Benefits of Marijuana

Research shows that marijuana is enjoyed by a very high number of people around the world. Many countries have banned recreational use of the drug and there is still great debate on whether this is right or wrong. However, medicinal use of the drug is to be encouraged because of the many benefits associated with Cannabis. In the past, marijuana was used by traditional healers to heal common ailments. These days marijuana is often given to cancer patients because it helps with the pain and dealing with side effects from chemotherapy drugs.

You can use the leaves, flowers and cannabis seeds. The growth of Cannabis is only limited to areas that the law allows for it to be grown. Indoor growing has been done by many people that do not want to deal with law enforcers. However, it can be done in areas where there are no restrictions.

Most people get licenses to be able to grow the plant for medicinal purposes. Colorado and Michigan states allow people to grow marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Advantages of Growing Marijuana Outdoors

It is important to know the benefits associated with growing marijuana outdoors, to know whether it is an option for you. Some of the benefits associated with this option include:

Less Care

Growing outdoors generally means less equipment, labour and care. For the first few weeks of growth the plants will need the same care as those in an indoor environment but afterwards they can be left to grow on their own.

High yields

these plants are associated with high yields because there is no limitation of space to grow into. They can grow to heights of 2 metres or more without any problem.

Better End Results

People that have smoked marijuana say that there is a difference between bud grown outdoors and indoors. The maximum yields and, more importantly, the taste, are far superior with outdoor grows.

It is important  to choose your seeds carefully. There are numerous cannabis seed banks that sell all kinds of weed seeds. You should choose one that is legal to offer you these services. Their experience with the plant should also allows the weed seed sellers to offer you the advice you need in order to cultivate your marijuana outdoors. I recommend checking out SeedSupreme Seed Bank.

Types of Weed Seeds

There are different types of weed seeds that are available in the market. The type that you use ultimately decides the type of yield that you get. Most growers opt to use Feminised seeds. These seeds do not produce male chromosomes. There are also Autoflowering seeds that are popular because they begin the flowering stage more easily than other types. Autoflowering varieties will start budding by the third or fourth week after planting them. This is very convenient, especially for first time growers.

Auflowering or Feminised cannabis seeds come in different strains. It is important to know the type of strain that you need before buying the seeds to use for growing marijuana. Check out the descriptions and reviews on your chosen cannabis seed website.

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