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You really don’t have to be a cannabis connoisseur to have a good idea as to what the OG Kush strain is all about. Reassuringly expensive and with the kind of reputation that speaks for itself, this exceptional bud is a legendary strain that’s been in consistently high demand since its first public appearance.

Delivering the perfect combination of a punchy high, beautiful spiced-pine flavour and long-lasting buzz that goes on and on, this ganja is a powerhouse packed with some of the highest THC levels, and highly deserving of its world-renowned status.

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OG Kush

Often packing THC levels of close to 20%, the OG Kush strain is known far and wide for being an instant and long-lasting stress-buster.

Immediate and near-overpowering euphoria takes your mood places you never thought possible, with medical patients routinely turning to this Kush for the treatment of ADHD, migraines and more. Genetically, the strain is 25% sativa and 75% indica, with CBD that normally tops out below 0.3%.

Along with its mind-blowing and surprisingly versatile effects, this ganja packs a high price because it can be tricky to grow. Native to warmer tropical regions, it’s a pretty unforgiving strain that doesn’t give the average indoor grower an easy ride.

Still, get it right and you’ll be looking at stout plants, fat buds and short flowering times - this mighty marijuana ticks all the right boxes and then some.

Bud Background

As is the case with many legendary cannabis strains, the exact origin of the OG Kush strain is the subject of huge debate. Some credit its creation with OverGrown.com, which was once the world’s biggest online grow site.

As far as Californians are concerned however, the correct and obvious explanation as to its origins can be found in Original Gangster – a local strain that gained incredible popularity across much of the west coast. It’s believed that by combining this California favorite with an exotic Kush, OG was eventually born. What is known for sure about its genetics however is that its bloodline can be traced back at least in part to Chemdawg.

og kush bud

Our friends over at Herb have a terrific video anyone digging into these mysterious origins should absolutely check out!


The hit is one of mood-transforming euphoria, which of course you’d expect from a heavy Indica strain. This mindblowing cannabis is known worldwide for delivering the kind of immediate cerebral rush that can be somewhat overpowering for inexperienced smokers.

While the euphoria itself is just about as uplifting as it gets, OG kush also delivers a heavy sedating body stone and can quickly lead to couch-lock. Overdo it with this stuff and you are out of action for hours – at least, physically speaking.

For those looking to simply relax and do nothing, you could not make a more oustanding choice than this wonder weed. These buds deliver the perfect combination of the inability/unwillingness to do much at all, while at the same time enjoying every minute of it.

This timeless ganja is a superb choice for an evening smoke after retiring of a stressful day, when all you want to do is float away in a state of blissful tranquillity. That said, it also takes no prisoners when it comes to the munchies – meaning chances are you’ll have to venture at least as far as the kitchen from time to time.

og kush cannabis plant

Therapeutic uses for OG KUSH

Those in therapeutic circles routinely turn to the OG strain for the treatment of a variety of conditions. Dispensaries and practitioners across the United States typically recommend this Kush for the treatment of nervousness, anxiety and depression, while its comparatively high CBD content also makes it great for providing effective relief from chronic pain, muscle spasms and PMS.

As this high THC strain is known for its effective and consistent appetite stimulation, it also comes highly recommended for the treatment of appetite loss as a result of various chronic conditions and treatments. Evidence also suggests that this weed can be great in the treatment of migraines and severe/prolonged headaches.

Flavour and Fragrance

A true cannabis connoisseur can detect this marijuana masterpiece a mile away from its appearance and fragrance alone. The buds are gloriously rich and sticky, producing a beautiful lemon-citrus fragrance that bursts into life when broken. If you find yourself around OG cannabis plants, the fresh buds give off the intoxicating aroma of a pine forest.

When burnt, the citrus—pine notes carry through beautifully and are accentuated with plenty of spice and earthy tones. Depending on how it was grown, there can also be a decidedly sweet and herbal undertone, which works gorgeously with the predominantly lemony flavour. As the smoke itself is decadent, you can expect the aftertaste to linger indefinitely. And with a strain as delicious as this, that can only be a good thing!

There are famous cannabis strains, popular strains and then there are the strains that are nothing short of legendary.

To be frank, the OG Kush strain is the kind deserving of an entirely new classification in its own right! Not only because the original article is simply outstanding, but also because this miraculous marijuana has passed it genes on to more incredible sub-strains than a dozen lesser cannabis varieties.

Nightcrawler OG Kush

It’s the kind of cannabis strain you need in your life…it’s as simple as that!

Right now, demand for high-quality OG Kush is reaching record-highs all over the world – particularly in the United States. Along with borderline ridiculous power and potency, it’s that quintessential Diesel and lime flavour these buds pack that make it stand out as something truly remarkable. A favourite among growers, buyers and smokers alike, it's rare to find ganja which stands more an authority all of its own.

Getting it right means starting out with the best cannabis seeds on the market – precisely where Seed Supreme comes into the equation!

Hero of the West Coast

Having first appeared on the scene in the early 1990s, OG would go on to form the genetic basis of pretty much every killer cannabis strain to be cooked up across the West Coast of the USA. But despite the fact that it’s a strain of unique importance, its true origins are still unknown. Many believe this spectacular strain to be the product of combining Hindu Kush with Chemdawg, perhaps with other unknown genetic contributors thrown in the mix.

Whatever the madmen behind it did, they did it right!

This glistening ganja earned much of it global reputation on the back of its unique ability to take stress and make it disappear like nothing else out there. The euphoria it delivers is both immediate and lingering, complemented beautifully by that simply gorgeous lemon-pine fragrance that’s become the calling card of the cream of the crop.

While the standard genetics to expect from the OG Kush strain are 25% Sativa and 75% Indica, there are plenty of hybrid strains these days that tip the balance in both directions enormously.

Rapper’s Delight?

One charming urban legend still doing the rounds these days is that gang members expecting to be shot at one point or another use OG as a pre-emptive painkiller! In reality, the bud is simply famed for its incredible muscle-relaxing properties, which have been associated with considerable and prolonged relief from a wide variety of chronic conditions.

Among our extensive collection of OG Kush seeds, you’ll find a wide variety of strains ticking the right boxes by way of plant size, flowering time, yields and bud properties. For more information, simply click on the strain you’re interested in for a full disclosure of the specifics.

Growing OG Kush

What makes the OG strain trickier than many others to grow is the fact that it can be somewhat susceptible to bugs, disease and powdery mildew. What’s more, it’s also a challenge to provide it with the consistent tropical growing conditions it needs to hit its best. For those looking to grow OG Kush seeds where doing so has been legalised, it’s necessary to have a pretty advanced and reliable setup that can hold the perfect balance with meticulous precision.

On the plus side, this challenging cannabis enables growers to take full advantage of even the smallest indoor grow spaces. While the plants are seriously dense and generous in terms of foliage, it’s rare for a mature plant to hit more than 35 inches in height. Usually around 20 inches is the norm.

Yields are modest to good, though flowering times of less than nine weeks more than make up for this. Get it right and one square metre of growing space can be enough to produce around 16oz of this Kush, which given the quality and punch of the stuff is more than generous enough. Anyone looking to grow outdoors will need to live somewhere hot and tropical, though outdoor yields don’t tend to improve on those you’d achieve indoors.

SeedSupreme Suggestions

Having made its way into innumerable hybrid strains over the years, the choice before you is truly a kush one to make.

Perhaps Platinum OG takes your fancy, or the fruity heights of Banana OG, or heat of the Fire OG strain. For a truly unforgettable treat, however, consider Lemon OG or Sour OG.