What is guerrilla growing?

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Are you looking for a way to plant your marijuana crops in a hidden spot away from prying eyes? Guerrilla growing is a fantastic method if you don’t want to advertise your hobby. It presents less risk of people stealing or confiscating your plants.

There are several benefits of planting your outdoor marijuana seeds this way. It’s a revolutionary method and gives you more control over your crops. Whether you’re a new or experienced grower, don’t worry; we’re here to guide you through the process. 

Ready to become a stealth master? Keep reading as we cover everything you need to know about discreet cannabis crops. 


What is guerrilla growing?

Some cannabis enthusiasts face a dilemma when they want to grow weed at home. For example, you don’t feel comfortable with neighbors knowing your business. In this case, you need clever alternatives to avoid getting negative attention.

In other instances, you may live with people and worry about them (or outsiders) stealing or destroying your crops. Outdoor growing comes with certain risks, but there are ways to hide your plants well that also boost yields and health.

A guerrilla grow allows you to maintain a secret spot without visiting it too often. Most often, you’ll plant in an area that only you frequent, one that’s easily accessible but shielded from others.

This method uses natural resources and requires you to plan and prepare your selected area before the growing season. Before we review the setup, let’s look at the advantages and downsides. 


What is guerrilla growing


Pros and cons of guerrilla growing

There may be several reasons you want to grow a stealth marijuana crop. Here are some things to consider before you start planning one:


  • Removes possible risks associated with growing cannabis in your garden.
  • Provides a discreet spot to keep prying eyes and noses away.
  • Cheaper than some other methods.
  • Saves you on costs such as hydroponics or electricity for lighting.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Uses natural resources that increase crop yields and health.


  • Still possible for people to accidentally stumble across it.
  • More exposed to unpredictable weather or pests that may harm your crops. 
  • Wild animals may find and damage it.
  • Requires patience and discipline to avoid giving the location away.
  • Higher maintenance strains may not produce as much because you can’t tend to them as often.

As with everything, guerrilla-growing weed requires you to weigh the good and bad before doing it. If you think the risks outweigh the benefits, finding alternatives is better. You may need to ask for help from a friend.


How to find a spot for cannabis guerrilla growing

The most crucial factor in stealth cultivation is location. There are several elements to consider when searching for an ideal spot and pulling off a successful harvest. 


Hidden from people

One of the primary reasons you may want to try stealth cultivation is to keep your crop away from nosey people. It might be because you stay in an area with gossipy neighbors, or perhaps you don’t want anyone to steal it. Maybe your roommate or others in the area hate cannabis with a passion.

Whatever your reasons are, the priority is finding a well-hidden place. When searching for the best guerrilla grow spots, pick one away from the public. Ensure the surrounding area is quiet and look for signs of activity like footprints, litter, wires, or nearby trails. 

Sow your seeds among other vegetation to keep your crops well-camouflaged. Flowers and plants with strong scents are fantastic options. Wandering people are less likely to spot or smell your weed if shrubs and other greenery surround it. 


Close to the water

Water is vital for cannabis health. To avoid needing to irrigate your crop frequently, sow seeds near a natural source like a pond or river. Doing this makes it easier for you to quickly and easily top up your plants when they get thirsty.

Keep an eye on your local weather and climate. If it rains enough, you may not need to water your plants as frequently. On the other hand, if it’s a dry season, top them up once every four to seven days. 

Pro Tip: Add water-absorbing polymers to retain moisture.


best spots for guerilla growing


Enough sunlight

A successful harvest requires plenty of warm sunlight. When searching for an ideal spot, choose one that receives constant sun throughout the day. Ensure there aren’t any overhead trees or obstacles that could prevent total exposure.

It’s essential to plant your guerrilla weed away from street lamps. If these switch on at night, it’ll disturb your crop’s natural light cycle. 


Soil quality (moisture-rich soil)

When scouting for the perfect spot to hide your plants, soil quality is vital. It may be beneficial to buy your own, as wild earth won’t always be suitable for cannabis growing. A good indication of healthy ground is if it looks rich and dark and if the surrounding vegetation is thriving.

Here are some tips to give your crop the best soil conditions in the wild:

  • Buy high-quality potting soil, preferably with vermiculite, perlite, and peat moss which help retain and spread moisture.
  • Add natural fertilizers to your grow area to boost plant health.
  • Mix potting and natural soil if necessary.
  • Add organic slow-release nutrients to the soil, primarily nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in a 10-5-5 ratio. 
  • Mulch the top of the soil with leaves to protect the plant roots and retain moisture.


How to protect your guerrilla harvest

After finding the perfect spot to execute your outdoor guerrilla grow, there are additional ways to protect your plants. Wild cultivation is risky as you’re contending with mother nature and people. Taking preventative measures goes a long way in keeping your crop healthy and safe.

Here are a few ways to protect your cannabis plants:


From people

First and foremost, don’t tell anyone about your “secret crop.” The only person that should know about it is you. Don’t give away your location. Take a pair of binoculars, a camera, and a backpack to make it appear you’re hiking. 

Take alternating paths to your secret spot every time you visit. For super stealth, wrap plastic bags or duct tape around your shoes, so you don’t leave obvious footprints. Use low-stress training on your plants to prevent them from growing too high.


