In a perfect world, cultivating marijuana would be socially acceptable and decriminalized. Unfortunately, we're not living in one. 

Whether you're concerned about the legal implications of growing weed or about your neighbors, family, and friends finding out, stealth growth is an option you should consider.

Despite how far we've come with the legalization of weed, there are still many regions where growing cannabis is a criminal offense. It's this issue that led to cultivators worldwide developing methods to raise their cannabis crops in secret.

Even if growing weed is legal in your area, discretion may still be a concern. Many people still frown upon the herb due to the unwarranted stigma associated with the plant. 

Most growers merely want to avoid arousing suspicion or nosey neighbors asking unwanted questions.For other people, keeping their weed crop a secret is part of the fun of growing their own "devils lettuce."

For these reasons, stealth or guerilla growing and low odor cannabis strains have risen in popularity.

If you value your privacy and prefer discretion, check out our list of the ten best strains to grow in stealth mode.


What do the terms stealth and guerilla cannabis mean?

Guerilla cannabis defined

The term "guerilla cannabis" refers to low-maintenance outdoor weed seeds. By definition, a guerilla grow must be sturdy enough to thrive in nature for prolonged periods without any human intervention.

The ideal outdoor guerilla grow strains requires little more than the cultivator preparing a sheltered, sunny location. All the grower has to do is make sure the soil is nutritious, moist, and free from prying eyes and grazing animals.

The top outdoor guerilla strains grow naturally from seeds to adult weed plants and will be ready for harvest with no human interaction. It's ideal for discretion, particularly if you're raising your crop in the hills, mountains, countryside, or anywhere else you would seldom visit.


Stealth cannabis defined

Stealth cannabis refers to weed that growers can raise discreetly. 

Examples include:

  • Low odor strains
  • Short varieties
  • Plants with an unrecognizable leaf shape

One excellent representation is the Frisian Duck strain. This marijuana variety's leaves don't have the iconic cannabis shape. Instead, their blades are webbed (or joined) together, making them look similar to a duck’s footprint.

The best weed varieties for stealth growing outdoors are usually robust and resilient to harsh weather conditions. In general, they don't require any supervision, nutrients (nutes), or special maintenance

For many growers, dwarf marijuana plants (short/squat varieties) are ideal as their size makes them convenient to hide.

The top strains for stealth growing can cope with prolonged periods of unsupervised development and still deliver the highest-quality buds when harvest time comes


Ten Best Strains for Stealth Growing


Ten best strains for stealth growing


1 - Bubba Kush

There are many interesting stories related to the lineage of Bubba Kush. Breeders often dispute the exact origins of this variety, but most believe that it came from crossing the Northern Lights and Og Kush strains.

As with most old-school indicas, Bubba Kush produces a solid sedative high that'll leave you feeling relaxed but still functional. The seeds develop into a bushy plant, which grows thick, sticky buds, often said to be as adhesive as bubble gum.

Growing this strain indoors in a small, confined space, such as a stealth grow tent, should be a breeze, even for beginners.


2 - Durban Poison

Durban Poison is an exceptionally potent 100% sativa strain. This reasonably subtle plant's buds are frequently used by stoners for a sudden burst of energy, aiding them in productivity.

In contrast to its reputation for being an upbeat weed variety, Durban Poison finds itself amongst the best smelling strains. Plants of this variety don't produce a strong odor, and buds smell sweet when adequately cured. 

The strain is relatively easy to grow, and growers, from beginners to experts, should have no problem cultivating it stealthily.


3 - Buddha Seeds' Red Dwarf

These dwarf marijuana plants, Buddha Seeds' Red Dwarf, result from a crossing between the White Dwarf and a strong Skunk strain. Breeders back-crossed the offspring to regain the autoflowering attribute.

The Red Dwarf is a compact, almost bonsai-like, feminized autoflower strain that develops into an exceptionally resinous shrub, while its buds give off an intense aroma and exceptional power. 

The plants grow compact buds and low branches, making them ideal for stealth growth in reduced spaces both inside and outdoors.


