Want to grow cannabis but feel overwhelmed by all the options? The increasing number of strains and hybrids available today makes finding the best weed seeds for beginners difficult.


We’ve put together a shortlist to help you get started. Keep reading to learn what makes the best strains for beginner growers and why. Once you’re up to speed, we have a list of five fabulous options to suit all tastes. 

What makes a marijuana strain “easy to grow”?

A range of factors contribute to how challenging a particular strain is to cultivate. Generally speaking, cannabis grows differently depending on whether it’s an indica or sativa cultivar. However, what makes the best cannabis seeds for beginners goes deeper than just its profile.


Indicas tend to be shorter and bushier, with copious amounts of broad-fingered leaves, sturdy stems, and woody branches. Indicas are usually easier to work with, thanks to their robust properties, but they require a lot of pruning.


Sativas are taller and more delicate than indicas. Their stems and branches are slender, and their foliage is less dense. Sativas require less pruning but often need to be topped, trained, or supported structurally. Some of the best indoor strains for beginners are this kind.


The above descriptions oversimplify things somewhat, but they work as a general rule. Despite that, the near-endless variation in modern strains means recommending one over the other is difficult.


Beyond the individual characteristics of different strains is one factor found in all the best weed seeds for beginners. Genetics plays a much bigger role in successful cultivation, far more than just its external appearance.

Best weed seeds for beginners


Resistance to disease, pests, powdery mildew, and mold

Some of the biggest problems facing beginners are common diseases, pests, and mold. Mites, mildew, and rot have the potential to devastate your crops. 


While veteran cultivators can usually identify and fend off these threats, beginners are often at a disadvantage. Without knowing the early warning signs, infections and infestations are difficult for novices to combat.


It stands to reason that the best strains for beginner growers are those that run into fewer of these problems. Cannabis originating in harsher conditions evolved high resistance to many of these common issues.


Landrace cultivars like Afghan, Nepali, and Hindu Kush are tough and resilient in the face of pathogens and fungus. Add these powerful genetics to a strain, and you get some of the best cannabis strains for beginners.


Feminized seeds, with fewer gender differences

Finding the best weed seeds for beginners is fine, but there’s one last problem. If all your seeds develop into males, you’re in trouble. Grow as many genetically superior males as you like; they’re not giving you any buds.


That’s where feminized seeds come in. Cannabis seeds come in three main variants, regular, feminized, and autoflower. As a variant, feminized provides the best weed seeds for beginners.


Feminized cannabis seeds don’t contain any male chromosomes. Because of this, they’re virtually guaranteed to sprout into productive, bud-bearing females. Using feminized seeds means you won’t have to worry about raising unproductive and potentially destructive males. 


By this, we mean the risk of male plants pollinating nearby females. Once pollinated, females halt flower and THC production to focus on forming seeds instead. This leads to low yields of poor quality, seed-filled buds of little value.


If you’re just starting your growing adventure, the best cannabis seeds for beginners will always be feminized. Regular and autoflower seeds have great benefits, but you’re better off with feminized ones the first time around.


The 5 best marijuana seeds for beginners

We came up with five of the best strains for beginners with the above qualities in mind. These cultivars differ in their effects and flavors, but they’re all equally easy to grow


Choosing just five was next to impossible. One that almost made the cut was Black Domina, but we decided to keep it out for some more sativa representation.


Whether you’re insane over indicas, a sucker for sativas, or prefer a mix of both, we’ve got you covered. Let’s jump in and get familiar with five of the best strains for beginner growers in existence.


Best weed seeds for beginners

1. Afghan Feminized

Starting us off in excellent style is Afghan Feminized. This ultra-hardy cultivar originated in the wind-whipped, rugged terrain of Afghanistan. Despite its challenging surroundings, this landrace flourished, and people have been enjoying its potent effects for centuries.


This stout and sturdy indica developed increased resin production as a defense mechanism against harsh weather. These desirable traits mean it’s highly prized for making hash, and its strong genetics are found in countless hybrids. Afghan feminized seeds thrive indoors and out in any medium. They’re tolerant of cooler conditions and easily bounce back from minor setbacks. This makes them easily some of the best cannabis seeds for beginners.


Their manageable height and firm limbs mean structural support is rarely needed, but their heavy foliage needs regular pruning. Plants grown from Afghan feminized seeds spend 8–10 weeks flowering and producing heavy resin-coated buds. Afghan is one of the best strains for beginner growers interested in making hash.


The nugs are packed with abundant flavor-enhancing terpenes—myrcene, pinene, and ocimene. Spark up for a full-bodied, earthy smoke with hints of hash, exotic spice, and incense. As a pure indica, Afghan feminized delivers hard-hitting, long-lasting physical effects. A subtle cerebral quality boosts your mood, but the focus is on intense relaxation


A few Afghan feminized bowls are enough to leave you feeling stupendously laid-back and completely calm. The heavy, sedative buzz is delicious, but it makes movement a chore. As well as being one of the best cannabis strains for beginners, Afghan feminized is a favorite of the medicinal crowd. Its heavy-handed, soporific qualities have the potential to ease various physical issues. Moderate amounts of Afghan induce a numbing sensation and a deep relaxation which may prove therapeutic for some. Those experiencing minor aches, pains, or muscular tension might find Afghan provides much-needed relief.


