Today, the best hybrid strains are becoming super exotic types of weed that have multi-dimensional effects offering bliss and relief. Although these plants aren’t 100% pure breeds but rather a mixture of strains, the results are extraordinary.


These hybrid cannabis strains produce various potential holistic properties that promise pain relief, mental stimulation, and heavy-hitting euphoric sensations. 


Join us as we explore the best hybrid weed in 2022, and then you can decide which is your favorite.


Let's get started.


Best Hybrid Marijuana Strains 2022


Strongest hybrid strains

High-THC strains are best known for delivering psychedelic effects, leaving you feeling blissed out, happy, and carefree.


Who wouldn’t want that?


Here are some of the strongest hybrids with high THC levels and mind-blowing effects.


Chiquita Banana

Chiquita Banana is a sought-after cultivar for users seeking intense therapeutic and euphoric effects. This cannabis cultivar is one of the best hybrid strains and is a cross between OG Kush and Banana.


Chiquita Banana produces a rich-THC level ranging between 26–30% and should be consumed in moderate doses.


The effects continually glide in for a few hours while dissolving negative thoughts and doubts. The sweet flavors of these powerful buds offer happy, giggly, and relaxed reverberations.


Users report that the cannabis from Chiquita Banana may help with stress, chronic pain, and an increased appetite. After smoking one of the best hybrid weed strains, a rush of euphoric activity sizzles towards your head.


Low tolerance and new smokers should take it slow with this marijuana strain, as the effects become intense and overwhelming. Remember to stay hydrated during your session to avoid adverse effects like cottonmouth. 


White WidowAfter a few puffs of White Widow, you’ll witness the strength of one of the best hybrid strains.  If you're a cannabis enthusiast, you're probably familiar with this strain, and if not, you're in for a divine surprise.


Connoisseurs consider White Widow as a pure strain due to its lineage. Breeders combined two landraces strains, Brazilian sativa landrace and South Indian indica, creating a potent, balanced hybrid.


This cultivar releases sweet and spicy fragrances during the flowering stages, making it difficult not to inhale the beautiful aroma deeply. 


The 22% THC level offers a surge of energy before strapping you into a comfortable and euphoric couch lock. The aroma is very herbal and earthy, with subtle fruit notes provided by the terpenes of White Widow.


White widow seeds are straightforward for expert and rookie gardeners looking to harvest successful and powerful yields of marijuana buds. 


Consumers report they feel an increase in physical and mental stimulation, which may help combat feelings of depression and stress.


Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue is a multi-award-winning cultivar that promises enchanting sensations with a high-THC level of between 25–and 30%. This cultivar is one of the best hybrid weed strains to consume if you seek an uplifting and energizing effect.


Cross breeders combined Sour Dubble, Chem’s Sister, and Chocolate Diesel to create a positive, uplifting, and relaxed cannabis strain. This cultivar is one of the best 50/50 hybrid strains, which contains a perfect balance of indica and sativa genetics.


Users report this marijuana is an attractive option for nighttime, as it takes you on a relaxing cerebral ride into dreamland. A couple of puffs is enough to induce euphoric energy waves that melt away tension and negativity.


The cannabis from this hybrid contains a list of terpenes that produce a coffee-like fragrance and taste upon smoking it. These cultivar’s growth characteristics are similar to indica genetics and offer thick, dense buds coated with a crystalline layer of trichomes. 


Take it slow with this powerful cultivar, as its intense mind and body buzz shines for a couple of hours after smoking. Indulging in Gorilla Glue may have slight adverse effects, so it's important to keep hydrated and use eye drops.


Wedding Pie

Wedding pie is one of the best hybrid strains to consume, containing 60% indica and 40% sativa genetics with 22% THC. This potent marijuana crosses two delightful strains, Wedding Cake and Grape Pie, which pass down their divine fruity flavors.


If you have a sweet tooth, smoking Wedding Pie strain satisfies your palate and leaves you in clouds of bliss. This weed is a fast-acting bud that releases rich berry and grape aromas that combine to give you a breathtaking experience.


