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GG 4 Autoflower Seeds

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An excellent example of cross breeding done right, GG #4 Autoflower jumped on the bandwagon of popular auto strains by combining the already popular photoperiod version of GG4 with an unknown Ruderalis. The result: a mighty 22% to 25% THC...

Small in Stature, Heavy on the Highs


Bud Basics

An excellent example of cross breeding done right, GG #4 Autoflower jumped on the bandwagon of popular auto strains by combining the already popular photoperiod version of GG4 with an unknown Ruderalis. The result: a mighty 22% to 25% THC Indica-Ruderalis that grows fast and thick with minimum effort, ready to blow you away.


GG #4 was a monster combination of three already powerful strains: Chem’s SisterChocolate Diesel and Sour Dubb. So as you might expect, it’s a hell of a high, and even took first place in 2014 at the Los Angeles and Michigan Cannabis Cup Awards, as well as the High Times Jamaican World Cup.


Instant positivity is the first thing you’ll notice upon taking a toke of this mighty marijuana auto, as your mind’s limitations are removed to free you from stress and anxiety, filled instead with euphoric cerebral stimulation. All the while, you’ll find yourself blanketed in soft, heavy warmth and relaxation that eases away such physical discomforts as arthritis, migraines and PMS to soothe you into heavy slumber - a favorite for those seeking a sedating high of powerful proportions.


An evening delight if ever there was one, all this can be achieved with the quick cultivation of GG #4 Auto to produce early harvests with rookie rearing tactics, as the plant almost takes care of herself. Since she's a small plant, there’s no need to worry about space and discretion either, and with a short life cycle, you can even consider more than on harvest per year for a healthy yield of up to 600 grams.



Flavor and Fragrance of GG #4

The phrase you’re most likely to hear when discussing the flavor of GG #4 is “acquired taste”, as upon first smoking a joint of this strain you’re likely to think first of old pee and ammonia… This might seem overpowering for those new to the strain, but once you’ve acclimatized, you’ll find there are other, subtler notes hidden beneath the initial stench.


Once you’ve inhaled, expect to taste hints of coffee, mocha and savory pine. Some consumers have reported a citrus twist in the ganja’s aftertaste, and hints of fruit due to the genetic ancestry of the strain, but overall this will be fairly mild.


The aftertaste of GG #4 is likely to linger a while, packing a sour punch of diesel, inherited from the potent parent strains.




Fast acting and effective, one joint of GG #4 will send you off into the heavens on a soaring cerebral trip to the stratosphere, clearing away psychological burdens and uplifting you into a euphoria that pulses with happiness.


Almost immediately after this mental state envelops you, your body begins to gently relax into a welcomingly heavy, almost meditative state where the desire to move quickly dissipates along with the cares of the day. This is definitely a strain for evenings and weekends lounging on the couch with snacks, music and TV. 


This is a hybrid strain that will while away several hours in peace, and eventually wind you down to a glue-y, couchlocking body-stone that concludes with slumber.



Medical Uses of GG #4 Autoflower

GG #4 is a strain that provides a lot with only a little, as the THC levels of this plant are sky high, often exceeding the 20% mark and closing in on 30%. In addition to this, the presence of notable amounts of beneficial terpenes also contribute to those potent medicinal properties, with a profile laden with limonene, myrcene, linalool and pinene that almost doubles the virtues of the strain.


Often used by those suffering with anxiety and stress, GG #4 is effective at relieving symptoms of such due to the presence of powerful anxiolytic agents. As such, this strain is a potent choice for mental health concerns with similar symptoms, such as PTSD, bipolar disorder, depression and several mood disorders as it can provide much needed relief.


As the body follows the mind with this hybrid, it can also be beneficial for physical conditions and ailments such as Multiple Sclerosis, PMS, arthritis, migraine and rheumatism due to the anodyne and anti-inflammatory properties of the strain.


The munchies are strong with GG #4 Auto, and that has been noted by many consumers who have difficulty with lack of appetite, eating disorders and the like. Since the high THC in the strain helps to reduce the nausea often induced from medication or chemotherapy, it can be used to great effect to mitigate vomiting and encourage healthier eating habits if used correctly.


Last but not least, insomniacs look no further - this beauty can induce long, deep sleep, acting as a sedative as the body high of the strain winds down, which can be beneficial for those with ADD or ADHD too.


As with most strains, caution is key - in high doses the high levels of THC in this marijuana can lead to or worsen cases of cottonmouth, dry eyes and even anxiety and paranoia. As such, take care not to overdo it.



Growing GG #4 Autoflower

GG #4 Auto closely resembles other versions of the strain, but due to being autoflowering is somewhat smaller when fully grown, at around 60 to 100 centimeters. However, the plant is strong and sturdy beneath a heavy foliage, and as such needs no support despite the broad leaves, secondary clusters of buds and enormous apical cola.


With at least 18 hours per day of light, you can expect GG #4 to grow well with little effort, though if you’re happy to pay the bills that come alongside it, go ahead and give your plants a full 24 hours -  provided that you can accommodate for the extra heat produced.


While we’re on the subject of temperature, this is a strain that requires between 20° to 26°C for the plant to remain comfortable, alongside a relative humidity (RH) level of around 40% to 50%. Since GG #4 Autoflower has a fairly short lifespan and matures quickly, keeping the plants' environment at optimum levels is important to shield them from health concerns and focus on budding, as there just isn’t time for recovery here.


As an autoflowering strain, this potent hybrid will switch from her vegetative state into her flowering state with age, rather than a change in light levels, meaning that you have little to no control over how quickly your crop is ready for harvest - usually around 9 to 10 weeks in.


Even so, you can maximize the output of the plant with a Sea of Green setup of 4 to 16 floras per square meter under 600-10 watt bulbs. This way, as harvest time rolls around you’ll find yourself with between 400 to 600 grams of forest green nugs covered in frosty white crystal trichomes, ready to glue up those scissors.


It is possible to grow GG #4 Autoflower outdoors due to the plant's Ruderalis roots, and you can still harvest a decent yield if you choose to do so, however a favorable environment is key. Warm, humid, Mediterranean weather is preferable, and you can manage up to 300 grams of flower if you maximize potential with 11 to 13 gallon pots.




Breeding the award-winning genetics of GG #4 with an unknown Ruderalis was always going to be a genius idea, and the autoflowering result is proof. With a short life cycle and healthy yield, this is a perfect cannabis for beginners who want plenty of bang for their buck.


Despite being something of an acquired taste, GG #4 Autoflower still boasts an interesting flavor profile of earthy, ammonia laden smoke, tempered with mocha and pine to have you coming back for more despite yourself.


A cerebral high and a heavy body-buzz in one, expect this strain to knock you flat and send you reeling with just one puff, leaving you glued down and unable to resist the delights on offer. Which is of course why medicinal users flock to GG #4 - a ganja of many talents, suitable for relieving a variety of physical and mental symptoms alike, with little effort at all.


As with other autoflowering strains, GG #4 is small in stature, but mighty and strong - meaning that even a beginner can manage a decent yield of sticky trichomes and dense buds with minimum maintenance. Perfect.

Strain Profile
SexFeminized Autoflower
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypeAutoflowering

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