One of the most common questions asked by beginners to cannabis is, "what's the best weed out there?" It's not until they start sampling different strains do they realize that there’s no easy answer.

There are over 700 known unique strains and thousands of other hybrids. New ones are also fast emerging now that home growing is popular where weed is legal. 

To choose the single best is an impossible task. Like crowning the top singer of all time, it's a subjective choice, and we all have our own opinion. Like in music, some strains are more talented than others and stand out from the crowd. 

These shining examples make the pot hall of fame for many reasons. Some are legendary for molding weed culture as we know it today. Others are classics that tick all the boxes for a particular high or hybrids that provide mind-bending experiences. 

Below we explore the 10 best cannabis strains of all time. Read on to learn what sends them to the top and why these strains should be in your next marijuana seed order


10 best strains of all time


What makes the best strain? 

There isn't a blanket best. How each individual decides which is their go-to strain depends on varying factors. These could include personal preference to types of high, smell, and taste. Where they live will also influence their opinion. Different places follow different weed trends, and local markets reflect that.

Taking this into consideration, we've chosen a selection of the best-rated strains of all time. Whether you love indica, sativa, or hybrid weed, we've got you covered. Each feature traits that enthusiasts and experts regard as critical to quality pot.

For most, this starts with the aroma. It's essential that it carries through into rich terpenes for exciting flavor profiles. From here, tokers look for long-lasting and balanced highs with positive holistic effects. Medicinal properties are also high ranking for wellbeing purposes.    

Cannabis is versatile. You'll find many classic and legendary strains are the foundation of popular hybridized variants. This cornucopia dominates the modern market, making choosing the best strains of all time even more complicated.     


Top 10 best strains you need to try 

The time has come to delve deeper into the top 10 best marijuana strains of all time. Read on to learn all you need to know about each so that you can crown your champion





This strain is a household name among veterans. Medicinal consumers especially consider it one of the best sativa strains of all time. Amnesia is usually a sativa dominant strain. It's so widely bred that there are often slight differences in percentages. Tracing its heritage shows legendary strains Skunk No.1, Jack Herer, and Cinderella. 

Consumers love the resulting offspring, Amnesia, for its high levels of THC up to 24%. The strain uplifts the user, sparks creativity, and induces feelings of euphoria. It offers head-to-toe relaxation and relief within a few puffs — making it perfect for medicinal users any time of the day. 


10 best strains of all time



Harlequin is the perfect blend of Columbian Gold, Swiss Sativa, and Thia landrace. It’s worldly popular for its stable expression of CBD. Unique to most other high CBD strains, this one almost always guarantees 5:2 CBD to THC ratios

It has a strong fanbase for its ability to induce relaxation without drowsiness. The strain offers deep relief for medicinal users who prefer not to feel intoxicated. Its flavors differ between breeders ranging from musky-herbal to sweet-exotic fruits. 


Acapulco Gold 

The Lamborghini of the marijuana world, Acapulco Gold, is often compared to dining at a Michelin star restaurant. Born in Mexico, this landrace strain's legendary buds became popular in the 60s and can have THC levels of up to 24%. It's notoriously tricky to grow indoors, leading to this cannabis plant's rareness and exclusivity

Like its namesake, its colas resemble nuggets of gold. When ground, it gives off burnt toffee aromas. Smokers praise it further for its uplifting, energetic buzz and pain management properties.  




Kosher kush

An award winner amongst the ranks is Kosher Kush from DNA Genetics. It's recognized as a champion for its insane potency, with some tests coming in at 29% THC. Recreational and medicinal users worldwide enjoy this strain. It has deep sedative powers, helpful for insomnia, pain, spasms, and lack of appetite

Kosher Kush is one of the odiferous of all the OG-Kush families. Its unique, intense aroma is earthy and fruity with an undertone of gasoline. Fans report it to be one of the best indica strains of all time for moreishness


10 best strains of all time


A titan amongst the legends is G13. Its origins are shrouded with mystery and conspiracy theories. 

As the fabled story goes, high-powered agencies like the FBI banded together in the 60s. They aimed to create a super strain for medical purposes by using all the best marijuana in the world. A technician in the lab then liberated a single cutting. They bred it for the masses, naming it Government Indica strain 1 or, for short, G13.

No one can be certain if this tale is true, but one thing's for sure, this sweet-tasting weed is powerful. THC levels hit on average around 24% and uplift the smoker into a calm and happy state. It's the perfect strain for helping to reduce stress, depression, and pain.  



Afghani gets its name from its geographic origins and is famous worldwide. It's another landrace strain that forms the base for countless others. It's popular amongst growers for its colossal resin production and historical significance. The earliest cannabis plants may have been grown in Afghanistan. 

Smokers enjoy its calming sedative effects and its variety of medicinal properties. It has powerful skunk flavors with citrus tones, and its THC can reach 20% with 0.6% CBD content. 




White Widow

White Widow is a 90s variety that rose to be one of the best hybrid strains of all time on the market. It was originally bred in the Netherlands by GreenHouse Seeds. The strains' heritage comes from South India Indica and South American landrace. This mother strain is also parent to other legends such as Blue Widow, White Russian, and White Rhino.   

It's unmistakable for another with its white crystal resin-covered buds. Take these as a warning sign to its potency as its THC levels can reach between 20 and 25%. One puff of this smooth pot, and you'll experience immediate cerebral waves of euphoria and high energy. It's beloved by the creative-minded for stimulating imagination and conversation



Cheese is a hybrid of the Skunk No.1 unique phenotype and Afghani No.1. Between its legendary parents and its cheesy odor, dank weed lovers claim it to be the best. It forms the base for many exciting hybrid variants. These include Cream Cheese, Cheese Diesel, and Blue Cheese, to name a few. 

Although intense, it’s ranked as one of the best-tasting marijuana strains of all time. Past its Myrcene terpenes of earthy and tangy flavors, UK Cheese brings a consistent high. Its THC levels reach up to 17%. At the end of a hard day, a few tokes will induce relaxation and entire body feelings of bliss. Cheese is an ideal choice for anxiety, depression, and insomnia sufferers. 


10 best strains of all time



ACDC is one of the most popular choices for high CBD lovers. It's a sativa leaning hybrid with Cannatonic parentage boasting a 1:20 THC to CBD ratio, one of the highest on the market. These figures mean it has no psychoactive effects helping to avoid the THC thunderstruck feeling. 



AK-47 is a hybrid strain with a legendary heritage. Big-name breeders Serious Seeds proved their name in the early 90s and crossed many landrace strains. They used cannabis plants from South America, Thailand, Mexico, and Afghanistan. 

The last offspring from this bold experiment resulted in the sweet and floral tasting AK-47. The strain gives you feelings of warmth and happiness and has won global Cannabis Cup awards for its traits. 


Put them on your bucket list 

Recreational marijuana connoisseurs are a little like pokemon hunters; they've gotta catch em all! With thousands of strains to experience, it's going to be a long adventure. Why not start with the very best. 

The best strains of all time we've covered are 100% must-tries before you die. Grab your seeds from our Seed Supreme page to get growing these ultimate weed strains to tick off your list.

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