In a recent post, we tackled the all-important question of whether or not being a budtender is as fantastic as it sounds. The obvious answer being yes – being a budtender is a dream-ticket job for anyone with a passion for pot.

However, we also concluded with a warning regarding the ferocious competition for available budtender posts. It’s not quite as simple as wandering into a cannabis dispensary and walking out with a job offer – you need to bring your A-game if you’re serious about a cannabis career. 

That’s why we thought in this post, we’d take a closer look at the ideal resume for a budtender. For most dispensary owners and employers at least, these are the skills and attributes that separate the prime candidates from those passed over:


Customer Service Experience

The vast majority of your time at work will be spent helping and advising customers at the dispensary. Relevant customer service experience is therefore mandatory – becoming a budtender as your first customer service gig just isn’t going to happen. 


A Proven Passion for Pot

This doesn’t mean simply shouting about how much weed you smoke or how you love getting high. It’s about how far you’ve gone beyond the basics – your experience growing cannabis from seeds, the cannabis events you’ve attended and what you’ve done to support the drive for legalization. 


Experience in a Retail Environment

This is less about the soft skills associated with customer service and more about things like cash handling, shelf stocking, warehousing, inventory management and so on. Basically, anything that will enable you to get to grips with the logistics of running a dispensary business better.


Extensive Product Knowledge

You more or less need an encyclopedic knowledge of as many cannabis strains and cannabis products in general as your brain can accommodate. From cannabis flowers to edibles to topicals to vapes and so on, the more extensive and diverse your product knowledge, the better.


A Commitment to Learning

However much you think you know about weed, there’s always more to learn.  For employers and dispensary owners, there’s nothing more important than candidates demonstrating a commitment to learning and a passion for their own continuous professional development.


Certifications or Training

While it’s not a formal requirement to obtain any specific qualifications or certificates to become a budtender, all accolades you collect could work in your favor. Again, it’s a case of demonstrating your passion, commitment and enthusiasm to potential employers.


Personal Statement and Objectives

You’ll also be expected to provide a (very) brief personal statement, outlining what drives you, why you’re applying for this job and what you intend to get out of it. This is also where you’ll need to share your ambitions and long-term career objectives, along with any other information you feel relevant to support your application.


Personal and Professional References

As with all other jobs, you’ll most likely be required to provide the details of three people who can verify the information you’ve submitted in your application. Professional and personal references should be selected with due care and attention – ideally those in a position of authority who can add weight to your resume. 


Tell the Truth and Nothing But the Truth…

Rounding things off, this is precisely the kind of industry where you cannot and will not get away with fabrication. If your resume and application get you through the door, you’ll still have a series of interviews and a probationary period to deal with.

During which, all of your ‘unrivalled knowledge and expertise’ you bragged about in your application will be put to the test. And any lies or exaggerations will become painfully apparent, at which point you can forget about trust, credibility or perhaps even holding on to your job.

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