Marijuana is a versatile plant that can do well both indoors and outdoors. When it comes to cultivating your own patch of marijuana, you need to consider many things so that you can decide the best option for you. If you decide to grow the cannabis plants outdoors, you need to have space and privacy so that it is safe from prying eyes. The area should be receiving adequate sunshine and rainfall. Alternatively a reliable water source should be arranged.



One advantage of growing marijuana plants outdoors is that it does not require a lot of work. This is because after ensuring that the plants are off to a good start, they grow without much needed attention. This makes it a cheaper way to cultivate marijuana since you will not spend on labor. You can leave the plants and only check in on them occasionally.

Indoor marijuana growing is also more costly because it requires use of lights and other mechanical setups that may need your attention constantly. Indoor growing requires electricity to provide light, air and warmth which increases energy costs. With outdoor growing, the natural elements are free. The sun is enough to provide the necessary light and warmth and water is available in the form of rainfall.



With outdoor growing, you do not have to keep ensuring that the feminized marijuana seeds are getting the right nutrients. This is because organically growing the plants outside ensures that they get the right nutrients they need. Outdoor grown cannabis plants give a better yield as they grow up to the optimal size possible. The plant will be larger as compared to one grown indoors.






Growing medicinal marijuana outside does have some disadvantages. The plants are at the mercy of the elements: weather is one factor that you cannot control and the plants may be affected by extreme weathers conditions like too much sun, rain, frost and even wind. This may lead to a poor harvest because the plants may not grow well which will affect the quality of buds that they produce.



When grown outdoors, rodents and other pests can sometimes attack the plants. This will mean a poor harvest for you as these menaces may damage several plants or whole crops. The pests and rodents may infect the plants with diseases that may affect the yield of your crop. Make sure you have adequate defences in place to keep pests away from your plants, whilst remembering that an organic grow is best.



Growing cannabis outdoors may also leave you at risk of theft. If you are not near your plants, others may take advantage of their isolation and steal the buds before you get to them. This is why you should consider the security and privacy of the area you have planted your feminized cannabis seeds. An open area plantation is also susceptible to being found by the authorities so make sure you know your local laws and only grow accordingly.

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