4 - Jack Herer

Named after the legendary author and cannabis activist, Jack Herer is a renowned sativa strain and a favorite amongst the world’s stoners

Consumption of this variety results in an invigorating high that gives users a euphoric, uplifting buzz and leaves them with feelings of joy and happiness.

Despite its short stature, Jack Herer is a high-yield marijuana strain with exceptionally low odor. Overall, it's a rewarding plant that will avoid grabbing unnecessary attention, making it perfect for guerilla or stealth growth.


5 - Sweet Tooth

This strain is widely acclaimed for its sweet floral flavor, aroma, and unique effects. Lighting up some Sweet Tooth will put you on a heavenly high while providing you with the delightful smell of growing berries. 

This indica strain develops into a fast-flowering, compact shrub that, when raised indoors, won't grow any taller than 3.5 feet. 

These seeds should be at the top of your list if you're looking for a high-yielding, potent plant that's easy to smoke and convenient to raise in a small stealth grow box.


Ten Best Strains for Stealth Growing


6 - Great White Shark

The Great White Shark strain, also known as Peacemaker or White Shark, is a potent, hard-hitting indica-dominant hybrid

Smokers can expect a semi-psychedelic, long-lasting, and profound body-stone effect. Even seasoned smokers will reconsider taking a second toke of this beauty, as her trance-like euphoria can be overwhelming. 

Great White Shark seeds develop into small plants that produce flowers quickly. Each bloom has a dense covering of white crystal trichomes. The shrubs' size makes them perfect for cultivation in a homemade stealth greenhouse.


7 - Master Kush

Master Kush is the result of cross-breeding two Hindu Kush landraces. This indica strain has a relaxing effect that calms the user without causing couch-lock. It also promotes productivity. 

These cannabis plants are well known for their subtle scent, as they produce an earthy, citrusy fragrance akin to incense. The smell often fools people into believing that Master Kush isn't cannabis, making it an ideal indoor strain and perfect for stealth growth.


8 - Purple Afghan Kush

The Purple Afghan Kush is well known for its moderate high, which leaves the user feeling relaxed and dreamy

When lighting up, smokers will experience a burst of fruity sweetness, akin to grapes, on their palate.

As a full-grown plant, this indica strain is a delightful treat for the eyes. It's a reasonably short shrub that carries a sweet, fruity scent, making it perfect for indoor cultivation in a stealth grow tent.


9 - Northern Lights

Stoners globally are familiar with and captivated by Northern Lights' unique flavor profile and potent indica effects. It's not only one of the most infamous and beloved cannabis varieties but also one of the best strains for stealth growing

It's an exceptionally low odor cannabis strain, so your nosy neighbor will be none the wiser. It's also small in stature, reaching only about 4 feet in height, which makes it an excellent choice to cultivate in a small stealth grow box.


10 - Frisian Duck

Frisian Duck is a refreshing sativa strain formed by crossing DucksFoot with Frisian Dew

This variety produces compact buds filled with spicy aromas reminiscent of a fresh forest, citrus, and pine. The taste is similar to its scent, and stoners will find themselves drifting off on a refreshing sativa head-buzz.

Frisian Duck is a unique, robust, and stealthy strain that develops unusually shaped leaves (resembling a duck's footprint), which make it challenging to identify as a cannabis variety.

The plants are sturdy and easy to raise, and their distinct appearance makes them perfect for cultivating in a homemade stealth greenhouse or as an outdoor guerilla grow


When discretion matters

From using the fastest autoflower strains to investing in the best low odor strains and secret grow room ideas, cultivating cannabis discreetly is necessary.

When secrecy matters, it's essential to choose the strains you wish to grow carefully. Size and scent are the deciding properties you should look for when discretion is pertinent. Investing in plants that are short in stature and have pleasant aromas is the key to raising your crop in stealth mode

Are you itching to start a cannabis garden but concerned about what your friends and neighbors might think? Seed Supreme has the broadest range of top-quality stealth and outdoor guerilla grow strains currently available. Visit us online and order your first batch of weed seeds today.

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