoor garden’s temperature. 

With home-grown weed rising in popularity, some LED lights are specifically made for marijuana crops. If you're willing to spend a buck, these grow lights for cannabis will have settings for the vegetative and flowering stage, along with timers. 

The beams LED bulbs put out are ideal for weed plants. The UV output catalyzes high trichome production and enormous yields. If you’ve got some savings and want to be eco-friendly while growing, we recommend LED lights for your growing room. 

For those of you using LED lights, why not try growing California Dream Feminized seeds?. This strain isn't sensitive to light, so your plant will still produce if the grow room is slightly cooler. 

LED grow lights for cannabis don't give off extra heat, so your indoor room could be slightly cooler than others. California Dream will be as cool as the lights that produce it, with a minty citrus flavor and 17% THC. 


HID lights

HID, high-intensity discharge lights have been around for a long time. They use gas and electrical arcs to produce luminosity. The electricity heats the gas, creating plasma and producing light. A hood is usually used to reflect beams outward. 

HID cannabis grow lights are inexpensive to purchase but use a lot more electricity, resulting in higher bills. They give off a significant amount of heat but illuminate an area well. 

HID bulbs come in metal halide (MH) or high-pressure sodium (HPS.) MH lights contain metal halide and mercury, giving the beams a bluish hue. HPS bulbs have mercury, sodium, and xenon. This gives a more yellow-orange light and is good to use during flowering. 

It's vital to remember that these bulbs contain gas and heavy metals and can be a potential hazard. However, with the intense rays and warmth from these grow lights, cannabis plants become super potent and grow humongous. This is a great option for those who only have a limited amount to invest or are first-time weed growers. 

Afghan Feminized seeds are great to use with HID lights. This marijuana strain originated in the Middle East, so it loves a lot of light and warmth, which is what grow rooms with HID bulbs do best. It contains about 20% THC - guaranteed to take you on a magic carpet ride. 


3 Best Cannabis Grow Lights for Your Grow Room


CFL lights 

Compact fluorescent lamps, CFL, are the bright lights you remember from school, the doctor's office, or supermarkets. These bulbs work with a small amount of mercury and an inert gas. There's phosphor powder that coats the tube and two electrodes at either end. 

When electricity is added, the electrodes send energy back and forth, which activates the gases and produces light. CFL bulbs are cheap grow lights for cannabis and efficient to run. Not a lot of heat is generated by running these either. 

CFL cannabis grow lights are perfect for the germinating, seedling, and vegetative stages. The bright, intense beams ensure photosynthesis is taking place and growth is happening.

However, these bulbs aren't great when your cannabis plant starts flowering. You'll need to use another light source during these weeks. 

We recommend CFL grow lights for cannabis indoor gardens if you're more of a hands-on weed grower. If it doesn't annoy you to change the lights, then it's a solid way to ensure your plant has a healthy beginning to its life. 

CBD Kush Autoflower seeds work well with CFL lights. This cannabis strain also requires some work. It grows fast, with bushy compact stems and leaves. You'll need to trim the cannabis crop more often than with other strains. The work will be worth it because it's therapeutic and packs a solid amount of CBD. 


Which light is best for my grow room?

To determine which cannabis grow lights are correct for you, you'll have to look at the factors. Determine your budget, how many bulbs you'll need, the strain you want to grow, and go from there to find the best cannabis grow lights. 

If money isn't an issue, take a look at what environmental impact you create. Remember also to consider if you want toxic metals like mercury in your house, if heat is an issue, and how much space you have. 

All types of lighting will result in high-quality marijuana products as long as you give them enough.


Light up your world

Making sure your marijuana seeds and plants have sufficient light is vital for their health. When constructing your indoor garden, you need to be aware of the different kinds of bulbs, their costs, and for what conditions they’re optimized. 

Think about your needs and go to your local home improvement store. If there's a dispensary around you, look to see if they have specific cannabis grow lights. When your growing room is all set up, buy cannabis seeds and get started! Why wait?

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