Afghan buds can also cause extreme munchies with even small amounts. If you find food has lost its appeal, a bowl of Afghan could be the thing to reignite your appetite. The intense indica qualities of Afghan feminized get pretty sedative over time. If you’ve been having a hard time getting to sleep, there’s a good chance an Afghan nightcap gets you back on track. Grow Afghan feminized, and we’re sure you’ll agree that these are some of the best cannabis seeds for beginners.


2. Alien Technology

Alien Technology is an indica strain with a mysterious background. One of the more common stories is that an American soldier procured some seeds while serving in Afghanistan. The seeds sprouted into uncannily tough plants with a hypnotic set of effects


This toughness and potency earned Alien Technology a place on our list of the best strains for beginner growers. Alien Technology seeds are packed with strong indica genetics, making them some of the best weed seeds for beginners. Plants grow broad and bushy, producing dense buds caked in trichomes and practically dripping with resin.


Provide the basics and keep this strain well-pruned, and high yields of profoundly relaxing weed are yours after 8–10 weeks of flowering. Although it’s one of the best indoor strains for beginners, growing it outside is possible under the right conditions. A warm, sunny climate with little rain produces the best results.


Alien Technology buds exude a pervasive, funky fragrance that only intensifies once cured. Notes of damp earth, herbs, and a hint of spice are prominent. Breaking open the sticky nugs releases a blast of pine and aromatic wood. Light up a thick, heavy mouthful of earthy, woody smoke.


Alien Technology delivers out-of-this-world physical effects. Even small amounts provide hours of indica-derived relaxation and satisfaction. The deeply soothing qualities eliminate tension and ease pain without causing a subdued or foggy mental state. 


You might not be able to get much done, but you’ll feel clear-headed and upbeat until sleepiness overtakes you. If you like powerful indicas, this is one of the best indoor strains for beginners. Alien Technology possesses equally impressive therapeutic potential. The gooey buds deliver high-level relaxation without becoming overwhelming or unpleasantly heavy.


Users who want the calming qualities without the brain fog of other indicas are well taken care of by this strain. Most find the soothing effects relieve low-level pain and cramps without impeding your movement or mental processes. Smoke on an empty stomach, and you may find it grumbling in protest as the munchies kick in hard. This could be good news for those with reduced appetites, so spark up and chow down.


We’ve still got three more of the best cannabis strains for beginners, so keep reading.


3. Amnesia Feminized

Amnesia Feminized is the first sativa-dominant cultivar on our list of best weed seeds for beginners. This is a heady, energetic hybrid packed with THC and surprising resilience. Buds this potent require a little work, but nothing you can’t handle. Managing height is your main concern as this strain grows quite tall. Use topping or low-stress training to keep them to a manageable size.


Keep your grow room well lit and maintain temperatures at 69–79°F during vegetative growth. This cultivar thrives in a consistent environment, making it one of the best indoors strains for beginners to start with Once flowering starts, lower temperatures by 5–10° and limit relative humidity to 40–50%. Harvest arrives after 8–10 weeks, providing impressive yields.


The moderately dense buds produced by Amnesia feminized emit a tantalizing fragrance and are bursting with flavor. Terpinolene, beta-caryophyllene, and myrcene give Amnesia a refreshing sweet and sour citrus aroma with peppery, herbal undertones.


Spark up and treat yourself to a blast of refreshing lemon and herb flavors with a spicy kick. The tangy buds deliver outstanding cerebral effects perfect for daytime consumption. Amnesia takes the prize for energetic effects on our list of the best cannabis strains for beginners.


You’ll feel invigorated, uplifted, and euphoric under its hazy influence. Smoke too much, and you may find out how it got its name. This is one of the best strains for beginner growers who like cerebrally-focused effects.


With a strong focus on psychoactive effects, Amnesia feminized isn’t poised to revolutionize the medical scene. Despite that, its inescapably optimistic qualities may be beneficial for some.


Just a small amount of Amnesia can leave stony-faced, serious smokers in fits of unstoppable giggles. This is laughter therapy at its finest. It’s almost impossible to feel anxious or worried after indulging in Amnesia. If you’ve been stressed out or feeling down, give Amnesia a shot, and you might forget your problems for a while.


Best weed seeds for beginners


4. Amnezia Blue Head Band

Amnezia Blue Head Band is a wonderfully balanced three-way hybrid containing Amnesia, Blueberry, and Headband genes. This is easy to grow, and one of the best cannabis strains for beginners who want buds with a blend of mental and physical effects.


Blue Head Band displays sativa and indica growth characteristics, with moderately tall plants sporting sturdy, well-spaced limbs. Provide the basics for this strain, and it rewards you with a low-maintenance growing experience and hauls of premium-grade buds.


