As much as an artist can't paint without brushes, no stoner can fully enjoy their weed without the latest cannabis paraphernalia, making weed gifts the perfect solution.

With booming technological advancement and the recent meteoric rise of marijuana, there's been a lot of great development on the cannabis front. As the pandemic continues to press down, gifts for weed smokers are ideal for creating those critical moments of calm, relaxation, and pure bliss.

Whether it's for the holidays, a birthday, wedding, or even a baby shower, gifts for weed lovers will always be accepted with arms wide open.

If your loved one enjoys growing his or her own weed, log on to Seed Supreme for a huge selection of high-quality, 100% legal weed seeds. Alternatively, check out our list of 11weed-related gifts for stoners below.


What are the benefits of vaping

The primary difference between smoking and vaporizing (vaping) is that the latter doesn't burn your cannabis; it merely heats it. 

Heating above a specific temperature activates the terpenes and cannabinoids in marijuana. It then gets released in the form of a vapor that you inhale. 

Seeing that you're not inhaling smoke, as is the case with lighting up a bong or joint, vaping upholds specific advantages, health, and otherwise, over smoking. If you're in the market for cool weed gifts, you should consider the latest vaporizer. 


11 Weed gifts for a cannabis enthusiast


It's healthier than smoking

While more scientific research is required, vaping widely gets promoted as being healthier than smoking. What fuels this belief is that most harmful substances you inhale when lighting up are produced by combustion, regardless of whether using weed or tobacco.

Vaporizing heats the cannabis, turning it into vapor, so you're not inhaling smoke and subsequently far fewer free radicals and toxins, including tar. By switching to vaping, you immediately put your lungs at a much lower risk of adverse outcomes. 


Vaping maximizes potency and bioavailability

Weed's active compounds are exceptionally sensitive. You immediately burn off more than 50% of the cannabinoids and terpenes by smoking it, making this an inefficient consumption method.

The heat involved with vaping is much lower and more specific, preserving the compounds while utilizing them to their full potential. In essence, weed vapor is purer and more potent, meaning that you'll use much less cannabis to achieve the same results.


More flavors

Excessive temperatures during combustion also destroy the terpenes which are responsible for giving cannabis its flavor. Vaping, on the other hand, optimizes the experience you get from these compounds

They have different boiling points, and therefore get released at varying temperatures. For instance, beta-caryophyllene has a peppery and spicy aroma and gets released at around 118°C. Terpenes, such as linalool, require more heat to vaporize.  

The temperature on vaping devices is typically adjustable, enabling you to fine-tune your experience and enjoy the full range of nuances.


Customize your high

Adjusting the vaping temperature also allows controlling the intensity of the high. More heat releases more cannabinoids, making them more potent with faster-hitting effects. Depending on your preference, set the vaporizer to:

  • Roughly 150°C for a mellow high
  • 166°C to 187°C for a medium buzz
  • Max temperature for a full-blown trip

Be careful not to exceed 229°C as it's close to combustion temperature, which will diminish the flavor and potency of your weed.


11 Weed gifts for stoners

Whether you're hunting down the latest bong, cool smoking accessory, or best vaporizer, our list of 11 weed lovers gifts will ensure that the stoner in your life reaches new "heights."


11 Weed gifts for a cannabis enthusiast


1 - SensiBox Subscription

When it comes to practical weed-smoking gifts, the SensiBox subscription comes with a craftsperson's touch. Your favorite stoner will receive a unique smoking piece, ideal for trying out the Alien Technology strain, along with various other curated items, all wrapped up in one box.


2 - The Ganjaland board game

Are you tired of hearing the theme song to A Game of Thrones? Why not provide them with a new activity to partake in after they've smoked. Ganjaland, a novelty board game, should be among the best gifts for weed smokers

It'll take the stoners in your life on an epic escapade through a magical world of friendship, fun, adventure, and, of course, good vibes, and yes, there's actually a crown included. It's the ideal gift for those who like to get the creative juices flowing with a strain like Chemdawg #4.


3 - The apothecary stash case

Unlike unopened mail, you can't stash your pot under the couch, on bookshelves, or in desks, and you surely can't afford to lose it. As a weed gift for him, the grownup's choice will be to provide their stoner with a special case specifically designed for pot storage. 