Users report that Wedding Pie cannabis is perfect for inducing relaxation and melts away tension and negative thoughts.


This cannabis cultivar is a top choice for medicinal smokers who struggle with eating disorders. Its high-THC buds increase your appetite and desire for a variety of foods.


Wedding Pie might be the perfect solution for insomniacs, as a couple of puffs are enough to rest your mind and body.


Best Hybrid Marijuana Strains 2022


Best sativa dominant hybrid strains

Are you searching for the best sativa-dominant hybrid strains?


Look no further; these cannabis strains provide creativity and heightened awareness and may assist in combating anxious thoughts and eliminating stress. These sativa-dominant strains are best for wake and bake sessions or for sparking thought-provoking conversations.


Whatever your goal, the key to an impactful session is choosing the best sativa hybrid strains.


Let's dive in.


Jack Herer (aka The Jack)

Jack Herer provides various stunning effects for both recreational and medical users. This cultivar is one of the best sativa-dominant hybrid strains that promises exceptional sensations and may relieve depression and anxiety. 


The Jack is a sativa-leaning hybrid born from blending the famous Northern lights and Shiva Skunk, containing 21% THC levels. This popular weed strain has won several Cannabis Cup awards and was created to honor the cannabis activist Jack Herer.


After consuming this marijuana, expect to feel an overwhelming euphoria wash over you as your body starts to release aches and pains. Consider smoking Jack Herer strain during the day or after work, as it offers a rush of creativity and extreme pleasure.


These resinous nugs offer an energizing effect on the mind and body, ideal for those who wish to stay productive and motivated. After smoking these potent buds, expect to get through your day with ease and liveliness.


Medicinal users suggest that this cannabis may provide many holistic benefits. It might positively shift mood disorders and doubtful thoughts and aid those with chronic stress.


Enjoying this sativa-charged strain may also assist with eating disorders and nausea by increasing appetite and making meals tastier.


Blue dream

Considered one of the best hybrid strains of 2022, the Blue Dream strain is popular for its unique aromatic and flavor profile. It produces a unique combination of sandalwood, citrus, and floral notes. 


Blue Dream strain combines the iconic Blueberry strain and powerful OG Kush, giving it 60% sativa and 40% indica genetics. This cannabis cultivar is a potent medical strain with various potential benefits, such as anxiety relief, the onset of happiness, and wellbeing.


Blue Dream is an outstanding weed plant, considered among the best sativa hybrid strains, with a THC level of up to 20%. This cultivar’s energizing effects allow you to align, stay motivated, and focus on the day.


This strain is an ideal solution for busy days and when you’re looking to relieve stress or anxiety. Blue Dream cannabis leaves you feeling creative, relaxed, and inspired. It’s the best solution on days when you need an extra kick.


Consumer reports that this marijuana strain may help those who struggle with mood disorders, depression, and stressful conditions.


Sour Dawg

Sour Dawg is one of the best sativa-dominant hybrid strains that produces energizing effects, accompanied by an intense diesel-like aroma. On the inhale, the taste is smooth and leaves a delicious pine and citrus taste on your tongue.


Cross breeders blended the powerful Tres Dawg and the iconic Sour Diesel to birth Sour Dawg. This cultivar has a THC level of up to 25% and a CBD level averaging between 0.5–and 1%.


These THC-rich nugs offer an experience that begins with explosive energy rushing to your head that quickly uplifts the mood. After the euphoric effects of this sativa-charged cannabis settles, your body feels lighter and tension-free, promoting focus and creativity. 


It's a perfect cannabis hybrid for art projects, working out, and indulging with friends during a night out or chilling. Once sensations of Sour Dawg subside, you’ll be clear of mental fog and feel a positive shift of perspective. 


Even daily consumers feel the heavy-hitting effects of Sour Dawg, so low tolerance smokers need to take it easy with this one. Mild adverse effects like red eyes and dry mouth may occur if you overindulge, so stay hydrated and use eye drops.


Best Hybrid Marijuana Strains 2022


Best indica-dominant strains

Indica-heavy hybrid strains are perfect for removing aches and pains from the body. This marijuana strain provides electric waves of peace and calm as you glide into a comfortable spot on your couch.


