With the spring season in full swing, millions of home growers are once again setting their sights outdoors. If you know anything about cannabis cultivation, you’ll know that growing outdoors can be beneficial in a number of ways.

Bigger yields, stronger plants, lower costs and so on - all good reasons to consider growing cannabis outdoors.

Still, there are various factors that need to be considered to maximise your outdoor plants’ performance and potency. So with this in mind, here’s brief overview of eight tips for growing better weed outdoors this spring:

1 – Keep it Simple

First up, you really don’t need to go to extremes to grow quality cannabis outdoors. If the climatic conditions where you live are up to scratch, they’ll take care of most key requirements on your behalf. Hence, there’s no need to over-complicate things or overspend on top-shelf hardware.

2 – Maximise Exposure to the Sun

Positioning your plants strategically so as to absorb as much sunshine as possible is usually the way to go. Unless you’re growing a strain that’s somewhat sensitive to high temperatures and direct sunlight, more is almost always better.

3 – Assess Soil Quality

If there’s one important check to carry out prior to getting started, it’s this.Invest in a basic soil quality testing kit and ensure it’s up to par. If not, think about planting your cannabis somewhere else, or picking up a few sacks of quality compost and setting up in a bunch of containers. Starting out with low-grade soil pretty much guarantees low-grade results.

4 – Keep Things Under Wraps

You’d be surprised how many unwelcome outsiders are out to rob you of your crop. From birds to rats to deer to the dodgiest dealers in the vicinity, you’ll want to protect your plants from as many threats as possible. Think about stepping-up security in and around your grow space, while keeping things as discreet as possible from start to finish.

5 - Don’t Go Crazy with the Nutrients

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to give your cannabis plants too much of a good thing. Cannabis plants need very specific nutrients in very specific quantities throughout each life stage. Giving them more won’t result in faster or stronger growth, but it could quite easily cause irreparable damage. Go easy with the nutrients and follow the relevant guidelines to the letter.

6 - Avoid Overcrowding

Don’t forget that outdoor cannabis plants have a tendency to grow significantly larger than their indoor cousins. Both vertically and horizontally, outdoor pot plants can end up occupying a surprising amount of space. Precisely why it’s never a good idea to overcrowd your plants, which only stands to compromise the quality of the result.

7 - Watch Over-Watering

You can count on Mother Nature to lend a hand, but it’s ultimately up to you to ensure your plants are watered appropriately. On the plus side, it’s practically impossible to overwater outdoor cannabis - assuming it has been planted in open soil. The same can’t necessarily be said for pots and planters, so be wary of overwatering.

8 - Monitor the Weather

Last but not least, a brief cold snap or a few hours of gale-force winds could be all it takes to lay your entire crop to waste. From time to time, it may be necessary to provide your plants with protection from harsh weather conditions.Keep a close eye on the weather forecast and take action as necessary - even the toughest cannabis plants aren’t invulnerable.

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