With the world changing and weed being legalized, hybrids have taken over. Most of the ganja you’ll get your hands on is, in fact, a hybrid. 

Similar to the creation of different dog breeds through cross-breeding, pot strains have been crossed. It’s done to create the perfect high, depending on what the user wishes to feel. 

Weed is increasing in demand, which means an increase in the want for different effects depending on what the consumer intends to use. You’ll be looking for specific strains to help you out in different areas, whether for increased creativity, energy, stress relief, or insomnia. 

This best hybrid strains list will help you choose the ideal strain for your wants and needs.


What are hybrid strains?

Before we jump into the details, let’s take a look at what hybrid ganja is. The two main cannabis strains are sativa and indica, both of which affect their users in different ways. For years, potheads have had to choose a strain type depending on how they’d like to feel.

If you want to experience an energetic, motivated high, you’ll choose a sativa, and if a more relaxed, couch-bound experience sounds better, indica would be the ideal choice. This division left smokers asking; what if I’d like a little of both? The answer to that came about with the invention of hybrids.

A hybrid is a combination of a sativa and indica strain. Some hybrids have a higher indica content, meaning a more relaxed buzz, usually without total couch-lock. Others are sativa-leaning and can be used to feel calm but energetic at the same time.   

Now let’s jump into the details with the best hybrid strains.


Best hybrid strains

Whether you've been feeling down, need motivation, or have just been struggling to sleep, you'll find the strain below to help fix your problems and make you feel like a million bucks. 


Best Hybrid Marijuana Strains 2021


Jack Herer

One of the best sativa dominant hybrid strains, Jack Herer, was named after a legendary cannabis activist. This cultivar boosts your mental state with overly happy feelings and plenty of medical benefits related to pain and stress.

You can grow easily indoors and outdoors and enjoy a harvest with a range of flavors, including fruits, pepper, and wood.


Wedding Cake 

When it comes to the best indica dominant hybrid strains, this combination of Triangle Kush and Animal Mints tops the charts. Wedding Cake provides relief from stress, pain, and insomnia while giving you a relaxing, euphoric high. 

Well known for inducing munchies, make sure you stock up your pantry before firing up a roach using this girl. 



Don’t let the name fool you. AK-47 may pack a punch, but it’s more of the relaxed, mentally alert type rather than the violent one. The fusion of Thai and Afghanistan strains has placed this beauty high up on the best hybrid marijuana strains list.

Put on your favorite song and let your happy, creative juices flow when getting blazed on this herb. Used to treat depression, insomnia, and anxiety, she pairs perfectly with good music and a soothing environment.


Girl Scout Cookies 

This classic marijuana strain is popular among stoners, thanks to the 25% THC levels that put you in super-chill mode. The indica soothes you while the sativa takes a stronghold. Expect the best of both worlds with this outstanding cultivar. 

The name doesn’t disappoint on the flavor front as you savor cinnamon and nutmeg in this delicious smokeable sweet treat. Girl Scout Cookies also helps wash away chronic pain, inflammation, and muscle tension.


White Widow  

Undoubtedly a world-famous 4/20 partner, White Widow is certainly one of the best 50/50 hybrid strains of all time. This multi-award-winning herb has left weed connoisseurs in awe of her yields and potent effects. 

A breezy, carefree high ideal for social settings is this lady’s MO. Not only can she turn introverts into socialites, but she also delivers a kick of motivation to spark creativity. What more could you ask for in a bud?


Gorilla Glue 4/GG 4 

An award-winning strain, Gorilla Glue #4 topped the charts with her psychoactive effects and high THC content. 

With a smell that you might compare to cat urine, she’s a stinky one but no need to worry. Once you’ve been dazzled by her effects, you’ll look past her aroma.


Best Hybrid Marijuana Strains 2021



With a 55%/45% indica/sativa blend, not only can you expect a productivity boost from a toke, but relaxed muscles and a snoozy body high too. Not much describes the best of both worlds better. 

We’ve added Chemdawg to the best hybrid weed strains list not only for her effects but decadent lemony aromas and pleasant taste too. 


Cherry Pie 

Like a warm cup of cocoa on a cold winter’s day, Cherry Pie will wrap her sweet, berry-scented arms around you, making you feel cozy and comforted

Are you looking for the perfect wind down after a long day? This gem might just be the one for you. Once you get a hit of what she has to offer, you’ll be eased into a happy-go-lucky state and have all your stresses melt away. It’s no wonder this strain made it to be of the best indica dominant hybrid strains.


OG Kush 

OG Kush is an indica-heavy hybrid and old-school classic. This strain grows well indoors and has played a part in developing many modern hybrid cultivars.

Consume this weed at night time as your body becomes numb, and all negative thoughts get swept away. Newbies take it easy—a few puffs, and you could be stoned for hours to come with this hard-hitter that boasts pine and woody flavors.


Sour Diesel

This fashionable herb has joined the best hybrid strains list for its fuel-like aroma, high yields, and sought-after effects.  An electrifying high will entice you into completing all the tasks you’ve been putting off. 

All wake and bake friends—light up a blunt of Sour Diesel, and you’ll have a riveting head high with all bodily functions left intact.


Blue Dream 

Does the sound of stress-free innovation seem too good to be true? Blue Dream will bring that fantasy to life with enticing blueberry aromas, drawing you in every step of the way. 

Widely used to treat nausea, pain, and depression, Blue Dream is helpful for recreational and medicinal utilization. A one-stop relaxation trip is to be looked forward to with this one of the best hybrid weed strains.


May the best strain win

So folks, no matter what type of buzz you need, there’ll be a hybrid out there perfect for you.

So put on your smoking socks, and get ready to explore the best hybrid strains. Whatever your mood, you’ll find an ideal partner in crime. 

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