From insects

Pests and insects abound in nature, and they may harm your crop. Use organic pesticides on your plants and inspect them regularly to ensure they’re not affected. Keep your weed healthy with sufficient water and nutrients to decrease the chance of infestation.

Spread sticky pads around your plants to trap extra pests and bugs. Neem oil also acts as a fantastic repellent against harmful insects. You can read more about pests and bugs on cannabis plants as well as the ways you can get rid of them in this guide


From animals

Wild animals might come across your cannabis and eat or destroy it. Build natural barriers with surrounding vegetation, twigs, and leaves. Using chicken wire or netting is a fantastic way to keep out bigger beasts. Take care, though, as it may draw attention.

Other protective guerrilla growing techniques include:

  • Planting your crop close to thorny bushes.
  • Going to your location on foot. If you need to drive, park far enough away and don’t leave your car in the same spot every time.
  • Spreading your plants through several different areas, so if someone discovers one, you still have backups. 
  • Use small pots to grow your cannabis in. It might be a little extra effort, but it gives you an easy way to move your crop quickly. It’s advantageous if your spot is compromised or there’s suddenly a bout of bad weather.


Top 5 strains for guerrilla growing

Certain strains, like autoflowering cannabis seeds, are better if you want to grow your crops stealthily. Autos flower quicker than other cultivars. It’s also beneficial to search for different types that are small and don’t possess a pungent smell.

Here are five of the best strains for guerrilla growing:


Mazar autoflower

Mazar autoflower, also known as Afghan Skunk and Mazar-I-Sharif, is a hard-hitting indica-dominant cultivar with 15–20% THC. You feel a full-bodied relaxation as it eases tension and helps you drift off into a peaceful sleep.

It’s a fantastic choice for stealthy cultivation as it grows quickly, is short, and is highly resilient against pests and diseases. 


Northern Lights autoflower

Forget your problems and drift into a state of pure relaxation with Northern Lights autoflower. It contains 16–20% THC and smells like a pine forest, making it perfect for stealth growing. It’s easy to grow and resistant to common molds and insects.


White Widow autoflower

White Widow autoflower produces sticky white resin and unlocks creativity and happiness with its cerebral high. THC levels are over 20%, and it’s known for providing users with a burst of energy and motivation. 

Earthy, wooden notes and high resilience help it to thrive well outdoors and blend into its surroundings. 


Jack Herer autoflower

Pay tribute to the “Emperor of Hemp” by trying out his namesake Jack Herer autoflower. It’s sativa-dominant and perfect for any occasion, delivering a delicate balance of relaxing and energizing effects. 

Jack Herer auto is fantastic for guerrilla growing as the plants don’t grow tall and are sturdy and resilient in the wild.


Durban Poison feminized

Durban Poison feminized hits you harder than a fresh cup of espresso in the morning, delivering energizing and uplifting effects. THC levels range between 15 and 25%, and its sativa dominance perks you up and keeps you productive throughout the day.

The best thing about Durban Poison is it’s easy to grow and guarantees almost an entirely female crop. Many breeders have used this strain to create new hybrids, so you know you’re in for top-notch genetics. 


best strains for guerrilla growing


Guerrilla growing calendar

Before you start secretly growing marijuana outdoors, plan ahead and create an outdoor growing calendar for yourself. Mapping out your plan, location, natural elements, and specific cannabis stages helps you get the best results.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is environmental conditions. Knowing weather trends and potential hazards goes a long way in achieving a successful harvest.

The next vital step is sowing your seeds at the right time. 

If you stay in the Northern Hemisphere, start planting between the end of April and the end of May. Reap your harvest by October or November. In the Southern Hemisphere, sow around September or October to collect by March or April.

Each strain is different, so research the one you’re growing extensively. Ensure you know when its vegging, flowering, and harvest times are. Pay attention to your plants by checking up on them at least once a week and feeding them the correct amounts of nutrients and water.


Harvesting your marijuana plants

You’ve finally reached the day when you can enjoy the rewards of your efforts. When your guerrilla grow harvest is ready, gather your clean tools and head out to your spot. Ensure you have disposable gloves, pruning shears, and mason jars or airtight containers.

Harvesting early in the morning as the sun comes up is best. If you’re driving, going back home during peak traffic is beneficial. It may mean more time on the road, but it’s easier to get lost in a crowd.

Save the trimming for when you’re back home and harvest your crop as quickly and efficiently as possible. Then, once you’re in the safety of your house, breathe, relax, and enjoy the effects of your fresh cannabis.


Become a guerrilla master

Are you ready to become the ultimate stealth master and dominate the forces of nature with your skills? 

Preparing a guerrilla crop requires patience, research, and careful exploration. The results are always worth it, though, and it saves you from criticism or scrutiny. If it’s not convenient to plant cannabis at home, stealth cultivation is the next best option.

Remember to start scouting for your spot before the cannabis outdoor growing season begins. Pay attention to weather and climate patterns, and ensure you pick an area no one will come across. Cover your tracks, take good care of your plants, and always stay alert.

Most importantly, enjoy the adventure, and soon you can brag to your friends about being the best guerrilla master.

Be sure you grab one more of the best strains for guerilla growing we’ve mentioned. They’re all available from our seed bank.

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