The term ‘chronic’ is thrown around in reference to cannabis in general these days, but there is also a specific strain that goes by the name of Chronic.Combining the genetics of AK-47, Northern Lights, and Skunk #1 - three superstar strains in their own right - Chronic comes from the same Canadian breeders who brought the world White Russian. Chronic is a true crowd pleaser in every sense of the word, with a THC concentration that varies wildly - anything from 10% up to 20% and more. Depending on the batch, you could also be looking at a CBD content of anything up to 13%.

General Characteristics

Chronic plants produce relatively small yet perfectly dense buds, with the usual indica structure and a popcorn-like appearance. The olive green leaves are interspersed by bright red pistils, while the whole thing develops a yellow-tinged coating of thick and sticky trichomes. The golden glow of Chronic in the sunlight makes it borderline irresistible.

There’s an exceptionally skunky and dank fragrance to Chronic’s buds, which intensifies enormously with proper curing. When the buds are broken, a huge hit of fresh pine underpins the earthy overtones, with a serious dose of exotic spice and rich hash. All of which translates to a fierce and fiery smoke when lit, which has a tendency to induce coughing in even the more experienced smokers. The flavour is predominantly spicy peppercorns with a hint of fruit, lingering indefinitely after the exhale. Chronic is the kind of strain that’s practically impossible to keep under wraps, as the smell of the smoke is quite ferocious.

Chronic Effects

Chronic packs a punch that’s just as powerful as its fragrance would suggest. A single hit is all it takes to feel the full effects of Chronic on the mind, beginning with a wave of fast-paced free thinking and plenty of creativity. Used cautiously, it can be just the thing to inject a little life and enjoyment into the more boring tasks and chores you’d rather not bother with. It’s also a great social smoke, often triggering fits of hysterics and giddy conversation after a few modest hits.

Given time, the initial wave of energetic euphoria gives way to a slow-building body stone. Eventually leading to a complete sense of physical relaxation, while at the same time keeping the mind clear and focused. All of which makes Chronic an outstanding evening smoke, whether spending time alone or hanging out with friends. The more time that passes, the closer you edge to drifting away into a fantastic night’s sleep. Just be sure to plan ahead with this strain - Chronic’s high has a tendency to last for up to 6 hours.

Chronic Medical Applications

Bag yourself a batch of Chronic with a high CBD content and you’re looking at one of the most versatile medical cannabis strains on the market. Chronic has built an unrivalled reputation for its capacity to alleviate aches and pains, while at the same time making light work of insomnia. Chronic is also associated with truly tenacious munchies, making it great for the treatment of poor appetite.

The only slight downside being that as Chronic almost always leads to mind-race, it can be somewhat overwhelming for individuals prone to anxiety or panic attacks. Anyone with a low THC tolerance is advised to proceed with caution.

Growing Chronic

Chronic is readily available by way of both seeds or clones, producing relatively robust plants with decent resistance to mould and disease. Flowering times come in at around the 10-week mark, after which a moderate harvest can be expected. You’ll need relatively warm Mediterranean-like conditions to grow outside, along with fairly elevated humidity for the best possible results. As Chronic is a particularly pungent specimen, filtration and general odour control systems come highly recommended.

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