There was a time not particularly long ago that to grow indoors meant to stick a few pots on the windowsill and hope nature was kind enough to make it happen.  These days however, modern hydroponics and grow systems have made it easier and more affordable than ever before to grow all manner of goodies pretty much anywhere in the home, with the same kinds of success rates as would be expected from the traditional outdoor growing.

But here’s the thing – if what you are essentially looking to do is to replicate ideal outdoor conditions, what exactly is the point of bringing things indoors? Or in other words, if for example you were looking to cultivate and revel in the delights of your very own herb garden, why would it make sense to make it an indoor garden rather than getting busy outdoors?

Quite simply, indoor growing serves up a unique smorgasbord of fantastic benefits and advantages, including the following:

  • First up, perhaps the most advantageous thing of all about creating an indoor herb garden is the way in which it allows you to grow anything you want all year round. Even in the middle of the winter when growing so much as a scrap outdoors would be a ludicrous proposition, you can grow and harvest outstanding crops to your heart’s content.
  • Next up, while it might be fair to say that Mother Nature knows best when it comes to giving plants, vegetables, herbs and whatnot everything they need to grow strong and healthy, she also has a habit of throwing out the occasional curveball…and a deadly one at that. When you grow indoors however, you technically stand in for Mother Nature and are therefore able to provide your plants with absolutely everything they need, when they need it and in the kind of concentration they need it to grow stronger and generally better than they ever could outdoors.
  • Anyone with an interest in gardening would be unlikely to consider it an inconvenience. But at the same time, there’s really no disputing the unique convenience of having your garden right there at your fingertips in the home itself, 24 hours a day and unaffected by unpleasant weather conditions.  Heading out into the garden may take at least a little effort – tending to your indoor herb garden is a breeze, night or day.
  • It’s also worth bearing in mind that hydroponic gardening allows for considerably more plants to be grown in much less space than would be required were they to be planted outdoors. As such, if you only have a very small garden or perhaps have no garden at all, there is every chance you could have much more success and produce much more abundant crop if you were to focus on the indoor gardening primarily.
  • If you have every intention of creating an outdoor herb garden, actually kicking things off indoors can help ensure that each and every plant is given the strongest possible start and stands the best chance of reaching its full potential outdoors.
  • Also advantageous about growing indoors is the way in which an indoor herb garden is exponentially less likely to be attacked, damaged or destroyed by any number of outdoor pests. From insects to slugs to the neighbors’ pets and all those heavy-footed kids, an indoor herb garden is vastly better-protected.
  • Last but not least, regardless of where it is in the world you live you will always be to some extent limited with regard to what varieties of herbs you can realistically grow outdoors. By contrast, you can technically grow absolutely anything of any kind from anywhere in the world if you set up indoors, just so long as you have the time and patience to dedicate to the task.



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