Unless you live somewhere with a Mediterranean-style climate, you’ll probably get the best results indoors. Provide plenty of light, avoid overfeeding, and prune regularly.


Be aware that this is the most pervasively aromatic of our best strains for beginner growers. Invest in a carbon filter extraction system if you’re concerned about smells escaping. This strain produces a powerful aroma as soon as its 8–10 week flowering period begins.


This has to be the tastiest of our best cannabis strains for beginners. Blue Head Band oozes a tantalizing old-school aroma loaded with refreshing citrus and sweet berry notes. Underlying these fruity scents is a thoroughly dank earthiness with hints of spice.


Lighting up the fragrant flowers produces a tonsil-tickling, full-bodied smoke that newcomers may find a little harsh. Get past its brusqueness, and those refreshing citrus and berry flavors come through in spades. Breathe out, and you’re left with a rich and piquant, hash-like aftertaste.


As the most balanced cultivar on our list of the best strains for beginner growers, expect a sublime blend of effects.


Feelings of euphoria and optimism come on almost instantaneously when smoked. A boost of energy and motivation follows, leaving you feeling upbeat, confident, and invigorated. The peppy buzz is long-lasting and a great accompaniment to socializing.


Give it a couple of hours, and the indica side of Blue Head Band emerges. Its relaxing properties work their way slowly but surely into every inch of your body, relieving tension and leaving you feeling utterly calm.


Large amounts cause the body stone to intensify, and you may find your movement becoming slow and sluggish. Sinking into the couch and enjoying some music or a movie becomes very appealing. Until the munchies emerge, that is.


As one of the best strains for beginner growers, medicinal users may find a lot to like in Blue Head Band. It’s not your traditional idea of a medical strain, but it could provide therapeutic benefits for various issues.


Its sativa effects are fast-acting and highly potent. Users experiencing social anxiety report that Blue Head Band causes their worries to melt away. 


On top of its status as a social lubricant, Blue Head Band is effusively uplifting. The fruity buds have the potential to treat minor symptoms of depression. This is one of the best cannabis strains for beginners who experience social anxiety.


Blue Head Band’s physical properties may prove equally valuable for medicinal users. On top of its relaxing qualities, it might provide some analgesic relief for inflamed or sore muscles.


Higher doses cause a more narcotic and drowsy buzz. Give Blue Head Band a shot if you’ve been staring at the ceiling instead of sleeping lately. A few hits could be just what you need to eliminate your insomnia.


5. Afghan Kush Feminized

Last but not least on our list of the five best weed seeds for beginners is Kush Feminized. This iconic landrace strain was shaped by the unique environment of the Hindu Kush mountain range. Growing Kush feminized seeds is a breeze from start to finish. This resilient strain is genetically disposed to tolerate changeable weather and withstand pests and rot. Plant some seeds inside or out, and they basically grow themselves.


Most specimens reach around three feet indoors, making plant management almost effortless. With the right outdoor conditions, they may make it to six feet. Another thing that makes this one of the best strains for beginner growers is its relatively short flowering period. The trichome-studded buds Kush feminized produces are ready to harvest after 6–8 weeks.


The famously dank flavors and fragrances of the Kush family all originate with this pure landrace cultivar. As flowering progresses, the crystal-coated buds exude a heavy funk rich with the smells of sweet and spicy exotic hash. Pack a bowl, and the dense smoke fills your mouth with tastes of exotic herbs and spices.


The final member of our list of best strains for beginner growers is no slouch when it comes to effects. These resinous nugs are loaded with huge amounts of cannabinoids. With an average THC level of 20% and 100% indica genes, Kush feminized delivers a delightfully intense full-body stone. Just a few tokes bring about total peace and relaxation without clouding your mind.


Kush feminized is a firm favorite with medicinal users thanks to its inescapable and intense calming effects. A toke or two has the potential to remove physical tension as well as ease aches and pains throughout the body. This strain packs a seriously sedative punch that could end bouts of sleeplessness or insomnia. It also tends to cause powerful hunger pangs, so pack a bowl, muster up an appetite, and hope your fridge is well-stocked.


It may be last on our list of best weed seeds for beginners, but Kush is a spectacularly solid cultivar. If we had to pick just one strain, Kush could come out on top as the overall best strain for beginner growers.


Final thoughts on the best marijuana seeds for beginners

With more new, easy-to-grow strains appearing each year, it’s never been a better time to start cultivating cannabis. Trying to pick just five of the best strains for beginner growers was tough as there’s a huge range of options aimed at first-timers.


We tried to include a spread of choices to suit different tastes, so hopefully, one of the cultivars above appeals to you. If none of our recommendations are up your alley, have a look at these other weed seeds for beginners.


Once you’ve got some experience under your belt, your choices expand significantly. You might try some breeding with regular seeds or keep it low maintenance by planting some of the best autoflowering seeds. For a laidback, year-round growing experience, you can’t go wrong with our THC-loaded Black Jack.

Thanks for sticking with us to the end. Share this article with your cultivator friends and bookmark Seed Supreme for the world’s best cannabis seeds for beginners.

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