Being a stoner isn't just rolling up a joint with your buddies on the weekend anymore. With states passing laws every year reducing the restrictions on recreational use of marijuana, it's become a lifestyle. 

You can now grow cannabis at home, consume edibles in creative ways, use lotions for pain or skin conditions, and even own a dispensary. As the negative stigma on weed dissipates, the entertainment industry is creating content about it. 

These shows can be dramas, documentaries, cooking competitions, or feel-good stories. People bring awareness to marijuana and how everyone should view it more like alcohol or cigarettes instead of heroin or cocaine. 

Have you just lit up and are looking for something to watch? We're going to go over some of the best weed shows and more. 


Cannabis and television: the perfect pair

Stoners do have a reputation for getting high and just vegging out, and some science supports these claims. We have to take a look at the specific strains and our brains to understand them. 

Marijuana is the generic term, but there are so many variations. It's similar to saying alcohol, but there's beer, wine, liquors like vodka, rum, whiskey, scotch, and so on as different types of it—cannabis changes in THC levels CBD, Indica, and Sativa. 

THC gives you the psychedelic feeling, while CBD provides a calming one. Indica is more sedating, and Sativa is more stimulating. Depending on the high you want, you can customize it with the percentages in the strains. 

If you smoke marijuana that's high in CBD and mostly Indica, your happy feeling will be more relaxing. This will cause you to want to stay in bed or on the couch while zoning out. A perfect headspace to watch TV. 

Science states the same. Dr. Michael Bloomfield says that smoking marijuana can make people lazier. When you consume weed, it creates dopamine in your brain,  the hormone responsible for feeling happy. Naturally, our body produces this when we exercise, do something we love, or laugh with friends. 

Cannabis surges the brain with dopamine without having to do anything. This makes us lazier, and we find enjoyment out of seemingly dull things. Usually, watching television for hours doesn't excite us that much, but it's the perfect activity with some help from marijuana. 


The best weed shows

Now we know why watching television while high is so much fun; let's get into some of the best weed shows. 



Weeds ran from 2005 to 2012 and is a perfect mix of drama and comedy. This fictional story was one of the first to open up the stigma of consuming and selling marijuana in a suburban town. 

People thought cannabis was just for hippies or criminal thugs, but it was being used recreationally within the suburbs among ordinary folks. 

The main plot is about a mom who begins selling marijuana after her husband dies. She and her family live in suburban LA. The 28-minute shows give you enough excitement but end to keep you wanting to watch more. 

It's a light show, so it will make you laugh and feel relaxed. Weeds cover some moral issues on ethics, times of hardship, and the importance of family. 

It won two Emmys and a Golden Globe. You can find this weed TV show on Netflix. 


That 70's Show

Although none of the characters outwardly said anything about marijuana, there's plenty of undertones that hint towards being high. That 70's Show ran from 1998 to 2006 and is about a group of high schoolers hanging out in Eric's parent's basement. 

You see the gang sitting in a circle laughing, coughing, or spacing out during each episode. They go through things that many teenagers experience: love, school events, driving, college, and friendship. It's a feel-good show that will make you laugh with its eccentric characters. It’s possibly one of the best shows about smoking weed. 

The Mango Kush Feminized strain is excellent to consume with That 70’s Show. When smoked, you’ll be in a state of relaxation, locked on the couch, and ready for a good laugh. It uplifts your senses and makes for a luxurious high. 


High Maintenance 

High Maintenance started as a web series, which Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld created. Later, HBO turned it into a TV show about weed. 

It's about a weed dealer, the Guy, played by Sinclair, and who he encounters while selling. It brings light to the types of people who use marijuana and why. The creators were trying to break the stereotype of the typical stoner. 

High Maintenance touches on ideas of social issues about cannabis, comedy, and human connection. 


Bong Appetit

Suppose you enjoy eating while high or edibles, you're not alone. Bong Appetit is a weed cooking show that uses a particular ingredient, can you guess it? Cannabis. Abdullah Saeed invites famous chefs to cook with him, with marijuana. 

It goes over how to use oils, butter, and infusions to make delicious food that leaves you more than just full, but with a high. You'll be able to make more than just happy brownies after watching Bong Appetit. 

To accompany the show, you should consume the CBD Cheese Autoflower strain. It’s high in calming effects, which is perfect at night. It has a fresh citrus flavor, so it’s an excellent choice to add to dishes. 



Disjointed is a show about weed on Netflix, centered around Ruth Whitefeather Feldman, who runs a dispensary in Los Angeles with help from her teenage son and other young budtenders. 

The show touches on many issues about marijuana and personal life. Some episodes are about activism, the history of weed, and misconceptions. Others show characters dealing with PTSD and how cannabis products help with mental illnesses. 

Unfortunately, the show only ran for two seasons, but if you're looking for a quick binge session, Disjointed is an excellent choice. 


Narcos: Mexico

Narcos: Mexico is a crime drama weed show on Netflix. It's inspired by real events that were happening during the "war on drugs." It follows a drug enforcement agent and his family who decide to relocate to Mexico to work undercover. 

While in Mexico, his mission is to get information on El Padrino, a drug lord who's trafficking marijuana and other substances across borders. Each episode is filled with action and suspense as things are more complicated than he thinks. 

If you're a fan of the original Narcos, you'll love this version too. Looking for a strain to smoke while watching? The CBD Mexican Feminized strain creates a euphoria cerebral high with 13% THC and 13% CBD. 


American Weed

You might think that weed shows are just fictional stories trying to make you laugh. However, National Geographic made a series about marijuana. American Weed is a documentary based in Colorado, one of the first states to legalize recreational cannabis use. 

Although it's legal in Colorado, federally marijuana is illegal. This means that licensed dispensaries can get raided and face a federal fine. 

American Weed peeks into the cannabis industry. You'll see what dispensaries and farms look like. The documentary delves into the personal stories of dispensary owners, growers, medical marijuana patients, cops, advocates, and politicians. 

If you're interested in knowing more about the real-life marijuana business in the United States, take a look at American Weed. 



Weediquette started as a web series before it became a weed TV show on Viceland in 2016. It follows Krishna Andavolu and his journey to explore marijuana culture from all aspects. 

You're not just going to watch teens getting high in their parent's basement. He looks at the medical uses of cannabis and how it could help children, adults, athletes, and others. He is trying to open people's eyes to all the benefits of weed and break the stigma. 

If you're looking to be educated and entertained, we recommend looking at Weediquette next time you sit down to watch something. 


Chopped 420

The original Chopped takes four contestants and puts them through demanding challenges with mystery ingredients. It's a favorite of the Food Network, so production made a spinoff show about weed called Chopped 420. 

It's essentially the same concept as the original, but basket ingredients are cannabis-infused. You won't find Ted Allen or the celebrity judging panel, but others in the marijuana business or personalities. 

You can find it on discovery+ and watch how the chefs utilize weed to create delicious dishes. 


Still watching? The final thought

Watching a good series is an excellent way to wind down at night. If you enjoy smoking or consuming cannabis, it's the perfect pair. Even science has proven that viewing television while high is more enjoyable. 

These are some of the best weed shows that you can stream on popular sites. If you like drama, documentaries, cooking, or a light-hearted comedy, the programs about marijuana touch all of these. 

What's the wait? Start off by ordering your seeds from us, then once your crop is harvested you’re ready to roll up a joint and start watching one of these weed shows. Laugh or learn something new at the end of your day to understand more about the stoner lifestyle.

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