Consumers report that indica-leaning strain may assist with reducing nausea, anxiety, and combating seizures. Most users consume indica strains during the evening or night due to their hard-hitting sedative effects. 


Let’s look at the best indica hybrid strains and how their effects relax your mind and ease your body.


OG Kush

You can’t mention the best indica hybrid strains without giving a shoutout to OG Kush with its powerful 26% THC content. If you’re looking for a fabulous frontal lobe buzz that transforms into a relaxing ride, try out OG kush!


This cultivar is indica-dominant with 75% indica and 25% sativa genetics. Breeders crossed Chemdawg, Hindu Kush, and Lemon Thai to create this powerful sedative cultivar.


Lighting this bud releases rich lemon and spicy notes, leaving a citrus tang lingering on your tongue. The effects of OG Kush start with a numbing body buzz that’ll have you walking on clouds and extremely relaxed. 


This cannabis is best for nighttime use, which allows you to benefit from its calming and stress-busting sensations. After smoking this kush, stay indoors and cool off, as the long-lasting sedative effects daze you into dreamland.


Medical users report that this indica cannabis may assist with increasing appetite, reducing anxious thoughts, and may induce rejuvenating sleep.


Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie is one of the best hybrid strains, resulting from breeders blending Grand Daddy Purple and Durban Poison. This cannabis strain is a heavy indica-dominant cultivar with 80% indica and 20% sativa genetics.


Cherry Pie is known for its flavor-packed buds containing between 20–26% THC level, offering the best characteristics from its lineage. After smoking these delicious nugs, you immediately feel a shift of perception as a cheery smile graces your face.


This indica cultivar produces small to medium densely packed nugs wrapped in bright orange pistils. These colorful buds are coated in glistening trichomes during the flowering phase, exuding sweet herbal and floral aroma.


Once lit up, Cherry pie cannabis lets off a smooth fruity taste and, on the exhale, an intense tropical flavor. After a few minutes of consuming, users report muscle tension might dissolve, and their breath starts to ease.


This indica hybrid can be well-suited for post-work to clear your mind and relax your body. As the high continues, insightful ideas start to flow, and your mind shifts into a heightened state.


Medical smokers report Cherry Pie might assist with depression and PTSD and reduce inflammation. Consuming this cannabis in lower doses may cause sedative sensations and relieve insomnia, helping you drift into slumber.


Strawberry Banana (aka Strawnana)

The last of the best indica hybrid strains is Strawberry Banana, which contains 70% indica and 30% sativa genetics. This indica-dominant cultivar produces a THC level ranging from 22–26% and is the perfect bud to induce extreme relaxation.


Recreational and medicinal reports that this potent pain-relieving strain can reduce depressive symptoms and anxiety. In lower doses, its high-THC nugs are perfect for increasing appetite and decreasing feelings of fatigue.


Low tolerance users need to consume Strawnana cautiously as its delightful flavors entice you to take several puffs. As you would expect, this cultivar produces a tropical fruity aroma that blocks up your nostrils.


Once lighting up, its delectable strawberry smoothie flavored smoke fills your lungs and lingers in the air. Consumers report that it provides a soothing, calming effect and onset of happiness, which may help drive stress away.


Enjoy the benefits of Strawberry Banana strain and ignite magical thoughts before heading to bed, as these buds cause heavy sedation.


Best Hybrid Marijuana Strains 2022


Best of both seeds

Whether you’re looking for heavy sedation and relaxation or uplifting and energizing energy, hybrid strains have many benefits to match any occasion.


Are you looking for a focused creative flow or a stress-busting strain to take the edge off?


The benefit of cross-breeders blending amazing cultivars creates the best hybrid strains with various sensations that users enjoy. We get the opportunity to experience the balanced indica, and sativa effects rolled up in one joint.


If you’re interested in cultivating any of the best weed hybrid strains, browse our selection of top-quality seeds Growers report that raising your cultivar is just as rewarding as smoking it.

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