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Alien GG 4 Feminized Seeds

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This hybrid is every bit as stellar as you’d expect her to be, quickly plunging the entire body into a state of outright incapacitation that lingers for hours. But what makes Alien GG such a special strain is the way in which she combines the ultimate in...

A Mighty Marijuana (Inter)Stellar Specimen


Bud Basics

We’ve said it a thousand times - combining the genetics of two superstar strains sets you up for more of the same. In the case of Alien GG, this stuff was created by combining the genetics of Alien Technology with GG #4 - both of which are renowned for their borderline extraterrestrial properties.


This hybrid is every bit as stellar as you’d expect her to be, quickly plunging the entire body into a state of outright incapacitation that lingers for hours. But what makes Alien GG such a special strain is the way in which she combines the ultimate in couch-locking body stones with a dreamy and blissful cerebral uplift. To a degree, exactly what you would expect from a strain with 70% Indica and 30% Sativa genetics. Not to mention, a THC content that has no trouble tipping the scales at 24%. 


An excellent choice for first-time home growers, this strain combines the satisfaction of cultivating quality cannabis with one of the easiest experiences imaginable. Equally famous for her sweet and refreshing pine-fresh fragrance, Alien GG Feminized is something of a wolf in sheep’s clothing - she has all the makings of something kind and considerate, only to then blast you into kingdom come after a single heavy hit.


There’s a time and a place for uplifting strains that fill you with energy and motivation. There’s also a time and a place for incapacitating yourself and enjoying a spell of bone idleness. In the case of the latter, Alien GG is in a league of her own.



Flavor and Fragrance of Alien GG

The precise terpene composition of Alien GG Feminized remains a mystery, but it nonetheless combines all the fabulous fragrances of both parent strains. On the nose, there’s an immediate hit of sugary-sweetness, combined with plenty of pine freshness and wet earth. It’s a deep and delightfully dank affair when the buds are broken - even more so when you set light to them.


On the inhale, these buds are rich, thick and satisfying, though can be a little on the harsh side. On the exhale, there’s far more of the candy sweetness than expected, leaving behind a dreamy aftertaste that lingers for hours on end.




Psychedelic and incapacitating in equal measures, Alien GG takes body and mind on very different rides. At one end of the spectrum, you have the body stone - one that quickly makes its way to the extremities and leaves you feeling practically paralyzed. This stuff brings on the kind of couch-lock there’s absolutely nothing you can do about, so you need to plan accordingly and embrace the experience. 


Meanwhile, at the exact opposite end of the scale, your brain is propelled into the stratosphere on a blissful and borderline brain-busting trip of a lifetime.  Wave after wave of euphoria takes over, replacing negative thoughts and emotions with all things positive and optimistic. The psychedelic effects of Alien GG are more pronounced during the early stages, during which your perceptions of everything around you could be radically altered.


For all of these reasons, this exciting hybrid isn’t what you’d call an ideal daytime strain - nor is she a popular choice for social situations. The effects of Alien GG have been known to linger for up to six hours, making this a serious ‘calendar clearer’ not to be taken for granted.



Medical Uses of Alien GG Feminized

The potential medical applications of Alien GG Feminized aren’t strictly one-dimensional, but this is a pretty simple strain in terms of what to expect.


Replacing negativity with optimism and outright euphoria, this strain quickly gets to work on stress, depression, anxiety and mood disorders. If you’re simply not feeling great and need something to elevate your mood, this stuff will have you back at your best in no time.


That said, Alien GG also brings inevitable incapacitation into the mix.  So while consuming these buds can and will boost your mood for hours on end, it will also prevent you from doing anything physical whatsoever. This is where the real value of the strain lies - having the power to numb every inch of your body from head to toe. 


From chronic pain to insomnia to stiffness to migraines to muscle aches, the pain-relieving properties of Alien GG are simply extraordinary. As are her effects against insomnia and similar sleep disorders, given how it’s practically impossible to stay awake as the high progresses.


Again, just be sure to take that paralyzing body stone into consideration, as there’s no way you’ll be lifting a finger for some time. If you’re in need of a little comfort during downtime, though, this may be the perfect bud to use.



Growing Alien Alien GG Feminized

As touched upon back at the beginning, Alien GG Fem is a fantastic strain for novice growers.


Firstly, this feminized version practically eliminates the risk of unwanted male plants. Secondly, a mature specimen will rarely reach in excess of 80cm. Perhaps most importantly, this is an exceptionally resilient strain where diseases and common plant problems are concerned, and can also withstand relatively unpredictable weather conditions with no real drama. 


In fact, all it takes is an occasional prune to maximize fresh air circulation to get the most out of your Alien GG plants.


Flowering times average around eight weeks, after which yields as generous as 18oz for every square meter of grow space are not uncommon. No special effort needed regard to cultivation method or plant support - Alien GG more or less takes care of everything on your behalf.


If you are planning on growing outdoors and using a photoperiod strain, aim to harvest your buds towards the middle of October at the latest.




Alien GG is, in every respect, exactly what it says on the tin. An exceptionally potent Indica-heavy hybrid, which gets to work on body and mind with a huge 24% THC content. The high is predominantly physical, though is accompanied by a soaring and long-last cerebral uplift.


Perfect when looking to turn the page on a frankly terrible day, this heavy hybrid is one of the most enjoyable evening smokes available, and boasts a long list of potential therapeutic applications - predominantly in relation to her relaxing and pain-relieving properties.

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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