OG Kush Seeds

OG Kush seeds have quite the history, although most of it is hard to prove. The exact lineage and origins are unknown. Breeders and users have theories on how this potent strain got to California. 


With its mystery, OG Kush seeds have an impressive reputation and are featured in the media frequently. The characters in Pineapple Express mention the strain, along with rapper 2 Chainz in his song, "OG Kush Diet."


It doesn't stop there. The seeds won the number one spot on the High Times "Best Cultivars of All Time" list. Members of the 420 community worldwide can't get enough of this hybrid. 


Are you curious to know more about this top-notch strain? At SeedSupreme, we have the widest variety of OG Kush seeds for sale.


Read on to learn all about OG Kush. 

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OG Kush feminized seeds


What does the “OG” stand for? There's some debate on what the true meaning is. Some consumers believe it’s "Original Gangsta" for its sheer power. Others think it's "Ocean Grown" because of its California residency. Until now, we don't know the truth. 


The best OG Kush seeds produce indica dominant cannabis with 19–26% THC and less than 2% CBD. Imagine taking a puff and instantly experiencing a cerebral buzz that clears your worries. Your body melts into pure relaxation. 


The taste and fragrance are similar, with an upfront earthiness. You recognize notes of gasoline, wood, pine, and bursts of citrus. These seeds don't hide the fact that they produce marijuana the way it was intended. 


OG Kush seeds have produced many offspring strains that we know and love. One of the best variants is Blueberry OG feminized by Seedsupreme. 


og kush bud


Origin of the OG Kush Strain


The OG Kush seeds have one of the most exciting histories because of the mystery behind the strain. No one knows for sure how we received it as a part of the 420 community. One thing we do know is that no one is complaining about the powerful effects and mouthwatering taste. 


Breeders believe that the cannabis seeds were initially bred from Chemdawg or a particular cut of it. Others theorize that we get this beauty from the Hindu Kush or Old World Paki Kush. Growers have tried to create their own version, but no one has discovered the secret. 


We know that this strain was first grown in coastal California in the 90s. Breeders believe that two buddies, one from Florida and the other from CA, challenged each other to see whose cannabis was king in the United States. Another California favorite is OG Kush fast version strain, an offspring of the original. 


The harvest of the best OG Kush seeds from California destroyed the competition, leaving the judges blown away by the strength and flavor of this strain. It received 10s in each category. 


Since then, these seeds have been a dominant strain within the 420 community. Every user, grower, and breeder has tried it at least once. We'll continue to see more variants, like Lemon OG Kush feminized, come from this strain as cannabis becomes legalized in many states. 


og kush cannabis plant

Growing OG Kush feminized seeds


If you're a cultivator, this strain needs to be the next on your list. You'll fall in love with the looks and aroma of this plant while it matures. Don't forget the potent harvest that's waiting for you. 


Find them as OG Kush autoflower seeds, regular, or feminized. All will provide similar effects and scents, but the cultivating process changes. 


In general, OG Kush autoflower seeds don't need a change in the lighting schedule to enter into flowering. They tend to be a bit more challenging to mature, but even newbies can grow them if they have the patience and attention. 


OG Kush regular seeds are ideal for those who want to breed. This is a fun activity since the genetics are high-quality, and the offspring you create could be the next big name in the 420 community. 


OG Kush feminized seeds are usually the easiest to grow because they produce all-female crops. For anyone who wants a straightforward growing process and doesn't plan to breed, these are the ones for you. 


Let's check out how to grow these seeds. 


Preferred climate


All three types of OG Kush seeds are prone to developing powdery mildew and mold. Keep a sharp eye on the environment within the grow room; we recommend maturing the crops indoors to regulate the climate better. 


Ideally, the garden needs to be between 70–78 with a relative humidity between 40–50%. To avoid pathogens, don’t go above this range. 


Invest in a quality thermometer and hygrometer to ensure the numbers are correct. It's also a good idea to install more than one and place them in different areas of the indoor grow room. Some areas might be hotter or more humid than others, and these devices will point that out. 


Feeding OG Kush plants


OG Kush seeds produce potent and bountiful harvests, and to do this, they need nutrients. 


We recommend using cannabis fertilizers instead of available plant nutrients. Why? This blend is specifically formulated for marijuana plants. All ingredients are human-grade and safe to consume, so using the cannabis harvest isn't an issue. 


In addition, the best OG Kush seeds need water and light. Only water when the soil looks dry. Since the plants are prone to mildew and mold, any overwatering puts the crops at risk. 


Light is essential for photosynthesis, which makes the plant flourish. Invest in a few 600-watt LED or HPS bulbs for the best results. Use reflective walls and floor to eliminate energy loss as the light bounces towards the crop. 


Flowering & yield


Feminized seeds of OG Kush strains produce a breathtaking crop with sage green leaves and buds during the flowering stage. The nugs are frosted in a thick layer of resin, and burnt yellow pistils shoot out from each side. 


The distinct fragrance becomes evident when flowering. Your indoor grow room fills with scents of earthy gasoline, with notes of pine and lemons. 


The flowering period lasts 7-9 weeks. Anticipate an indoor yield of 16 o.z/m² and an outdoor one of 16 oz./plant. 


Nightcrawler OG Kush

Experiencing the OG Kush strain


Once the harvest from the best OG Kush seeds is dried, indulging in cannabis is the next step. With just one hit, the high THC affects your mind. Instantly, your worries clear, and you feel stress-free. 


Since the THC can reach 26%, consumers might experience psychedelic visions that heighten their senses. Everything around you is brighter, conversations are more interesting, and food tastes better.


The indica then kicks in, and you sit in a utopia of peace. You have no motivation to get up; you're just enjoying the ride. You might feel a slight body high as there's a little bit of CBD. 


The intense cerebral buzz calms with time, and you drift off to sleep. We recommend only using the cannabis from OG Kush seeds at night or on rainy days when you don't plan to leave the house. 


Ensure you stay hydrated and consume at your tolerance rate to avoid any side effects. 


OG Kush taste & smell


The best OG Kush seeds produce marijuana with a distinct flavor and fragrance. You begin to notice it during the flowering stage. When dried, it smells woody with notes of evergreen. 


On the first drag, the taste is herbal and earthy. There's a slight gasoline flavor, making your nose tingle and your taste buds light up. The exhale is cool with pine and notes of bright citrus, like lemons and limes. 


The fragrance of the smoke from the cannabis of OG Kush seeds is similar to the flavor. Your room fills with a kerosine and diesel aroma, with distinct grass, foliage, and wood notes. There's a freshness to the smell with hints of fruit. 


If you just can’t get enough, try OG Kush x Diesel Feminized for the same herbal taste. 


Uses for OG Kush


Consumers use the marijuana from OG Kush seeds for recreational and medicinal use. 


Recreational consumers love this strain to use after work or on the weekend. With its guidance, you forget all of your stresses, and everything seems happier. Finally, you relax and get a good night's rest. 


Medical users might see mental health benefits. Someone suffering from anxiety, PTSD, or other conditions may see relief from the cannabis from the best OG Kush seeds. The high THC might clear the mind, and the indica may relax you.