Often referred to as PR (or in some cases OG #18), Private Reserve is a delightfully mysterious hybrid. Beautifully balanced and versatile in the extreme, the exact origins of Private Reserve remain unknown to this day. Nevertheless, it has built a huge following in medical and recreational cannabis circles alike, primarily due to its potency and consistency. Bag yourself a decent batch of Private Reserve and you could be looking at a THC content in the region of 25%. More than enough to take even the most experienced smokers for one hell of a ride.

Private Reserve General Characteristics
THC content varies from one batch to the next, but Private Reserve is nonetheless considered an impressively consistent specimen. Private Reserve plants produce beautiful olive green buds, which emit a mouthwatering fragrance of sweet sugar and sour citrus. There’s an unmistakable undertone of heavy skunk and damp earth, which only adds to Private Reserve’s appeal on the nose.

Set light to Private Reserve and the sugary sweetness bursts into life, though develops a fresh pine-tinged fragrance with just the right amount of spice. The smoke is as dense and heavy as you’d expect it to be, though not at all harsh on the airways. Expect a lingering sugary-earthy aftertaste on the exhale that simply doesn’t quit.

Private Reserve Effects

Private Reserve is considered by many to be the ultimate ‘one hit and quit’ strain. Understandable, given how a single heavy hit of this stuff is more than enough to get a taste for what it’s all about. One deep inhale and pretty much anything bothering you from the day (or any other day, for that matter) is erased for existence. There’s a near-instant feeling of mental serenity that makes the world a better place. Though to such an extent that you’ll most likely be perfectly content doing nothing and saying nothing. Hence, it’s a strain to enjoy when there’s nothing to do and nobody to entertain.

Couchlock is borderline inevitable, along with a case of the munchies you’ll struggle to satisfy. Private Reserve is all about peace, tranquillity and contentment - perfect for kissing goodbye to a lousy day…or week.

Private Reserve Medical Applications
Private Reserve delivers the kind of gut-punch that makes it perfect for the treatment of poor appetite. From general digestive issues to nausea and so on, this stuff brings on the kind of hunger little else comes close to.

Medical cannabis patients also routinely turn to Private Reserve for the treatment of insomnia and general sleep issues. Given time, Private Reserve brings on fantastically restful sleep and near-eliminates the likelihood of waking up before morning. Anxiety, stress and mild depression are also no match for Private Reserve, which launches a strategic nuclear strike on anything and everything that might be bothering you.

There’s also evidence to suggest Private Reserve could be just the thing for tackling chronic pain or muscle tension, as an alternative to conventional pharmaceuticals.

Growing Private Reserve
Private Reserve is best suited to a carefully controlled indoor grow space, unless you live towards the southern Mediterranean. Get it right and you’ll be looking at flowering times in the region of eight weeks, after which it’s not uncommon to harvest as much as 22oz of cannabis per plant. That’s a hell of a lot of Private Reserve - especially considering its up-to-25% THC content. However, Private Reserve demands a fair amount of TLC and is maybe a little too fickle for inexperienced growers to handle.

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