It’s summer, it’s legal…it’s time to hit the road!

The whole connection between cannabis and road tripping is so huge it’s become a cliché in its own right. Nevertheless, there’s really nothing more satisfying than taking to the road and combining your love of exploration and adventure with your favourite cannabis strains.

Now, the thing to remember about the best road trips is that maps, directions and itineraries can often ruin the whole thing. It’s all about the freedom of going where you want, when you want and not knowing where you’re headed until you get there. But at the same time, there are a few important rules to be mindful of when planning the perfect pot road trip.

Not the kinds of rules that make things boring – guidelines to help you get the most out of your trip.

So if you’re planning to hit the road this summer for the kind of adventure you’ll never forget, read over the following tips and you’ll probably find it hard to go wrong:

1. Consider your ride carefully

First of all, you need to be 100% realistic when it comes to your chosen transportation. The reason being that the last thing you want is to see your buzz killed at the worst possible time by a car that simply wasn’t up to the job. Or worse still, spend the whole trip in a state of paranoia just waiting for the next big break down to occur. Stoner road trips naturally bring their own ups and downs in terms of mood, energy levels and so on. Which is precisely why you need the kind of transportation that doesn’t just get the job done, but is also comfortable and serves as something of a sanctuary. Along with considering your ride, you’ll also want to find out whether your insurance extends to your chosen destinations. Not to mention that all-important roadside recovery service.

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2. Lay the rules on designated drivers

If you think you’re going to get away with making it up as you go along when it comes to designated drivers, you can forget about it. This is something everyone is going to have to take part in at some point, though they probably won’t want to. So rather than drawing straws along the way and killing the mood, decide in advance who takes the role of a designated driver where, when and for how long. In addition, don’t even think about flouting the rules on designated drivers and assuming you will get away with it. Depending on where you plan to go, the rules regarding cannabis and driving can be anything from non-existent to ridiculously severe. And don’t expect local law enforcement to go easy on you, just because you’re a tourist. Even if you genuinely didn’t realise you are doing anything wrong, pleading ignorance just isn’t going to work.

3.  Be aware of state and country lines

In some instances, rules and restrictions with regard to the transportation of cannabis don’t seem to make a whole lot of sense. Recreational cannabis is legal in one state or region and is likewise permitted in the state or region it shares a border with. One prime example being Oregon and Washington – these two states are connected by a bridge and both permit the sale and consumption of recreational cannabis. However, transporting absolutely any cannabis between these two states constitutes a Federal offence. And it’s exactly the same when it comes to transporting cannabis between neighbouring countries as well. As a general rule of thumb therefore, it’s best not to take anything with you when you cross state or country lines.

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