Cinderella 99 x Taskenti Feminized Seeds

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Cinderella 99 x Taskenti Feminized Seeds

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This strain brings to bear a high THC content reaching upwards of 20%, and the kind of exceptional high that connoisseurs have come to expect from any progeny of the fabled...

Lime-Green Cindy 99


Bud Basics

A Sativa/Indica hybrid with a superb blend, Cinderella 99 x Taskenti Feminized proves that even mild-mannered strains are capable of excellent experiences, even for the more seasoned daily smokers.


This strain brings to bear a high THC content reaching upwards of 20%, and the kind of exceptional high that connoisseurs have come to expect from any progeny of the fabled Cinderella 99, aka Cindy 99, genetics.


Though lesser-known, the Taskenti genes help bring a more measured calm to the cerebral stimulation of the Cindy lineage, turning the volume down on both scent and effects and managing to offer a more approachable high fit for those with lower THC tolerances, while still bringing the business for recreational tokers.


If you’re searching for an energizing strain capable of delivering your much-needed marijuana motivation for the day (while simultaneously guiding the body into a state of pleasantly euphoric relaxation), then Cinderella 99 x Taskenti Feminized should be locked firmly on your radar.


Beyond spectacular recreational effects, this hybrid also boasts a wide range of restorative talents and has a lot to offer the medical marijuana (MMJ) masses.


As an added bonus, you’ll find growing Cinderella 99 x Taskenti a relative breeze and highly achievable even for those new to the ganja growing game.



Flavor and Fragrance of Cinderella 99 x Taskenti Feminized

The tangy fruity zest of Cindy 99 comes through here in a blend that brings a pleasantly pungent earthiness into the equation.


A more refined palate might detect the notes of coffee flavors in the smooth smoke or even on the nose too, in moderation. Regardless of your cannabis connoisseur status, Cinderella 99 x Taskenti Feminized is a rich, diverse and complementary sensation for the nose and tongue, spicy, smooth and delightfully moreish.




In true Cindy 99 style, Cinderella 99 x Taskenti Feminized wastes no time coming on like a cerebral freight train - albeit, somewhat more gentle than that imagery presents!


Within a few tokes of this stuff, these buds are already hard at work, stripping stress from your mind, heightening your focus and ushering in a state of mental clarity which lends itself perfectly to getting shit done.


This hybrid is the stuff of legends when it comes to a motivating strain, and makes for an ideal wake and bake strain as long as you don’t go OTT on your consumption (an easy enough feat, given how damn tasty these THC-packed buds are!).


While most users don’t feel the influence of Cinderella 99 x Taskenti Fem verges on overpowering, those with lower THC tolerance might feel otherwise and should definitely toke with care. It’s entirely possible that with the sharpening of your senses, you’ll find yourself experiencing visual and auditory distortions, making the world seem brighter, more vibrant and dramatic.


As a seasoned daily smoker, this sounds absolutely fantastic, but newbies should be wary if they want to avoid inviting Mary Jane’s less desirable side effects like dizziness or paranoia.


After how long will depend on the individual, but before too long the Indica influence of this hybrid starts creeping up on you, filling your limbs with a soothing surge of relaxation, bordering on sedation.


Thanks to the Indica to Sativa balance, this shouldn’t lead you to couchlock but it is likely to leave you less inclined towards exerting any physical energy. Of course, for my fellow creative consumers of cannabis, that need not stop us, and you can easily overcome the chill-out vibes in favor of your artistic motivation.


Once you finally succumb to the sedative Indica influence, the good vibes keep flowing, but you’ll be thoroughly done for the day (and feeling good about it!).



Medical Uses of Cinderella 99 x Taskenti Feminized

Just like her parent Cindy 99Cinderella 99 x Taskenti Feminized is a highly effective medical marijuana specimen - in fact boasting a potentially broader range of therapeutic uses thanks to the added Indica genetics in this hybrid.


Of course, given that we’re looking at around 20% THC and under 1% CBD, those of you with low THC tolerance or minimal interest in the psychoactive properties of pot might think this one’s not for you.


She’s certainly going to take some getting used to (and a healthy slice of dosage control) but the medical benefits of Cinderella 99 x Taskenti are pronounced and particularly effective for both physical and mental maladies, so don’t write these nugs off just yet!


The initial cerebral hit from this hybrid acts as a superb counter to stress of both the daily and more deeply rooted kinds. It’s the kind of high that cuts straight through malaise, anxiety or depression, helping users see clearly and identify their own path to a happier self.


Beyond being a tremendous boon for the mind, capable of acting like your own personal cannabis reset button, you’ll find an abundance of physical remedies in these buds too.


From mild headaches to more severe migraines, arthritis, backaches, cramps, multiple sclerosis and more can all be treated to great effect with a careful dose of Cinderella 99 x Taskenti Fem buds.



Growing Cinderella 99 x Taskenti Feminized Seeds

You’re in for a typically Indica experience when cultivating Cinderella 99 x Taskenti Feminized, with plants that tend towards a shorter stature that rarely reaches more than 1 meter, and come with an inherent resilience to plant pathogens, mold or pests.


Despite her Indica-dominance, this hybrid takes largely after her Sativa Cindy parentage (at least in terms of being a remarkably easy cultivar).


If you’re not lucky enough to have access to a warm and regularly sunlit outdoor environment of Mediterranean-like climes, it’s probably best to opt for an indoor cultivation with these beans so you have full control over temperature and humidity. Indoors, a metal halide lamp is suggested during the vegetative period, then switch up to LED or HPS lighting while these beauties are flowering.


The main challenge in cultivating Cinderella 99 x Taskenti Fem is that you’ll have to fairly regularly trim and prune these plants to ensure they’re getting adequate light penetration and airflow to the lower regions. Brush up on your plant training techniques and this should be no problem at all.


You might want to consider carbon filters for odor control if you don’t want the whole world to know you’re growing, as these beauties are known to kick up quite the (delectable) stink, particularly when cultivated in organic soil as this helps bring out the maximum concentration of terpenes (responsible for aroma, taste and medical value).


If you’re able to, treat your Cinderella 99 x Taskenti crop to a Screen of Green (ScROG) setup for best results and the highest possible output - of course, if top quantity yields are really your main drive, hydroponics can help tip those scales the way you want.


Overall, expect between 8 and 10 weeks of flowering, after which you can look forward to between 300 and 350 grams per meter squared indoors, or up to 350 grams per plant outside.




This hybrid is the definition of the best of both weed worlds, combining the cerebral Sativa stimulation of the fabled Cinderella 99 with the Indica influence of Taskenti in a simply exquisite blend.


For those of you looking for Cindy with a little extra sedative kick, Cinderella 99 x Taskenti Feminized is an ideal choice that you won’t regret.


Packed with profound medical benefits and boasting a simple cultivation process that anyone can see epic results from, you’d need a mighty fine reason for turning down this crystal-coated specimen of lime-green ganja goodness.

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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