Ah, those quintessential candy-inspired cannabis strains - it’s almost impossible not to love them.

Tending towards the Sativa side of things (though not always), these hybrid strains are famous for their extraordinarily rich terpene profiles capable of delivering the most unforgettable flavors and aromas that remind you with every toke of the most delicious desserty treats imaginable.

From chocolate to citrus and beyond, if you’re with us in loving the full and widest range of flavor that cannabis is capable of, then you should see our Canndy Store like a cannabis Willy Wonka’s factory - and you don’t even need a golden ticket to get in!

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You see, we understand that we’ve all had some bitter pills to swallow recently with the COVID-19 lockdown, so we figured something sweet would be the perfect treat as life begins to return to normality.

That’s why until noon BST on July 17th (7:00 am EST, 4:00 am PT), we’re offering a huge 30% off on all of our most deliciously drool-worthy, mouthwatering candy-inspired marijuana seeds while stocks last.

These beans represent the best of West Coast classics and Amsterdam legends, the pinnacle of premium pot at its absolute tastiest.

They’re the kind of seeds and strains that breeders have tinkered with for years, perfecting phenotypes, hunting down the rarest landraces and breeding the world’s most beloved genetics to create new strains which are widely becoming the future of cannabis.

Does more flavor mean less potency?

It’s a question we hear a lot from anyone considering a cannabis connoisseur’s life or straying away from their tried and tested go-to strains - especially among some of you seasoned old-school tokers and growers.

Well, lay down your White Widow and set aside your Skunk, ladies and gents, because we’re here to tell you that more flavor doesn’t mean less potency. Not even close.

Sure, there may have been a time when focusing on enriching the terpene profile of your strains would result in lower THC content, but those days are done.

In fact, take a specimen like Girl Scout Cookies Auto and you’re in for an average of 25 to 28% THC alongside those decadent cookie flavors. Breeders have improved massively over the years, to the point that you can place utmost faith in the genetic stability and reputation of these kickass candy strains without worrying that you’re sacrificing your high for taste.

Are candy strains all couch-lockers?

You’ll find a lot of these taste sensations come with a sizable percentage of THC, and while of course this does mean you’ll want to consume with caution, these sumptuous strains are far from a one size fits all deal.

Just like any classic strain from the ‘Dam, you’ll find Sativas and Indicas among the SeedSupreme Canndy Store, some with potent couch-locking powers, others capable of sending you on a wildly exhilarating cerebral ride.

The choice of chill out or take on the world is yours, but we’re doing our part to give you as much detail as possible so you know what to expect and can make the right choice for your cannabis needs.

SeedSupreme suggests…

Sometimes it’s tough to know which candy-inspired cannabis strain is right for you. There are bunches to choose from and a lot of that is going to come down to personal preference. Take the time to browse the menu and find the strains that the mere description of makes your skin go all tingly.

That said, for those craving stupidly tasty and highly potent strains with sky-high THC levels, you’ll struggle to go wrong with the likes of the aforementioned GSC Auto or the famed Girl Scout Cookies x Jack Herer Feminized.

If a more manageable (but still fairly mighty) THC closer to the 20% mark is more your thing, set your sights on the likes of Candy Punch Regular - a delectable specimen hailing from Kush genetics, overflowing with exquisite lemon and berry scents and flavors, and packed with a focused and creative high you’ll not soon forget.

Or for those looking for their new favorite therapeutic strain, sneak a peek at CBD Sour Lemon Feminized and her perfectly balanced 1:1 THC to CBD ratio.

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