Slowly but surely, more recreational and therapeutic weed dispensaries are rolling out the option of home delivery. Medical cannabis sellers in particular are making the effort to ensure it’s as easy and convenient as possible for their customers to get the products they need.

Both in the United States and Canada, cannabis dispensaries (in accordance with local law) may be permitted to provide home deliveries. Deliveries which, in the vast majority of instances, are organized online.

But what are the potential benefits of ordering weed online for home delivery? Rather than heading out to a store and browsing what’s on offer in person, are there instances where shopping online could be a preferable option?

The short answer is yes - and that’s without taking into account the obvious COVID-related issues plaguing the retail market at the moment.

Pandemic or not, these are just a few of the reasons why shopping online for weed (legally) can sometimes be advantageous:


1. It’s Quicker and Easier

If simply looking to maximize the convenience of the whole thing, shopping online is borderline unbeatable. You don’t have to take a trip to the dispensary, you don’t have to wait in line and you don’t have to confine yourself to standard store opening times.

Instead, you can browse what’s on offer on a 24/7 basis, place your order from home and wait for your goodies to arrive on your doorstep. All at a predetermined time and date, as dispensaries that offer home delivery must make all drop-offs themselves - never via carriers or standard postal services.


2.  Superior Selection of Products (Sometimes)

Though not always the case, there are instances where online dispensaries offer way bigger product ranges than their conventional counterparts. It can also be much easier to browse what’s on offer online, with instant-access listings and detailed descriptions of every product available.

Space is often at a premium in many dispensaries, making it impossible for more than a few dozen strains and products to be displayed at any one time. Online, there are no such limitations, making it much easier to check out what’s available.


3. Lower prices (Again, Sometimes)

Some dispensaries encourage online sales by bringing exclusive incentives into the mix. By shopping online, you either get more for your money or lower prices on the same products. The reason being that selling weed online eliminates almost all overheads and effort on the part of the seller, allowing products to be sold for lower prices. 

You’ll also often find exclusive time-limited deals and discounts available online, which aren’t offered to those shopping in-store.


4. Online Reviews and Recommendations

Many of the better online dispensaries allow their customers to leave honest and impartial reviews and recommendations after purchasing their products.  This is the kind of information that can be pure gold, if not entirely sure which strains and products you need. 

It’s also a fantastic way of assessing product quality, as you cannot always rely on the dispensary itself to be 100% honest and objective.


5. It’s a Great Way of Planning Ahead

Last up, scheduling online weed deliveries ahead of time can be a great way of ensuring you never run out. If it’s pretty clear you’ll be running dry in about a week’s time and you simply don’t have time to take a shopping trip, you can schedule a delivery for whenever you feel like.

And again, the appeal of having all the weed and weed-related products you could ever wish for delivered the right to your doorstep is self-explanatory.  Especially when considering the potential for exclusive deals and discounts, if you choose the right sellers. 

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