This stash case, designed to organize your cannabis products, will eliminate odors, control humidity, and look professional, all under lock and key. Whether you're working out of an office or from home, the apothecary box makes an ideal hiding place for your Jack Herer reserve.


4 - "Triple flip" magnetic rolling foldable tray by RAW

Weed gifts don't get more practical than this one. This bamboo tray is every organized stoner's dream come true. It comes with a built-in ashtray, a magnetic locking system, and all the stands, holders, and compartments a cannabis enthusiast will ever need.

If you're gifting someone with a slight case of OCD, they'll have a ball sorting out their Cherry Pie products with this item.


5 - The Kannastor GR8TR V2

Practical weed smokers' gifts are always appreciated, and few things make more sense than gifting someone with the latest and greatest cannabis grinder

The GR8TR V2 is an exceptional upgrade. It has two plates, allowing stoners to choose the grind fineness, a decent storage capacity for leftover pot, and provides portability by being able to be broken down into a compact three-piece grinder

If your loved one enjoys sticky strains such as Gorilla Glue, they'll appreciate this grinder.


6 - Joint case

This mature-looking joint case is the perfect weed gift for her. It's a stylish piece of craftsmanship, responsibly sourced and crafted from a burl growing out of a tree. Carting around weed has never been more convenient.

Gifting the lady in your life with this case will allow her to carry around up to five joints of Blue Dream effortlessly.


7 - White Whale CBG pre-roll

As far as gifts for people who smoke weed go, White Whale CBG pre-rolls make the ideal companion over lazy weekends or holidays. They're packed with a gram of citrussy CBG hemp flower and will provide a calming effect that's prominent in every puff.


8 - Chongo ceramic bong

The all-ceramic bong is a classic. For stoners, it's as reliable as that family member who always insists on getting them high around the bonfire and as familiar as a threadbare drug rug. 

This Chongo hand-crafted piece is timeless. It's a mature and refined option that'll make an ideal weed birthday gift, accompanied by a few grams of Grape Ape, of course.


11 Weed gifts for a cannabis enthusiast


9 - Utilian 722

Few gifts for people who smoke weed are as appropriate as the Utilian 722. The stoner in your life will love you every time he vapes some OG Kush with this model. 

This portable oil and dry herb vapor come with four color reflected heat settings and a boost mode, allowing stoners full control over the amount of vapor and flavor they want:

  • Red (210°C)
  • Purple (200°C)
  • Blue (190°C)
  • Green (180°C)
  • Boost mode (max heat for a quick pick-me-up)


10 - Sugar skull bong

Are you looking for cool weed gifts? MOTA glass might have the solution. This LA-based, veteran-owned brand hit the scenes in November 2020.

MOTA (Spanish for weed) currently produces five unique beaker bongs, but their 18" Sugar skull product is by far the coolest. If you're looking to gift someone this year that loves consuming his Girl Scout Cookies through a water pipe, then this item is the way to go.


11 - Dr. Dabber 

The DR. Dabber SWITCH is one of the best gifts for weed lovers. It's a vaporizer that works with both oil extracts and dried herb, while its next level aesthetics gives it a futuristic look. It also comes with a long-life battery, giving you up to a week of blissfully puffing on your GrandDaddy Purple before having to recharge.

As for functionality, it has 25 different heat settings (five ranges with unique temperature colors) adjustable through the touch of a single button, allowing you to customize every puff to your preferred flavor vs. vapor fully.


Weed gifts for stoners - Creating blissful relaxation

Everybody appreciates functionality in cool weed gifts. Regularly using a gifted item is a constant reminder of that person's love and appreciation

Weed-related gifts may not be for everyone, but for marijuana users, they bring with them countless moments of blissful relaxation and pure enjoyment. Be kind, and consider your favorite stoner's needs the next time you're shopping for presents.

Of course, weed gifts, in general, aren't very useful without pot. This problem is easily solved, though. Visit Seed Supreme online for a great variety of top-quality cannabis seeds and conveniently wrap them up with the present you're gifting.

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