Growing weed outdoors is one of the most satisfying projects for any gardener. It's the best way to learn about cannabis cultivation and get in touch with mother nature. Plus, it's a great method for beginners as there are no huge costs involved in setting it up.

If you're not vigilant, there are a few ways for things to go wrong with your weed growing outdoors. Luckily, we've put together an easy-to-follow guide that will help you avoid these pitfalls. Here, you'll find everything you need to ensure you harvest the bud of your dreams.


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Growing weed outdoors: The basics

What are the benefits of growing weed outdoors?

Best place to set up your outdoor cannabis grow

What are the best mediums to grow weed outdoors?

Containers and sizes for growing cannabis outdoors

Top tips for caring for your outdoor cannabis grow

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Growing weed outdoors: The basics

Like any skill, you need to start with the basics and work your way up. Growing weed outdoors requires a solid foundation of experience and patience. Without it, you're likely to repeat mistakes and lose hope in a project.

It's no secret that growing weed from seeds outdoors leads to some of the best cannabis you've ever experienced. The natural sunlight and environment give your crops everything they need to stay healthy and strong.

On top of that, growing weed outdoors can still deliver a potent yield filled with THC. The only downside being the decrease in flavor, compared to using a greenhouse to raise your marijuana. It all depends on what you hope to achieve.

There's no need to go out and purchase expensive equipment such as the tools required for growing weed indoors. All you need to do is ensure the best location for your plants and keep them fed. The more attention you give your crop, the better the outcome. 

Even those new to cannabis cultivation can reap the rewards of growing weed outdoors. Find a sunny spot in your garden or balcony, plant a seed in a pot with soil, and regularly water it. It's that simple.

Before you begin growing weed plants outdoors, you need to make sure that you're not breaking any laws. You don’t want to land up with a massive fine or even jail time. If recreational growing is illegal in your state, it's best to wait for the legislation to change.  

It's also a good idea to reach out to cultivators in your local area and find out what seed strains people are using. That way, you can pick a cultivar that thrives in your climate. You can also get a few tips on when to start growing weed outdoors.


Growing Weed Outdoors


What are the benefits of growing weed outdoors?

As we've mentioned, there are a few benefits to growing weed outdoors compared to indoor cultivation—Both methods have their pros and cons. You need to decide which one suits your needs best.

Below, we take you through the most common advantages of this method compared to growing weed in a greenhouse.



Growing weed outdoors means your crops have unlimited space to grow as much as they possibly can. There's no roof preventing them from reaching for the sky, so expect your plants to mature into massive trees.

The larger your crops, the more bud you can expect when it comes to harvest time. Growing weed outdoors in pots is slightly more restrictive than allowing your seeds to germinate in the ground, but you can still look forward to yields of around 16 ounces per plant.



Another huge advantage to growing weed outdoors for beginners is the cost involved in setting everything up. 

As we've already touched on, there are next to no tools required for this method.

If you don't have access to a private garden, you may need to go up to your local store and purchase some soil and a pot or two. Other than that, you don't need any other expensive tools for growing weed outdoors, such as lights, ventilation, or water pumps.


Environmental benefits

One of the biggest issues we face today is the destruction of our planet by wasting its natural resources. Growing weed outdoors is a brilliant way to decrease your impact on the earth and become part of the solution.

The indoor method requires loads of electricity to run all the equipment needed to sustain your crops. More energy use means a bigger impact on the environment and also higher utility bills. When growing weed outdoors, the sun and natural elements like wind are free.


Readily available nutrients

Another benefit to growing weed from seed outdoors is the number of nutrients and microbes already present in the soil. Other cultivating techniques, such as hydroponics, require you to add fertilizer to your medium manually.

Growing weed outdoors allows you to tap into the natural ecosystem and let your plants soak in all the minerals they need from the soil. You may need to add a few supplements along the way, but that's not always necessary.   


Fun in the sun

Finally, growing weed outdoors step by step is incredibly rewarding and therapeutic. We spend a lot of our time working in front of computers and staying indoors. It's always healthy to get outside, absorb some vitamin D from the sun, and get your hands dirty.


Best place to set up your outdoor cannabis grow

Now that you're familiar with the benefits of growing weed outdoors, it's time to start looking for a spot for your future crop. There are several factors to consider before sowing those cannabis seeds outside.

To make things simple, we've listed the most important things to consider when finding the best spot to grow cannabis.


Growing Weed Outdoors



One of the biggest factors you need to consider when growing weed outdoors is the climate. Some marijuana strains require specific conditions to germinate, while others are more adaptable to changes. One thing is for certain; no cultivar will survive extreme weather.

You're ideally looking for a spot in the Northern Hemisphere with temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything outside this range will slow down your crops and stunt their growth.

Water is essential for growing weed outdoors like any other living organism. However, you'll need to protect your crop from heavy rain and wind as it can cause physical harm. Plus, the excessive moisture will lead to further complications like mold and mildew.

One of the best tips on growing weed outdoors is finding a location with constant temperatures and protection from hazardous weather.



Another major consideration for growing weed plants outdoors is the level of privacy surrounding your crops. As always, we don't recommend cultivating cannabis in an illegal state. However, even in legal areas, you may need to hide your crops from public view.

You'll want to avoid any prying eyes and sticky fingers stealing all your hard work. Look for locations that conceal your crops entirely. That way, you won't run into any issues and can continue growing weed outdoors in peace.



The light from the sun is an essential ingredient regardless of whether you're growing weed outdoors in pots or the ground. If your cannabis doesn't get enough sunlight, it won't produce enough food through photosynthesis to stay healthy.

Different marijuana strains require varying amounts of sun. As a rule of thumb, you'll want to subject your weed growing outdoors to around 13 hours of sunlight every day. Your crops will need less during flowering, but this amount of sun is crucial during the vegetating stage



Just like sunlight, wind plays a vital role in the development of cannabis. The airflow through your crops limits the amount of moisture held in your plants and keeps mold at bay. You'll want to find an area that receives a constant breeze when growing weed outdoors.

If you live in a region that experiences high wind speeds, consider planting near a wall or fence to protect your crops. That way, you can avoid branches breaking and other physical damage to your marijuana plants caused by excessive gusts of wind. 


Different growing places

Not everyone has the luxury of growing weed from seeds outdoors in their garden. Luckily, there are various places you can raise your crop that will do just as well as a yard. 



If you live in an apartment, consider placing pots on your balcony. You can position your plants to get plenty of sunlight. Remember to hide them from view.



Alternatively, you can set up a prosperous garden on the roof. Just watch out for excessive winds and disgruntled neighbors


What are the best mediums to grow weed outdoors?

One of the few things you have in your control when growing weed outdoors is the type of medium you use. Soil is the most popular choice for many reasons, but some cultivators have found success using soilless options.

So which method should you use when growing weed plants outdoors? Below, we take you through the pros and cons of these two mediums, allowing you to decide which option works best for you.